Best Soundbar for Samsung TV in 2022 (Buying Guide)

No doubt Samsung is a high-tech electronics company with huge respect in the electronics industry. But still, how much sound and volume can fit into compatible LED TVs? Due to the restriction of size and thickness, they have to be managed with a soundbar with a normal sound system. So if you want to hear it out loud, you should get the separate best Soundbar for Samsung TV. Samsung’s built-in sound system is limited to a volume level which may not be enough for many users. But the perfect solution is available in the form of soundbars. 

When it’s about entertainment in the form of music or movies, I just love to enjoy it loud and clear. It helps me imagine the scenes and feel the music, and I am sure you also don’t want to miss such fun. So the best option to carry is to have a separate soundbar. Today, I am introducing a complete list and guide of the best Samsung TV Soundbar. 

Well, the best part is that I have gathered the best out of hundreds of available products. Because I know without having realistic options, it would be hard for you to choose. I want to advise you to choose products with the factors and consideration in our buying guide.

This buying guide is confidential. Products recommended buying also have all these excellent features and factors. So if you want the best Soundbar for your Samsung TV, you should know all the considerations before buying one. 

List of the Best Soundbar for Samsung TV in 2022

1. SAMSUNG HW-Q950A Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A Soundbar

Samsung Hw Q950A is a high-end soundbar that aims to offer surround sound without installing separate surround speakers with complicated methods. It has excellent sound quality and plays a host rolein various home automation and TV integration options. This Soundbar does not need any hardware updates for various voice commands for making it the most seamless, convenient, and simple way to control any electronic device at home.

The user experience is further enhanced by being equipped with Google Assistant and Alexa. We shall explore these intelligent voice assistants in detail, along with their usefulness and pros and cons. After reviewing this Soundbar, we suggest that anyone looking for a complete audio solution for their home consider buying it.

Its best features, such as HDMI passthrough, make it very attractive for consumers who already have TVs that support HDMI passthrough. It allows them to enjoy all their sources through the Soundbar without having to disconnect the cables from their TV’s ports.

• Sleek Design
• Elevated Sound
• Dolby Atmos
• Alexa Voice Command Supported
• Expensive
• Not Portable

2. Sony HT-G700 Soundbar

Sony HT-G700

Sony is a respected brand in the electronics industry, and its products are pretty reliable. Our next best pick is sony HT-G700; it has very smooth Bluetooth connectivity, excellent and refined audio experience. It has plenty of connections that can meet all the basic demands of our needs. I was delighted to get this fantastic product in such a price range, of course, it was a bit high but surely worth it.

Sony’s logo looks smart and chic on the front panel and luxurious look and style. It comes with a wireless microphone feature which allows us to receive clear sound even from a distance. It is very handy as you can listen to your favorite song or movie anywhere at any time without hassles. The connection can be maintained in 3 modes compatible with Android, Apple, PC, and Tv devices. We also get a 1 Year Warranty with the purchase of this product.

This device has automatic settings for reducing noise interference which gives you crystal clear sound quality. You can also make custom adjustments according to your comfort level by turning on or off bass boost, acoustic surface enhancer, room mode, and other features. It has a multi-room setup facility that lets you use the device simultaneously in two different rooms using one remote control.

The maximum volume limit is 65db, ensuring high volume while driving or listening to loud songs. The powerful woofer delivers a rich sound experience that satisfies our desire for louder music. It also provides built-in aux input for other devices like smartphones, portable speakers, laptops, etc. This Sony Bluetooth speaker is genuinely worth our money.

• Multiple Connectivity
• 3.1 Inch DTS Dolby Atmos
• Wireless SubWoofer
• 4K HDR Pass-Through
• Bit Expensive
• Voice mode Volume Is lower

3. SAMSUNG Q800A Soundbar

SAMSUNG Q800A Soundbar

I prefer Samsung soundbars to satisfy my brand matching because I think the same brand soundbar for my Samsung tv. It will fit into sound needs more genuinely than another brand. That’s why next on the list of the Samsung TV Soundbar is Samsung Q800A.

 It provides a 3.1 ch channel which allows you to enjoy realistic virtual surround sound with ease and a super immersive cinematic experience. Samsung’s Soundbar also has high dynamic range audio that’s all thanks to DTS: X, which improves the depth of your TV’s audio without compressing it too much and gives rich, precise bass with four different modes, such as 5.1, 7.1.

Therefore there’s no limit to its audiophile quality sound that Samsung gives you with just a single click of a button. The Alexa built-in feature gives you full access to the amazon prime video library. A massive library of over 15000000 movies, original content, popular music videos & and hundreds of thousands of live radio stations from around the world & across all genres like country, talk, sport, hip hop, etc.

The voice control feature allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and use your device as a remote for easy control & change channels. And even activate multiple devices simultaneously with a single command & simple controls. Such as increasing volume or skip track can also be performed through voice commands.

Using a compatible smartphone, you can make hands-free calls by simply speaking commands like “increase volume” or “mute.” The wifi connection enables you to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth headphones or speakers from anywhere in the house with ease. There’s no limit to its functions so far, which makes it stand out to be not only good but the perfect Soundbar for Samsung tv.

• Theater Quality Sound
• Multiple Connectivity
• Built-in Voice Assistant
• Alexa supported
• Expensive

4. Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar


Samsung TVs can cope up best with Samsung’s soundbars, and this matching is working well for me and many others. Samsung is versatile and works perfectly fine with any other electrical equipment. Still, its working capabilities are excellent when you make one Samsung machine with another. Therefore another product of Samsung from the Hw -Q950 T series has made it in the best Soundbar for the Samsung product recommendation list. 

Samsung HW-950T is an extensive soundbar for Samsung tv as it comes with excellent features. With the best Dolby Atmos surround sound experience, it helps to get different dynamics in any video & audio that plays through your Samsung TV. Samsung HW-Q950T also offers crystal clear dialogues compared to its rival products of this segment. Besides these two core competencies, Samsung HW-Q950T also possesses additional outstanding attributes such as lightweight, size & clarity, and good placement of various elements on the speaker unit.

It’s integrated wifi, which makes connectivity a straightforward process, connecting your TV to the internet by wifi for watching web videos or streaming music. It can connect other devices too like PC, Tablet or mobile phones, to give more impulsive output from these devices. 

The best thing about this device is that the price of the Samsung HW-Q950T is relatively a bit higher than its rivals in this segment. It helps obtain an audio enhancement system at premium prices but in premium quality. 

• 3D True Sound
• Alexa Built-In
• Voice Assistant
• Adaptive Sound Quality
• Subwoofer And Bass issue

5. Yamaha SR-C20A Soundbar

YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

Next on the best Sound bar for Samsung TV list is the Yamaha Sr C20A compact Sound Bar. This Soundbar has impressive features suitable for everyone’s home theater room. Some people love good sound quality but at the same time are also interested in small designs.

 That is why this Yamaha SR-C20A Sound Bar fits them perfectly. There are a lot of new features on this Soundbar, which can be very exciting for those who like to do their movies and videos on the big screen in the comfort of their own home. This Soundbar has a built-in subwoofer that will allow you to get an immersive audio experience while watching your favorite movies and videos. This Yamaha Soundbar can stream music and control your favorite devices such as smart TV and gaming consoles.

Suppose you are interested in having a high-quality sound experience without spending a lot of money. In that case, This Yamaha Soundbar will fit your home theater room perfectly. Design and Durability of the Yamaha SR-C20A Sound BarThe design are straightforward but very elegant. The frame of this Soundbar is all aluminum which gives it an excellent feel and an eye-catching look.

This Yamaha Soundbar has built-in wireless connectivity, so you don’t have to deal with messy cords lying around your home theater room. You can connect any Bluetooth device to this Soundbar so you can easily listen to your favorite music.

• Surprising Bass and Subwoofer
• Multiple Connectivity
• Wall mountable
• Bluetooth Supported
• Reasonable price
• Bad Customer Service

6. Sonos Beam Soundbar

Sonos Beam Soundbar

Sonos Beam is an excellent soundbar that can support Samsung TVs. It has powerful built-in features. The good thing about Sonos beam is that it does not require extra streaming service if you already have an Alexa app on your smartphone. Also, Sonos beam supports 360 audio technology; this feature helps localize the sound to any direction you want to listen to. Sonos beam also provides the Amazon Alexa app for easier control.

These are simple commands which make Sonos beam easy to use. You can easily get commands by just saying the command aloud or through a voice assistant device like google home or apple homepod. You can also use these special voice commands to play, pause, next track, previous track, skip forward, and repeat tracks. This Soundbar also has several music playback settings, which helps in making this device more flexible and personal.

The company claims that you can set up multiple devices at once to keep asking for what song or playlist you want to play next time. Also, this Soundbar supports USB & USB 2.0 ports so that you can connect external speakers with ease. Sonos beam has a fantastic look that will attract every audiophile and enhance the overall experience of using this device. It comes with a sleek black color & elegant white color design, which gives a different feel while using this device.

Overall, Sonos Beam is a fantastic soundbar with many built-in features and an excellent design. The best thing about this particular Soundbar is that it is easy to use and very comfortable to handle. The remote controller has a few controls like a microphone mute, sleep timer, quick start guide, touch panel display, and sleep timer button. You can easily adjust volume levels.

• Simple To Use
• Easy Controls
• High Definition Sound
• Premium quality
• Bit expensive

7. Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar

Sony HTX8500

Another product from Sony is the series HTX8500, which stands out as one of the best soundbars for Samsung tv. The high-quality two-speaker set provides music clarity and sharpness of dialogue in movies. It has two methods to output Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio signal and built-in Subwoofer to produce clear and impactful bass for home theater entertainment. It has all connectivity ports like Bluetooth, optical input, coaxial input, USB port, 2 x HDMI ports, auxiliary port, and antenna port. 

Moreover, this Soundbar has pre-molds to accommodate different speakers configurations, making the installation easy. In terms of price, it is a decent one but doesn’t expect the best of its class performance from it. But if you are looking for an affordable yet powerful soundbar, then it can be your go-to choice. This product features a USB connection that enables wireless device pairing via NFC or Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) when docked in a TV or portable media player (PMP).  

For easier management of connected devices, the user interface allows direct access to networked content and system status through the system menu on the receiver or by connecting a mobile device or tablet via wifi. The receiver may also connect to a PC using an optical cable or 3.5 mm jack cable for digital audio playback and storage of media files. There is some limitation for both these ways due to the TV remote’s controller support, which prevents operation via smartphone. Therefore, users will need another controller to control other connected devices. 

• Dual built-in Subwoofer
• Multiple Sound Modes
• High-quality Sound
• Slim and Sleek design
• Affordable
• Bass issue
Best Soundbar For Samsung TV infographic

Considerations Before Buying a Soundbar For Samsung TV

Here are four primary considerations when buying a soundbar for your Samsung tv.

Sound Quality

When it comes to buying a soundbar for a Samsung tv, the first thing you should consider is the sound quality. Good sound quality means better bass response and higher frequencies in the audio playback.

Poor sound quality can be detected when comparing a good soundbar with Samsung tv speakers. If you want to buy a soundbar for a Samsung tv, then make sure that it has better sound quality than Samsung tv speakers. A good soundbar will produce a loud, rich, and natural sound. 


Another important consideration is the connectivity of the Soundbar. Soundbars with only HDMI input don’t let you connect other devices like PC or phones to the Soundbar. They don’t have other connections like optical or coaxial digital connections.

Most soundbars nowadays come with RCA or optical connections, which allow you to connect external devices like DVD players, cable boxes, computers, and gaming consoles. This feature makes it easy to use multiple devices at the same time. 

Compatible Devices

Finally, another important consideration is the compatibility of the Soundbar with your Samsung tv. Many soundbars are compatible with almost all types of Samsung tv. Some models have Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you stream music from a smartphone or tablet to the Soundbar. So make sure that your Soundbar is compatible with your Samsung tv before buying it. 


Finally, when buying a soundbar for a Samsung tv, the price is also an important consideration. Some soundbars cost thousands of dollars, while some are available at under $100. If you buy a soundbar for a large TV, it might be worth spending more money as the Soundbar will work efficiently and give better sound quality.

You can find affordable soundbars with excellent sound quality, but they may not have Bluetooth connectivity or many HDMI inputs. Make sure that you choose a soundbar that fits your budget and works efficiently with your Samsung tv.

Our Recommendations on Samsung TV Sound Bars

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Soundbar Works best with a Samsung TV?

Well, it depends on your requirements and what level you want to use a soundbar. But still, using a DTS series Soundbar can prove itself worthy. So using a Samsung soundbar with a Samsung tv will work best.

Do you need a soundbar with a Samsung TV?

Yes, you need a soundbar with a Samsung TV to entertain yourself with extra bass, Subwoofer, and high volume because the built-in sound system is not powerful enough. 

Are Samsung Soundbar worth it?

No doubt, Samsung is the best company in the electronics industry and provides top-notch products in relevant fields. So having massive respect in the field is undoubtedly worth it because they know how to provide value a customer will love. 

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In most cases, Samsung tv volume and sound system are not powerful enough to entertain us. Thus, buying a reliable soundbar is a wise decision to enjoy a certain entertainment level. These Best soundbars are compatible, durable, provide sharp and surrounded voice. They have multiple connectivity options like 4K HDR supported, have voice controls, and Alexa support. All above this, they have a perfect, worthy price tag.

Suppose you don’t want to get in the race of finding one and compare it with hundreds of available products on your own. In that case, you can consider buying one from the seven best soundbars for Samsung TV recommendations. They have all the features, factors, and considerations which a sound enthusiast will look for.

Best Soundbar for Samsung TV

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