How to Connect Soundbar to TV with Optical Cable [Step-by-Step]

Besides HDMI, the most efficient, and easiest method of connecting a soundbar to the TV is by using an optical fiber cable.

Just like an HDMI connection, this connection supports multiple channels and also ensures there is no drop in the quality of the sound.

In this guide, we have compiled a step-by-step process of connecting the soundbar to the TV using the optical fiber cable. That being said, let’s jump right into the matter.

How to Connect Soundbar to TV with Optical Cable – (Detailed Steps)

Although connecting the soundbar to a TV using an optical cable is a very straightforward process, still, some people have doubts about the connection process, and want a step-by-step guide. 

For such people, we have compiled this blog post, in which we have put together complete steps for connecting the soundbar to the TV using an optical cable. So, let’s jump into the step-by-step guide, and get the procedure started.

Step 1: Get a Quality Optical Fiber Cable

Optical digital cables are not as commonly used as HDMI cables, thus, there are chances that you won’t have an optical fiber cable at home. So, you will need to buy an optical fiber cable.

Before buying an optical fiber cable, you will need to ensure that you are getting a quality cable. There are many perks of getting a quality cable for the connection process, as getting a low-quality cable will force you to replace it earlier. Also, the low-quality cables adversely affect the sound quality.

Hence, we highly recommend you to get a high-quality optical fiber cable, so you can enjoy the proper multi-channel sound, and also, you won’t have to replace this cable anytime soon.

Step 2: Locate the Optical Digital Port on TV

Now, you will have to locate the optical digital output port on your TV. It’s a circular port and comes with a yellow or red color on the outside. Usually, this port is present alongside the HDMI ports on most TVs.

Step 3: Locate the Optical Digital Port on Soundbar

Just like the TV, now you will have to find out the optical digital port on the soundbar too. It will be identical to the port on the TV, but with a minor difference, the port on the soundbar will have audio input written as opposed to the audio output written on the TV port.

Step 4: Plugging the Cable into the Soundbar

After locating the port on both of these devices, you will now insert the cables into both of these devices to make a connection. For this, you will firstly turn off both the soundbar and unplug it. The reason for unplugging this soundbar is very simple, you are avoiding the chances of getting electrified. 

Nextly, you will plug the optical fiber cable into the soundbar. After plugging the cable into the soundbar, you will need to turn it on the back again.

Step 5: Plugging the cable into the TV

Similarly, you will also need to plug the cable into the TV, and for this, you have to switch off the TV and unplug the switch. Afterward, plug the cable into the optical digital port on the soundbar, and turn it on again.

Step 6: Select the Source from the Soundbar

Changing the source settings from the remote is another crucial step involved in connecting a soundbar to a TV using an optical cable, and sadly a majority of the people skip this step and wonder why there is no sound coming off the soundbar.

For this, you will need to get the soundbar remote and toggle the source, using the Source settings. If your soundbar does not have a remote, don’t get worried, we have also got you covered.

There are the source buttons on the soundbar, which allow you to change the source settings. Press the source button a few times until it starts showing you optical digital connectivity. Some soundbars may have a dedicated connectivity button on-board, which you can use for the connection.

Step 7: Select the Sound Preference from TV Settings

In the last step, you will have to select your sound preference from the TV settings. Although, it is not necessary to do this step, as a majority of the TVs automatically select the sound preference from the TV speakers to the soundbar when you are connecting it to via optical fiber.

In case your soundbar is not automatically made the default sound method, then you have to manually do it. Go to the TV Settings>Sound. From the sound settings, select the digital optical cable from the sound settings.

Now, you should get the sound through the soundbar instead of the native TV speakers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using an Optical Fiber Cable

There are always pros & cons of everything, and the same is true for optical cables as well. Although they offer exceptional quality sound, still, they come with some minor drawbacks that we will thoroughly discuss here.

Advantages of Using the Optical Fiber Cable:

  • The optical fiber cables are perfect for enjoying the multi-channel sound, as they carry the multi-channel sound.
  • Optical fiber cables carry sound in the digital format, so, there is no drop in the audio quality.
  • Moreover, optical fiber cables have a superior lifespan.

Drawbacks of Using the Optical Fiber Cable:

  • Optical Fiber cables are not as commonly used as HDMI cables, so, you have to spend money on a new cable if you already don’t have one.
  • Optical Fiber cables unlike HDMI cables can become loose after some period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HDMI Vs Optical Fiber Cable, Which One is Better?

We highly recommend getting an HDMI cable over an optical fiber cable, as the HDMI cables are readily available, and easier to attach. Nonetheless, the sound quality on both of these cable types is exceptional.

Can a Poor Quality Optical Cable Cause Sound Issues?

Yes, whether you are using an optical cable or an HDMI cable, if you use a poor quality cable, then there are always chances of having sound lag and delays. Thus, we highly encourage you to get quality cables.

How Do I Get My TV to Play Through My Optical Cable?

Connecting the TV to a soundbar or any other home audio output is a super-simple and straightforward process. In the above-given article, we have thoroughly discussed the process of establishing the connection from the TV to the soundbar.


Connecting the soundbar to the TV through the optical cable is one of the most efficient ways. In the above-given guide, we have provided an in-depth, and straightforward guide that you can use for connecting the soundbar to the TV through the optical cable.

If you are still facing any issue, tell us in the comments section below, and we would love to help you out.

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