Samsung Soundbar Sounds Muffled [Reasons & Fixes]

If you have got a taste for music, you would probably want to get a soundbar to enhance the audio quality of your device. Soundbars will eliminate the botheration of having to experience poor or cloaked sound. Considering your soundbar options, the Samsung soundbar is worth a try.

However, at times, it can produce a muffled sound which hinders the listening experience. Is that happening with your Samsung soundbar?

If so, you’re in the right place then! This guide will help you understand why the Samsung soundbar sounds muffled and fix the issue quickly and in no time.

What are the Causes of Samsung Soundbar Sounds Muffled?

Poor sound quality is not something that one expects. Neither does he want to experience such trouble, nor does he wish to spend on the damaged soundbars. But is the sound muffled because of destroyed machinery, or is there another reason behind that?

Many factors account for a disrupted and muffled sound in a soundbar. Knowing and curing them would resolve the issue instantly. Therefore, the following are the reasons that cause a scratchy sound in your soundbar.

1. Fault in Wiring

Assembling the soundbar and speakers is a troublesome task. Especially when you have never set up a soundbar before, there are chances that you might be incorrectly installing the system.

This results in producing a brittle and muffled sound in a soundbar. Wiring sequentially is necessary to provide the much-needed resistance and power to get a quality-rich sound. Hence, it would help if you become sure of connecting the cables in the proper series.

2. Hindrances to Sound

If you place your soundbar behind your television or at a position where a large object is obstructing it, the sound waves get intermixed and do not pass clearly, thereby restricting the flow of a crisp and smooth sound to your ears. To not get a muffled sound experience, place the soundbar in a considerate position.

3. Incorrect Settings On the AV Receiver

When your audio or video receiving device is not connected to a center channel, it becomes difficult for it to catch signals from different sources and combine them to offer the best sound quality experience to you.

As a result, you get to have a muffled surround sound on your soundbar. Altering the settings according to your system requirements would resolve the issue of poor audio quality.

Samsung Soundbar Sounds Muffled Fixes

Now, once you become aware of the problem and its causes next, you need to sort them out. Doing that requires minimal effort, and you will be saved from the botheration of having to experience a cloaked sound experience.

1. Check the Wiring

First and foremost, if you have a new soundbar, the chances are that the problem might persist due to the inaccurate setup of the soundbar.

For instance, you need to plug in the positive and negative terminals in the mentioned slots for the proper establishment of the soundbar. Therefore, check the wiring properly to have a perfect audio experience on your soundbar.

2. Have a Center Channel Connected to Your Soundbar

Secondly, if your soundbar is not connected to a center channel, it might become impossible for your soundbar to catch the audio-video signals that are transmitted to you cleanly.

This would result in the production of brittle sound, and therefore, it will ruin your sound quality experience. To avoid that, you are required to set your receiver to the correct settings and then enjoy music on your soundbar.


Muffling up soundbars is a common issue that gets resolved as quickly as it persists. With a bit of beforehand knowledge and proper installation of your soundbar, you can have a crisp and clear sound experience easily.

In case you are not able to solve the problem, try contacting an expert to find an accurate solution for the same.

Samsung Soundbar Sounds Muffled

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