6 Ways to Hide Soundbar Wires [Detailed-Guide]

Are you a pop-culture enthusiast who wants to boost their audiovisual experience using a soundbar? But are hesitant due to the unappealing clutter caused by the device and its wires. Here we have an article highlighting all the ways in which you can hide your soundbar wires so that they no longer interfere with the aesthetics of your room.

How to Hide Soundbar Wires? – Guide

For any music or movie enthusiast knows that there is no other piece of your sound system that can enhance your experience better than a soundbar. Though essentially a device created to culminate the various speakers used in a home theater system into a single device.

But soundbar does so much more than just that, it enhances the audio of your media, provides the user with Bluetooth, HDMI connectivity, and in some cases can even support google assistant support. 

A soundbar is a device which owes its existence mainly to flat-screen TVs which have progressively moved towards a design where no speakers are in-built in the system, so it becomes inevitable that people need to buy an accompanying speaker and it is better to buy a single compact soundbar than buying multiple speakers.

Some Easy Ways to Hide Your Soundbar Wires

A soundbar is a very useful device for any home theater setup but all the stray wires that come with it that cause a clutter in your living room space to this causes a mess and hinders with the aesthetic appeal of your room so to avoid this there are a few easy ways in while you can hide your soundbar wires some of which are given below.

1. Using Cable Channels & Cable Raceways

A hardware solution to remove all the stray wires from your living room space. Cable raceways are covered with adhesive and cable channels are screwed and fixed. You can adjust the size of the raceways to meet your system requirements.

The installation process is easy and can also be removed very easily. All you need to do is properly measure the length of the cable channel and have the right adhesives for installing the raceways.

2. Using Small Hooks & Zip Ties

You can also use small hooks and zip ties to hide your soundbar wires. This is a removable option as causing some permanent changes in your room may not be feasible in the long term. Though this may not work for wires of all shapes and sizes like the first option, it does hide the wires very well.

Small zip ties or hooks are mounted at different locations on the wires leaving enough space for the user to adjust the wires whenever needed; these wires can then be attached to the back of the furniture. This arrangement makes the cables look organized. The hooks can be removed anytime.

3. Using Regular Decor Items

Want to get creative while hiding your soundbar wires? Use creative decor items. The advantage of using home decor items for hiding your soundbar wires is that you can change them anytime and along with hiding the stray wires they also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your room. You can use picture frames, lampshades, artificial plants, mats, and so many more items for that purpose.

In the above alternatives, you do not need to permanently modify your room to hide your soundbar wires. But for a more permanent solution from the soundbar wires, here are some alternatives which require you to make some permanent changes to your room.

4. Powered Cable Passed Through

Powered pass-through cables are the best way of hiding powered cables. These fixtures not only have a slot to hold all the HDMI cables but also have a plug at the top and bottom to allow behind-the-wall power access. Once you have routed your AV wires and outlet cables the installation is pretty easy.

5. Power Cables Passed Through Soundbar Module

This is the best option for those who have their soundbar permanently paired on their TV. This arrangement routes the outlet cables and AV cables from your TV and sound module to power your soundbar.

Consisting of a circular drywall saw and drill saw attachment, you need to create a hole in the wall behind your TV to channel all the cables from the different elements of the audio and television set. The installation process however is fairly complicated and may require professional help.

6. Passing Cable Through Grommets

In this arrangement, the outer bracket is attached to the drywall along with a saw attachment. Insulation needs to be used in case an internal wall is present. The last three inches of the wire is folded and taped backward as it’s easier to pass insulation. The setup is fairly complicated and needs a significant amount of effort and time to be set up.

Why Do the Soundbar Wires Need Hiding?

With the variety of devices included in a home theater system, there is inevitably a huge mess created in whichever room you have planned to set up your home theater, and one of the biggest contributors to this mess are the innumerable numbers of words from each of these devices. The soundbar is no exception to this. 

For any home theater setup, a soundbar is an indispensable part of the system and when used along with a subwoofer it can take your audio experience to a level of cinematic brilliance.

But all the stray wires that come with it cause clutter in your living room space to this causes a mess and hinders with the aesthetic appeal of your room so to avoid this there are a few easy ways in while you can hide your soundbar wires some of which are given below.

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