Best Soundbar for Samsung Curved TV (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2024)

It’s not wrong to say that TVs nowadays look very different from the TVs of the 90s. The vivid visuals on the big, curved screens look amazing, and it’s difficult to distract you. As one of the leading TV-selling brands, Samsung has also introduced amazing designs and features in its modern collection.

As the number one electronics leading brand, Samsung has introduced its new curved TVs. Still, despite their numerous benefits and wide viewing angles, the audio output is not up to the mark.

Therefore, we had to come up with the best soundbar for Samsung curved TV. These soundbars will take your imagination to the next level, and you will hear the sound while feeling the emotions.

We have chosen and tested the three top-notch soundbars that should go well with the Samsung curved TVs. Let’s check them out.

List of the Best Soundbar for Samsung Curved TV in 2024

1. Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q60R Soundbar

Samsung HW-Q60R Soundbar

Are you searching for a bar with a decent sound profile? Here you go, Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q60R is one of the fairly good soundings soundbar we have tested.

It performs best on max volume, and you rarely feel any harmonic distortions, no matter the content you play on your TV. We tested it specifically with different models of Samsung TVs, and it worked fine in audio projection.

Its design is very well built, giving a good look to your room. The bar is sleek and has attractive aesthetics to complement the décor while upgrading your music-listening standards.

However, HW-Q60R comes only in black with 1100mm in width. It emanates with brackets, screws, and a paper template so you can wall-mount it in a sweet spot. We loved the overall profile of the TV, and it should go well for the living rooms or bedrooms.

Talking about the features, The Samsung sound bar HW-Q60R operates a 5.1-channel speaker configuration, with a state frequency response of 42Hz to 20kHz and a max power output of 360W, enough to fill a wide room full of audiences.

Moreover, it also offers sound customization modes that automatically adjust the audio, dialogue clarity, and background tuning according to the content.

Samsung’s decision not to include Wi-Fi is not acceptable in this price range. You can only connect via Bluetooth, optical digital, or other wired options. As there is no Wi-Fi, this means no high-resolution audio.

• It consists of a decent stereo sound profile
• Its design is well built
• Decent performance at high volume
• It lacks Sub-bass
• It doesn’t support height channels and Atmos

2. Yamaha YAS-207BL Soundbar

YAMAHA YAS-207BL Sound Bar

With the advancement in technology every second, YAMAHA has created the best soundbar so people can enjoy all the height and surround sound effects in their homes.

The Yamaha YAS-207 is one of the first soundbars to put it to the test, and it’s not wrong to say it proves a good addition to the stream of audio technology.

It features a decent built quality and is equipped with multiple input ports for stable connectivity with external devices. It includes optical, and 3.5mm audio input, and the choice is to go through one of its HDMI sockets that helps in 4K and HDR pass-through.

Remember that the Yamaha soundbar is not a miracle worker at this stage. It does not create soundtracks that appear as if they’re being blown down from your house ceiling.

But from a single enclosure, YAS-207 is highly effective in creating a wide soundstage with crisp, loud, and clear sound quality. We tested it with music and movies only and were highly impressed.

Connectivity with Bluetooth makes things easier and allows this DTS-enabled soundbar to perform at its full potential. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer that delivers crisp and deep bass, enough to add charm to the 3D surround sound listening.

However, music lovers like us would miss the Atmos effect, which is powerful in enriching the music with more realistic frequencies.

• Crisp, insightful, and dynamic sound
• A spacious and immersive performance
• Practical and slim profile
• Wireless subwoofer
• DTS for 3D sound
• Could do with more midrange solidity

3. Samsung A550 Soundbar

SAMSUNG A550 Soundbar

About a year ago, Samsung added a fantastic soundbar to its A-series, which is Samsung A550, which comes with Dolby Atmos and DTS sound effects to transform your listening experience and upgrade your Samsung curved TV speakers.

As it is one of the best mid-range options in the series situated between the 450 and 650, it measures about 33.9″ x 2.2 “x 3.3″ (860.0 x 55.0 x 85.0 mm).

If we talk about its weight, it is just 4.63 lbs. (2.1 Kg), making it compact enough to fit under TVs of 43 inches and above and making it a more valuable choice in the aspect of size for size a wider market in general.

By looks, it’s not an ordinary one. In fact, Samsung has given it a premium look, allowing it to blend in aesthetically with most living conditions.

The front look of the Samsung A550 soundbar is a black non-removable magnetic grille in a diamond pattern that is actually slightly wrapped around the bottom and stops just at the sides of the unit.

Similarly, the audio output is also incredibly insane with advanced audio formats, making the sound virtually rich while maintaining quality. The dialogues were clear while testing with news and understandable despite the heavy background noise, and there are rarely any voice delays.

The wireless subwoofer enhances the entertainment over a one-push button, boosting the bass quality and making it more thrilling to enjoy every beat. Overall, we liked the speaker for its performance and price.

• Optimized sound for gaming
• 160 Watt for powerful sound
• Multiple connection options
• Full control with one remote
• Lack of eARC
• Doesn’t include HDMI
• Surround sound effects are sometimes not convincing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best soundbar for Samsung Curved TV?

Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q60R 5.1ch is our best finding for the Samsung curved TV with max power output and incredible frequency response. The sound delivery is clear and realistic and comes with multiple connectivity options, including wireless.

How can I connect the soundbar to Samsung curved TV?

Spot an HDMI or optical digital input at the back panel of the TV. Grab a respective cable and insert one end to the TV and the other to the soundbar. Make sure to insert the right cable into the right input port. Then, open the TV and adjust the audio output from the settings. Besides you can also pair both devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if both devices support the connection.

Do other soundbars work with Samsung TVs?

If a soundbar and a Samsung TV have similar connectivity options, any brand soundbar should work with the Samsung TV.

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Bottom Line

After upgrading the TV display with Samsung curved TV, there should be no harm in doubling up your listening standards by connecting an external soundbar to it.

We have tested and reviewed the Samsaung TV soundbars that is easy to set, connect, and operate for different purposes. We made sure to choose the best of the bests, so your regular TV watching, podcast listening, or music streaming becomes more enjoyable.

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