Sonos Beam VS Playbase Which one is Best?

Sonos Beam VS Playbase

Audio music equipment manufacturer Sonos is one of the most renowned brands in the industry. They offer a wide variety of premium speakers that will help you enjoy listening to music to the fullest extent. Installing a home theater system or sound system in your home will require you to use different kinds of speakers …

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Bitstream Dolby VS DTS [Detailed-Comparison]

Bitstream Dolby VS DTS

Are you looking for bitstream Dolby vs. DTS? If you replied yes, you’d found the perfect place. This essay will undoubtedly assist you in getting proper guidance regarding which one is better than the two.  Dolby and DTS are two audio compression codecs that allow for audio to be compressed by converting an audio signal …

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HDMI or Optical for Soundbar?

HDMI or Optical for Soundbar

The hustle-bustle of today‚Äôs lifestyle has compelled us all to rely on music to a greater extent. Not only music but movies and Netflix series are some of the sources of entertainment that keep us alive even today. But, what if the sound of the system on which you are playing your favorite music gives …

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2.1 VS 5.1 Soundbar [Detailed-Comparison]

2.1 VS 5.1 Soundbar

For a better quality audio experience, it is advised that you surround your home theater with an additional sound supporting system that would modify and enhance the quality of the sound that reaches your ears up to an extreme level. To serve that purpose, you can consider having a soundbar.  Soundbars are devices that provide …

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PCM Audio VS Dolby Digital – Comparison

PCM Audio VS Dolby Digital

Have you ever wondered how PCM and Dolby Digital audio differ? I’ll discuss the differences between these two fundamental sorts of sound in this guide. When it comes to managing digital audio recordings, there are two central systems to choose from. The most common method for converting analog audio to digital audio is pulse-code modulation. …

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Bitstream VS PCM – Which one is Better?

Bitstream VS PCM

If you are looking for bitstream vs. PCM, just read this article. I’ve discovered a wealth of helpful information on this site. Quality knowledge like this isn’t always easy to come by, so it’s good to know it is out there. I’ll explain the differences between a bitstream and PCM. I’ll compare these two items …

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AUX VS RCA – What’s the Difference?


Before setting up any connection between the various equipment you bring to your home, the most challenging question to answer becomes the type of cable we need to have. A simple guide is to look in the user manual of your particular device and then just decide accordingly.  This article talks about the differences between …

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