Where to Place Soundbar with Projector [PROPER GUIDE]

Placing the soundbar with the projector the right way can be a quite challenging activity, as not many people are aware of the proper positioning of the soundbar with the projector.

Thus, we have compiled this complete step-by-step guide, in which we have compiled everything that you need to know regarding the positioning of the soundbar with the projector.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter and check out the details of the placement options.

Placing Soundbar With the Projector (The Right Way)

Placing the soundbar the right way with the subwoofer can provide you with amazing quality sound, while if you choose poor placement options with the soundbar, it can worsen the sound.

Below, we have discussed in great detail where you should place the soundbar with the projector, and how it can affect the sound.

The best spot for placing the soundbar with the projector is just below the screen. In this way, the sound is coming from the front side, which makes you believe that you are in the environment.

When the sound comes from the front, it provides you with the proper low-frequency response, middle-frequency response, and vocals. So, you feel right into the matter, and enjoy it to the core.

On the other hand, there are some people who like the placement of the soundbar in close proximity to the projector itself which takes away all the charm from the content.

Thus, we highly recommend placing the soundbar below the screen for the best possible experience.

 You may also check the connection methods of soundbar to projector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Best Spot for Placing the Soundbar With the Projector?

The best spot for placing the soundbar with the projector is below the screen. It is the most recommended and commonly used spot for soundbars.

Should We Place the Soundbar Below the Screen With the Projector?

Regardless you are using the soundbar with a projector or not, you need to place the soundbar below the screen, so you can properly enjoy the music coming from the front.

Is it Good Practice to Place the Soundbar on the Backside With Projector?

No, it is not a good practice to place the soundbar on the backside with the projector as there are better spots for placing the soundbar as opposed to the backside.


People are always wondering about the right placement options for the soundbar with projectors. Thus, we have compiled this in-depth blog post in order to guide you about the right positioning of the soundbar.

The front side just below the screen is the best spot for placing the sound from the soundbar. There are some people who hang the soundbar on the ceiling, neither it looks good nor it sounds good.

So, you always need to place the soundbar on the front side if you want to properly enjoy the sound.

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