HDMI or Optical for Soundbar?

The hustle-bustle of today’s lifestyle has compelled us all to rely on music to a greater extent. Not only music but movies and Netflix series are some of the sources of entertainment that keep us alive even today. But, what if the sound of the system on which you are playing your favorite music gives off a very low quality of sound…!

The scenario may be similar to –‘All that, once used to excite me, suddenly went into ruins.’

So, there lies a very simple yet cost-consuming solution for your problem. Just buy a Soundbar and that’s all.

But another question is, “Which connection is better-HDMI or Optical?

This article addresses this question and gives you a comparative analysis of both types of connections.

HDMI or Optical for Soundbar?

Lets discuss all the terms in detail.

1. Connectivity


The first step to checking which Soundbar connection is better for you is to see the ports available on your Soundbar. Some Soundbars support both HDMI and Optical connections while some are particular towards a single one.

The HDMI ports are generally written as ‘ARC HDMI’ on the Soundbar system and the optical connectivity port is written as ‘OPT’. These notations vary with differences in Soundbar manufacturing companies. 

2. Quality of Sound

Quality of Sound

In terms of quality of sound HDMI is better than Optical, in most cases. This is because HDMI provides you with higher-resolution audio even with different audio formats. These formats are absent in the case of Optical.

In short, HDMI provides high-definition sound and it is best for those who just want a single cable connection.

3. Economic feasibility

Economic feasibility

HDMI is better in terms of economic feasibility. The reason is simple which states that you get both audios as well as video visuals through the means of justification, a one wired connection. You just need fewer cables to connect your devices and just start enjoying them in case of HDMI.

While in the case of Optical connection only audio visuals are delivered and for enjoying, video visuals you need to set up the connection between the Soundbar and the device with multiple wires.   

4. Space Setting

Before thinking to set up the connection just analyze your room and think about the possible position in which you would place your Soundbar along with the device you want to connect. This is important to get a good place for the setup so that no sound blockage persists once the connection is done.

Sometimes placing the Soundbar behind your TV set can lead to complete blockage of sound which indeed may ruin your hard work and time investment in setting up the connections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better in terms of economic feasibility: Optical or HDMI?

As per economic feasibility, HDMI is better than Optical because it gives us the benefit of a single-wire connection that provides both audios as well as video visuals.

What needs to be checked before making a selection between HDMI and Optical?

The first and foremost thing is to check out the connection ports on your Soundbar as some Soundbars support both HDMI as well as Optical connection while others provide either one of them.


As per the above parameters HDMI cables are better than Optical cables as they provide two major benefits to us viz., Both audio and video visuals along with less economic funding. So think about the various measures before deciding to go with a particular connection type.

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