2.0 VS 2.1 Soundbar | Lets Compare Both

Whenever a new LED or a TV set comes to our home it is generally decorated on a big wall, with a nice glass table, a screen cleaner, and so on. When it comes to playing a sound on it we generally find it a little irritating and this makes us think about the cash, we have put on it and by getting pleased by just looking at its big OLED screen display, we decide upon it. 

But then comes the idea of a Soundbar to compensate for our unfulfilled wish of watching a 3-D movie on the big screen with clear screams and loud background music.

But, then another dilemma arises between the choice of a 2.0 or a 2.1 Soundbar.

This article brings to you some points that will clear your doubts regarding the difference between a 2.0 and a 2.1 Soundbar.

2.0 VS 2.1 Soundbar – Comparison

Without wasting our time, lets discuss all the 2.0 and 2.1 soundbar technical terms in detail.


A 2.0 Soundbar is one that has two channels, the left and the right one while a 2.1 Soundbar has three channels which includes two channels, one as the left channel and another as the left channel including a separate, Subwoofer. The presence of a Subwoofer in a Soundbar creates a huge difference between the resultant sound, which may range from a loud noise to an amazing sound!

The basic difference lies in the design of the Soundbar, which is basically the question of the inbuilt presence of a Subwoofer in a Soundbar. As a matter of fact, a 2.0 Soundbar does not have an inbuilt Subwoofer but a 2.1 Soundbar has an inbuilt Subwoofer.

If we speak in terms of technicality, the number before the point in the name of a Soundbar 

represents the number of speakers in that Soundbar and the number after the point represents the number of Subwoofer.

For example, in Soundbar 2.1 there are two speakers (as 2 is before the point) and 1 Subwoofer (as 1 is behind the point).

Sound Quality

There lies a difference between the quality of sound given off by a normal LED TV and a Soundbar. But, if we compare the sound quality parameters of a 2.0 and a 2.1 Soundbar, then there does not lie much of a difference.

It totally depends upon your wish, whether to get a full movie-type environment at your home or not. While a 2.0 Soundbar comes with an excellent depth of sound and amplification, a 2.1 Soundbar presents a complete out-of-the-world audio experience. 

But, if you have a desire to experience or enjoy a movie or a show at its fullest, then go for a Soundbar rather than just relying on normal home speakers or the normal TV sets.


There is not much difference between the price of a 2.0 Soundbar and a 2.1 Soundbar.

Everything depends upon the quality of the Soundbar you are willing to purchase. It might be like, a 2.0 Soundbar which has a better sound quality than a 2.1 Soundbar, and may cost a little more than a 2.1 Soundbar.

If we talk about the Indian brands like SONY, LG, and SAMSUNG 2.0 Soundbars, they cost around $100. Some like Bose and Meidong TV sell their 2.0 Soundbar at a price which is about $35. 

A 2.1 Soundbar is upto a range of $100 and some may go till $120 also, depending upon their manufacturing brand.

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Hence, to enjoy a scene with all the background music, the actors’ dialogues, the small sounds that make a scene more exciting…and so on, just rely on your trust and the money you want to invest, in a good quality Soundbar manufactured under a recognized brand.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the major difference between a 2.0 and a 2.1 Soundbar?

A 2.0 Soundbar has only two sets of Speakers with no Subwoofer while a 2.1 Soundbar has two sets of Speakers along with a Subwoofer with it.

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