Can I Place Soundbar Behind TV? [Detailed-Guide]

The variations in sound and the associated signals result in croaky and muffled audio, worsening your experience while you watch your favorite movie or listen to soothing music. To align the sound back to its signals, soundbars are preferred. Soundbars are loudspeakers that work to project all the broken and shattered signals back to their place and provide you with a commendable sound quality experience.

To enhance the audio performance, most people have a soundbar at their place. Soundbars are compact yet bulky devices with enough width to acquire a beautiful area on your desk or television stand. Those wanting to save this space find an alternative to placing their soundbar in a suitable position not to destroy or damage it.

Though it might look simple and easy, deciding where to keep the soundbar properly is a big task! According to your decor and home space, you can position the soundbar either in front of your television or behind it. If not, you can try placing it above and below the television as well!

Placing the soundbar in front of the television is the preferable choice of the people, but it is not appropriately recommended. Besides, positioning the soundbar below the television is fine, but then comes those who wish to place a soundbar behind the television. 

Can I Place Soundbar Behind TV?

Yes, the soundbar can be placed behind your TV, but then you might face specific uninvited issues in the sound quality. For instance, you might not get clear and crisp audio while operating the soundbar from behind your television.

Other than that, the sound might become tuneless or brittle if you place the soundbar behind the television. This is due to the fact that the sound signals are hindered by broad television, and so they do not reach your ears.

Here, you will be finding reasonable assistance and a description regarding why or why not you should place your soundbar behind your television.

Does the Sound Alter if the Soundbar is Placed Behind the TV?

Honestly, yes. The sound produced by the soundbar if it is placed behind your television is neither crisp nor clean. What accounts for this? See, positioning your soundbar behind your television disrupts the sound signals and acoustics of the soundbar. The sound produced by the soundbar loses its clarity because the sound signals are being hindered by the television positioned in front of it. 

The waves produced by the soundbar get intermixed in such confined spaces, and so the output sound is completely shattered. Placing your soundbar behind the television wastes your money spent on the soundbar too! The audio experience, which otherwise would have been unmatched, gets destroyed in no time after positioning the soundbar behind the television. Therefore, in my opinion, you can place the soundbar above or below or in front of your television but not behind it.

Risks involved in Placing a Soundbar Behind the TV

Not only does positioning the Soundbar behind your television distract the sound waves and degrade the audio quality, but there are also certain risks associated with it. Keeping the risks involved in mind, it is advised not to place the soundbar behind the television.

Firstly, if the soundbar is not installed correctly and placed at a fixed position, it might fall off. This would result in damaging the soundbar once and for all. It would be a sheer waste of your money, and you would not want to do that ever.

Secondly, you might not be able to experience the soundbar up to its full potential. Discarded sound signals would produce a destructive impact on your hearing senses, and so it would turn music into noise, which again is useless for you.

What is the ideal Position to Place a Soundbar?

Soundbars have a considerable width, so storing them properly is a big issue. The most common way most people do so is by keeping the soundbar right in front of your television.

Placing the soundbar in such a position does not alter or affect the sound quality, but it makes your television appear smaller in size by blocking the lower edges of it. Therefore, I would not recommend placing your soundbar in front of the television.

Other than this, you can place the soundbar behind the television, which is not suitable. It hinders the clean and clear sound signals, distracting them from reaching your ears properly. Therefore, you do not get a satisfactory experience in such a case.

If not this, you can fix your soundbar below your television. This is the most advised method to place your television in a considerate place without occupying much of your space. Doing so would mean no compromise in the sound quality or sound waves. Moreover, you will have an empty desk available to you at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put a soundbar behind you?

No, its not a good idea to place soundbar behind yourself. The most recommended position for sound bar is under the TV.

Is it OK to put soundbar above TV?

Yes, in a few cases you can put soundbar above the TV, but all the experts believe that the most recommended place for the soundbar is under the TV.

Should speakers be in front or behind you?

It will be a good idea to place speakers or soundbars in front of yourself. It will be more better if you place it on your ears level from the ground surface.


Concluding, you are suggested not to position your soundbar behind your television. You can opt for an alternative method to do so. Either you can place the soundbar above or below your television for the best user experience.

Moreover, it would help to fix the soundbar properly, no matter where it is placed, to prevent it from getting damaged.

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