Samsung Soundbar Says Check Subwoofer – [Solutions]

If you are dissatisfied or disappointed with the internal audio quality of your devices such as television or speakers and you are looking for an aid to mend that, then soundbars can help. Soundbars have additional subwoofers that modify and enhance the quality of the sound produced by your television or speakers even more. And when it comes to soundbars, Samsung brings you to a world of reliable and durable soundbars at an affordable price.

Though Samsung soundbars are highly efficient yet sometimes the Samsung soundbar says check subwoofer, which is a common issue experienced by most users alike. If you are one of them, here’s the remedy for you! In this article, we’ll be discussing the reason behind the soundbar displaying such a text and the ways to find a solution for the same!

Why Does My Samsung Soundbar Says Check Subwoofer? – Solutions

Getting an alert to check your subwoofer has become a general issue users face casually. But, if you get such a warning, you need not be afraid of that, nor do you have to be troubled about anything.

Resolving such an issue requires a bare minimum of your efforts and time, and everyone can do that effortlessly by following the guide we offer to you. Primarily, the following factors provide you with an alert to check your subwoofer. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Power Supply Issues

In case your subwoofer does not receive enough power supply to get operated, then you might get an alert. An erratic power supply or low voltage can pose a significant problem in the smooth functioning of your devices.

Also, the voltage coming to your device must not fluctuate. To regulate that, you have to have a stabilizer or voltage regulator. This ensures that the power is supplied correctly and controlled.

2. Issue with Bluetooth Pairing

Usually, in haste, a user forgets to connect the devices via Bluetooth. To establish a perfect connection, you must turn on the Bluetooth of your soundbar and your device; thereby, you are supposed to pair them with one another.

Having done that would resolve your issue instantly without any trouble. Pairing the Bluetooth is easy, and you can do that in a moment.

3. Connectivity Problems

Connectivity Problems arise due to poor cable quality or a mismanaged setup. If the wire you use for connecting your soundbar and subwoofer is not reliable or not good in its quality, you are likely to get an alert from your soundbar.

As a result, it is suggested to use a fine and thick HDMI ARC cable. Not only would it ensure a proper connection, but it would also prevent all kinds of short circuits in the wiring.

4. Faulty Setting of the Subwoofer

If your subwoofer has already sustaining issues with its sound, bass, or volume level, it will create a problem in its working. To resist that, you need to ensure that your subwoofer functions correctly and there are no underlying issues in the system.

5. Some Mechanical Faults

If you get a constant alert from your soundbar to check your subwoofer, then it might be because of some mechanical defect that could be the reason behind hindering the devices from operating seamlessly.

It could be because one of your devices is faulty, or otherwise, there could be an issue with the wiring. Try managing that to get it back to work.

6. Large Distance Between Soundbar and Subwoofer

When your soundbar and subwoofers are placed far apart, there lie several hindrances between the two devices which obstruct the sound signals from passing directly from one end to the other.

This results in disturbed functioning of both of your devices. If you have your soundbar and subwoofer kept at a distance, try to replace it somewhere else, and then the problem might get solved.

7. Range of Your Subwoofer

Different products manufactured by different companies offer a varying range of subwoofers. The range of your subwoofer can be let known by getting to know the specifications of your subwoofer.

It would help if you paired the subwoofer with the soundbar in the prescribed range. Otherwise, the soundbar might pop up with a message to check your subwoofer.

You can check our detailed review on the Samsung TV soundbar.


Having sorted out all these issues would result in an impeccable performance of your soundbar along with the subwoofer. Without any botherations or worrying, you can super-easily end the problems sustaining between your subwoofer and soundbar.

After doing that, you can endlessly enjoy the perfect and crisp audio quality of your soundbar. Whether listening to music or binge-watching your favorite movie, you will get an excellent experience once the issue is resolved.

Samsung Soundbar Says Check Subwoofer

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