Best Soundbar Wall Mount (Tested & Reviewed in 2024)

If you are short on space, it’s always a nice idea to mount the soundbar. Mounting the soundbar can provide you with that extra space required.

In order to mount the soundbar, you need a soundbar mounting kit, and finding the right soundbar mount kit can be a real brainer.

Thus, we have compiled this complete list of the best soundbar mounts that you can get in 2023.

List of the Best Soundbar Wall Mount in 2024

1. Bose Sound Bar Wall Mount

Bose Sound Bar Wall Mount
FeatureWall Bracket
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Compatible Models38MM
ModelBose Soundbar Wall Bracket
Weight3.84 Ounces

To tie the newly placed TV together, I purchased this soundbar mount. The accompanying paper template makes it quick and simple to install. It was mounted as near to the television as possible to conceal the connections and cover. I would buy it again because I thought it would look fantastic for my other TV & soundbar in the living room.

It is made to work with the Bose TV Speaker, SoundTouch 300, & Soundbar 500. Additionally, it has Premium steel construction for simple wall mounting. This sturdy steel bracket was designed to be space-efficient and have a clean, inconspicuous appearance.

According to the advertisement, this wall bracket was made to fit the Bose TV Speaker soundbar. People complain that these are a few bits of metal, but they really do fit the Soundbar properly. I’d buy it once more.

I adore Bose Soundbar Wall Mount, and even though they are expensive, the quality is worth the cost. Additionally, using the proper mount for the soundbar rather than a knockoff makes it simple to install and guarantees that it fits the device.

• High-quality steel for simple wall mounting
• For maximum space efficiency, use the wall’s edge
• Giving off a modern, inconspicuous appearance
• Not so cost-effective and pocket-friendly

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

They are simple to install because they include a template to mount on the wall and a level that indicates where to drill. For the installation, I had to purchase these wall mounts last week. With the TV mount, I installed my bar.

These went as planned, which made me glad. As promised and described, everything functioned flawlessly. I strongly advise.

2. Black Sesame Wall Mount

Black Sesame Wall Mount
BrandBlack Sesame
Mounting TypeWall Mount
FeatureSonos Beam Mount
Weight1.21 Pounds

The soundbar is securely fastened to the wall mount by two strong screws. It seems to be precisely the right size for the space between the soundbar’s two mounting points. Your gadget will look more attractive thanks to the lovely and sophisticated wall mount. The material used to construct this sound bar mount is strong and resilient.

Additionally, it ensures exceptional stability and a setup devoid of vibration. Moreover, it makes it possible to conveniently place ethernet, HDMI, and power wires. This soundbar mount may be installed on a brick, concrete, or wood stud wall.

The installation gear is included; all you need to do is attach the brackets to the wall. As soon as your soundbar is mounted on the brackets, this item is also excellent for people who are seeking a low-profile solution. Even though, it is essentially undetectable.

The soundbar wall mount for the Sonos Beam soundbar can be quickly and securely hung on the wall using screws. To enhance the fastening, use four long screws on one end. This soundbar mount may be installed on a brick, cement, or wooden stud wall.

• Great buy, quite simple to install!
• A stylish complement to any living space that is sturdy
• Ideal mount for a beam and have excellent longevity!
• Although expensive, alternatives are less expensive

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

This mount works fine, but somehow it shakes whenever there is heavy bass. Considering the weight of the original Sonos Beam, I immediately observed this product’s small weight when I initially acquired it.

Everything shown on the packaging was present. For the molleys to be installed in the wall, I utilized the specified drill size. I would recommend it.

3. Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount
Special FeatureAdjustable
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Material EngineeredSteel
Capacity110 lbs
Weight1.7 Pounds

The shelf soundbar wall mount has a weight strength of approximately 110 lbs. and can be mounted on almost any wall or flat surface. Manufactured steel that has been strengthened makes up the wall-mounted speakers. Additionally, it provides you with additional support and assurance for secure and practical placement.

These Pyle shelf speakers have extendable and customizable bracket lengths that enable speaker compatibility with any brand. The universal speaker mount can be applied in several circumstances. Both light and heavy speakers can use it thanks to its universal fit.

From the wall, you can expand from 7″ to 11-1/2″, after which the moveable component will break apart. My drill began to shred the screw as quickly as I came across a stud. I advise acquiring extra screws just in case.

I was trying to find a way to install my massive Klipsch RP-450C center speaker behind my TV. Nothing else on the market was a viable alternative, and I would then have to change my cabinet if I hadn’t discovered this one. I’m so happy I found this. The wall mounts are really robust.

• The ideal choice for medium-heavy speakers
• Robust, reliable speaker brackets
• Strong, discrete, and simple to install
• Understanding wall mount design is a bit tricky without a guide

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

These middle channel L brackets are fantastic. It was quite simple to install. The screws and anchors that came with it worked flawlessly for me.

I demonstrate in the video how securely the cushions hold the speaker in position. I’m really happy to get this because my previous shelf was awful. I heartily endorse this product!

4. Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount

Bose WB-120 Wall Mount Kit
Brand Bose
Color Black
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Weight 0.57 Pounds

The Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount is very excellent and simple to fix. Additionally, it enables mounting a sound bar on a wall simple. Although there are less expensive options, this is a far superior design. Although it is more expensive than some wall mounts, this is the one I would pick.

Based on your equipment and preferences, this soundbar mount can indeed be mounted in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the top-mount and bottom-mount configurations look amazing. Based on your technology and if you want to install your soundbar, it may also be readily customized in a variety of ways.

The instructions that are provided are the only thing that could be made better. A rubber strip containing 3M adhesives is included with the wall mounting. The bracket that mounts to the wall must have its bottom attached. By doing this, any noise & vibration that the speaker might produce while it is in operation will be eliminated.

• Easy to install as it is a single bracket
• A single bracket makes installation simple.
• High quality and ideal fit
• It needs earplugs to stay longer

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

That would often be excessive. When seated, we advise placing the speaker 36″ above the ground, at the hearing level. These wall mounts are quite strong and of high quality.

Instead of tilting downward as with other comparable mounting techniques, it allows the Bose Solo 5 soundbar to stand flush against the wall.

5. Sonos Wall Mount

Sonos Wall Mount
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Compatible Models Phone
Weight 3.06 Pounds

With its specially created wall mount, Sonos can hang beams quickly and safely. To match your Sonos beam, select between all-white or all-black. Two mounting points are selected on the Sonos beam’s bottom cover, allowing the device to be fastened to a Best Soundbar Mount. Simple in design, the mount is fastened with quality screws.

This base was created by SONOS to go along with the BEAM speaker. There is great craftsmanship engaged, much like with other Sonos items. The two screws and apertures are magnetized to aid assembly, and the Beam suits the base well.

Much flexibility in mounting position is provided by the open holes at the back. As hoped, it fits the Sonos beam flawlessly. Use two screws to mount the speaker. It should apply easily as to how you mount it.

The base insert makes it easy to position the Wifi, HDMI, & power cords in my case. I note that less costly mounts are now available. But for us, the Sonos original mount is more than worthwhile. Utilizing VESA brackets, I hovered the mount over the television. Allow the TV peripherals to do the work rather than drilling into the wall.

• Easy to Install Wall-mount Kit
• Simple design as easy to understand
• Long-lasting construction with best-fit
• You cannot customize the size of the mount

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

The same thing happens on my TV. I just put the beam directly underneath the television. Although it protrudes somewhat, it doesn’t seem awful. Just above the top corner of the television, I also have two Sonos speakers that protrude. Just my TV is level with the wall. It appears fine to me. I adore it.

6. Monoprice Soundbar Wall Mount

Monoprice Universal Aluminum Wall Mount Bracket
Brand Monoprice
Feature Adjustable
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Compatible Models Sony
Capacity up to 33 lbs

To ensure accurate and clean orientation, this soundbar installation kit comes with two backstops as well as a bubble level. This mount can hold sound bars because of the durable materials it is made of. It can actually easily support weights of 33 pounds.

This product might not be suitable for your particular soundbar due to the wide range of mounting criteria for soundbars. Your soundbar can be safely hung thanks to its sturdy design and 33 lbs load capacity. Additionally, the mount incorporates movable safety bars at every end that guarantee a safe installation.

Easily block the sides of the mount to ensure the soundbar is kept locked in. For a neat and polished appearance, your Playbar will be placed 0.6 inches from the wall. Numerous manufacturers, like Sony, Sonos, Bose, Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung, Phillips, and many more, are compatible with just this universal mount.

 It is among the most adaptable solutions available because it works with stationary, rotating, and full-motion TV wall brackets. By setting the safety bars that are situated on the half of the bracket, it is simple to install and replace your sound bar.

• Level to guarantee accurate and pristine alignment
• The mount construction is so strong
• Simple to adjust by moving the safety bars
• None

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

I would recommend this wall mount for your soundbars as it can lift heavy weight. This soundbar mount has a 33-pound maximum weight and is made of black brushed steel. Additionally, it will be strong enough to support practically any soundbar.

7. Vogel’s VLB 200 Speaker Wall Bracket

Vogel's VLB 200
Brand Vogel’s
Feature AdjustableWireless
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Model 8120200
Compatible Devices Monitors
Capacity 44 lbs (20 kg)

To provide an ideal listening posture, Vogel’s universal loudspeaker stands have a tilt and turn capability. All mounting gear has been included, & installation is simple. Vogel’s VLB200 allows you to wall-mount any bookshelf speaker. Without bolting into the speaker, it can support speakers weighing up to 44 pounds.

In addition, this Soundbar Wall Mount is extremely robust and adaptable mounting with excellent wire management. Although I’m pleased with the quality, I must regrettably return them for a few reasons. First off, they are by no means discrete, so the spousal opinion wasn’t favorable.

Furthermore, the manner they clamp the sound systems should be effective for the majority of speakers, although I was worried they would harm my speaker grills. If you want a genuinely good speaker mount that would safeguard your speaker purchase, I suggest Vogel’s.

• Constructed from premium steel that has been powder coated
• Offer sturdiness and longevity.
• Foam padding that is attached prevents scratches.
• Plastic coverings for a classy appearance
• Not long-lasting mount

Why do I Recommend this Wall Mount?

Although excellent, these Vogels may use improved directions. The instructions are picture-only, similar to something you get with just an Ikea product. 95 percent of consumers would get great value out of these mounts. They are far superior to competitors that cost half as much but just wouldn’t fit in my room. Highly recommended!

Best Soundbar Wall Mount – (2024 Buying Guide)

Lets discuss all the things which you need to know before before buying a soundbar wall mount.

Design and Size Matter

There is no one-size-fits-all method for mounting a soundbar to a wall or tv. This is why you should make sure that the Best Soundbar Mount you choose is appropriate for your Television mount, Screen size, bar width, & weight.

Selecting the proper solution for your needs shouldn’t be difficult because the finest soundbar mounts work with a wide selection of hardware.

Determine the TV Position

For the most relaxing watching experience, your TV should ideally already be mounted or set up. Your sound ought to emerge from the same location. You can install your soundbar up or down your wall-mounted TV if it is.

You’ll need a soundbar mount that really can connect to the movable arm of your TV if you have one such that the sound and image originate from the same direction. Although audio purists advise mounting your soundbar 5 to 6 inches away from the Screen for maximum acoustics, some soundbar mounts even allow you to connect your soundbar straight to the TV.

Durability is the Foremost Fact

Your soundbar won’t move, vibrate, or collapse to the floor if you use an excellent soundbar mount that is firmly fastened to it.

Choose a soundbar mount made of durable material, so make sure it can support both your TV and soundbar by looking at its weight capacity.

Standardized & Universal Brackets

You can be mixing and matching when looking for a mounting solution even though many firms produce Televisions, soundbars, & mounts, especially for some of those models.

Almost every manufacturer of TV or soundbar may be installed using a universal soundbar mount. It also gives you the option to expand your system at some point without worrying about needing to buy a new mount.

Mount Kit for Installation

Most soundbar mounts, but not all, include everything you want and mount the soundbar to the TV or wall. This comprises the mount brackets itself as well as accessories like bolts, winged nuts, & hooks.

Use anchors for additional stability and confirm that you can put your soundbar on for at least a single wall stud.

Wiring – Bluetooth Setup

Wiring and setup are other factors to think about. Wiring it underneath the TV might be a lot simpler than over it. In just about any case, if the power cord is a problem, you could always use Bluetooth to link the soundbar to the TV. The ports are frequently located closer to the bottom of the screen, though this varies on the type of your Television.

Additionally, rather than mounting the sound bar on the wall underneath the TV, you could just put it on a shelf. You must attach a sound bar on the wall if placing it above the Television.

Flexible Configurations

By allowing you to position the soundbar precisely where you want it. Be it above or below the TV—a movable soundbar mount can assist both audio quality and aesthetics.

Some so-called “shelf speaker mounts” for soundbars have movable brackets that really can support both soundbars and heavier, bigger speakers.

Installation is Simple

If installing a soundbar mount without specialist advice is hard, even a fantastic soundbar mount is indeed not worth much.

Fortunately, there are several excellent soundbar mounts available with quick and simple installation procedures. It reduces the number of equipment and labor hours required for a secure setup.

Some Facts about Sound bars: Active or Passive

Choose mount wisely as per the type of your soundbar.

Passive sound bars don’t have internal power amplifiers, so they need a transmitter or amplifier to function. Nevertheless, they do have better speakers, which results in better sound. A passive sound bar will therefore cost you some more money & require you to connect additional components.

Active refers to the fact that the soundbar has built-in amplifiers to power everything and even channel processors to distinguish between the left, right, & center speakers. Therefore, with an all-inclusive gadget, there are fewer wires and no additional receivers to acquire or connect in.

Passive sound bars are probably more suited for specialized setups, in our opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Soundbar Wall Mount?

Vogel’s VLB 200 speaker Best Soundbar Wall Mount is quite powerful and capable of supporting nearly exactly 44 lbs. moreover, it has a compact appearance. I loved how they could be installed on the side walls and turned 90 degrees to face the room.

Is soundbar wall mounting preferably?

Mounting the soundbar too high may result in sound blockage and poor performance.  If the soundbar is not placed and installed correctly, it may vibrate excessively and perhaps come loose from the wall. It won’t be advantageous or secure to mount it directly into drywall.

Can you mount a soundbar on the wall?

According to Panasonic brand development expert Michael Price, soundbars are typically simple to wall mount and several of them will include little brackets in the box. These are made to safely connect to a screw in the wall.

Do I install the sound bar on the wall or the TV?

The sound bar can be mounted on the wall right beneath the TV whether you are using a straight or tilt bracket. Alternatively, if you’re using an adjustable arm, you should fasten the sound bar to the arm directly so that it can follow the TV’s angle of inclination.

Can a soundbar be hung from a TV?

The VESA pattern on your TV is compatible with soundbar mounting. They work with TVs, wall mounts, and stands essentially everywhere. The installation will go quite quickly if your TV is on its original stand as well as the VESA holes are really not being used.

Final words – Last But Not Least

Every time you want to buy a specific product in 2022, you have a wide range of possibilities. We think you should give digital marketplaces great consideration before making your next investment. Convenience and flexibility are two extremely key benefits you receive when making purchases online.

The right placement of the soundbar is so important. It is your intention to enhance the sound quality if you purchase a sound bar. The required effect from the new acquisition can be completely ruined by improper unit placement. We believe that this post will provide you with enough knowledge to help you choose the right mount products in the future.

Our top picks:

Bose Sound Bar Wall Mount and Vogel’s VLB 200 speaker wall bracket both are our best products in this review. These are best just because of their flexibility, lightweight, and durability.

We hope that our detailed review regarding the best soundbar wall mount will definitely help you a lot while choosing the best product.  This shopping guide should assist you in selecting the soundbar wall mount for your particular requirements.

Fortunately, the platforms we chose frequently provide warranties and simple replacements for a wide range of brands and goods, like wall mounts for sound bars.

Happy shopping!

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