Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mount (Tested & Reviewed in 2024)

A Samsung soundbar’s rich audio quality immerses you in the action, enhancing the enjoyment you can experience from watching TV. Choosing the perfect mount to attach a soundbar to your wall might be challenging if you have a mounted TV arrangement. Therefore, we have come up with the top 5 Samsung soundbars wall mounts that can be installed easily.

Richard William – a senior employee from Samsung Company says strong and secure, a Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mount should also be simple to install and work with your current hardware. Soundbar wall mount improves the appearance of your house. Find the ideal wall mount for your Samsung soundbar by using the instructions below.

Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mount Comparison Table 2024

1. Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

The Pyle Speaker Wall Mount system has fewer features than those offered by competitors. These are what Pyle refers to as “shelf speaker mounts,” and they are wall-mounted. They do feature a length modification, but it’s horizontal rather than vertical like some of the other two choices on our list. Always check the surface you are mounting.

I was excited to get this soundbar mount because I adore Pyle goods. The setup went well enough, and in 20 minutes, everything was connected. When the product is lying face down, it is simple to put it below a wall mount bracket. If it is already mounted to the wall, it could also be performed by gradually releasing each bottom screw.

Most Soundbar Wall Mounts are substantially lighter than just the 110lbs that the Pyle Speaker Wall Mounts can support once mounted. However, it’s a good idea to double-check to prevent any equipment-related problems.

These L clamps for the centre channel are excellent. Installing it wasn’t that difficult. The included screws & anchors functioned admirably for me. I show how the speaker is held in place by the cushions in the video. The shelf speaker wall mount has a maximum strength of approximately one hundred and ten lbs. and can be mounted on almost any wall or flat surface.

• The best option for speakers with a medium-heavy voice
• Robust speaker brackets
• Strong, stealthy, and easy to install
• Without a guide, interpreting wall mount style might be challenging

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

These Pyle shelf mounts have extendable and customizable bracket lengths that enable speaker compatibility with any brand. Both light and heavy speakers can use it because of its universal fit. I’m overjoyed to have this considering my old shelf was terrible. I wholeheartedly recommend this item!

2. Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount

Bose WB-120 Wall Mount Kit

The Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount is incredibly good and easy to repair. The Bose Soundbar may be discreetly mounted on the wall thanks to the sturdy steel bracket. For ideal placement, the bracket mounts flat to the wall. It comes in either white or black.

The Bose soundbar may be discreetly mounted horizontally on a wall using the sturdy steel bracket. It also makes it simple to place a sound bar on a wall. The upper and bottom-mount versions also have stunning looks. It can also be easily modified in a way depending on the technology and how you want to put your soundbar.

This is a far better design, even though there are less-priced alternatives. That’s the one I might choose even though it costs more than some wall mounts. This soundbar mount can indeed be put in several different ways, depending on your technology and requirements.

The bottom of the wall-mounting bracket needs to be fastened. This will remove any noise and vibration that the speaker might make while it is in use. That would frequently be overkill. I suggest setting the speaker at the listener’s level when seated, 36″ above the floor. With the wall installation, a rubber strip holding 3M glue is provided.

• Being a single bracket, it is simple to install.
• Installation is made simple with a single bracket.
• High caliber and the perfect fit
• To stay longer, earplugs are required.

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

The above wall mounts were somewhat sturdy and well-made. The one and only thing that could be improved are the guidelines that are given. It enables the Bose soundbar to remain flush against the wall as opposed to sloping lower just like other similar mounting methods. Consequently, the Soundbass wall mount is the ideal choice for you.

3. Sonos Wall Mount

Sonos Wall Mount

Two mounting hooks are located at the bottom of the Sonos Wall Mount, allowing for a quick and secure installation. The wide holes just on the back allow for a high degree of flexibility in mounting orientation. It perfectly aligns with the Sonos Beam, as planned. The speaker can be mounted using two screws.

Attach your home screen or large speakers to the wall mount to hear your system’s enhanced audio quality. The wall mount kit includes a handbook and all necessary hardware. The basic colour choices for the mounting bracket are black and white.

There are undoubtedly goods made by a third party that are less expensive. However, this gadget is built like a tank and fits your beam like a glove.  In my situation, the base insert makes it straightforward to insert the power, HDMI, & Ethernet wires.

I observe that there are currently fewer expensive mounts available. However, it is unquestionably the Sonos original mount for us. Using VESA brackets, I suspended the mount over the television. Allow TV accessories to perform the job instead of drilling into the wall.

The large slots at the back give mounting options a great deal of flexibility. The two magnetic screws and holes make it easier to install the Beam because it fits nicely on the base. Very happy with the results!

• Enhances audio quality with robust fixing
• Offers the speaker various placement choices.
• Exceptional grip and appearance
• The ends of the wall mounts can be flimsy.

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

In short, Sonus Soundbar Mount is the best. I was impressed by the solid craftsmanship sustaining my Beam. You failed to include the screws needed for the wall mount. Thus, these wall mounts are excellent for Samsung soundbars.

4. Monoprice Soundbar Wall Mount

Monoprice Universal Aluminum Wall Mount Bracket

The Samsung soundbar type can be utilized with the Monoprice Soundbar Wall Mount thanks to its adaptable connection ports. The Monoprice Universal Mount can be affixed to two wall studs, and also comes with them. For a clean and professional appearance, your Playbar will be positioned 0.6 inches from the wall.

Due to the vast variety of mounting requirements for soundbars, this equipment may not be suited for your specific soundbar. Two backstops or a bubble level are included in this soundbar installation kit to ensure precise and orderly alignment. As a result, amazing engineering is involved.

The soundbar can be lined up to the wall using the provided backstops and bubble measure. The mounts have a sliding & lock function for further stability. On either side of the construction, detachable safety bars ensure security. To maintain the soundbar securely connected, merely block the ends of the bracket.

Because of its sturdy design, suspending this from a hook is completely safe. Additionally, the mount incorporates movable safety bars at either end to guarantee a tight fit. The Monoprice Wall Mounts are slim brackets that can hold medium- to large-sized speakers weighing up to 33 lbs each.

• Very good quality, as expected
• Definitely worth the expensive cost, solid build
• Easy installation and modern design
• Easy Installation but ball joint lacks swivel

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

Therefore, these mounts fit perfectly and lock the speaker shelf. Because of the superb metal used in this mount, I would suggest it. Drilled right into the bolts behind and utilised additional anchors where there weren’t any studs to get a firm, secure hold. It exactly lines up with the Sonos Beam as a result.

5. Vogel’s VLB 200 Wall Bracket

Vogel's VLB 200

VLB 200 Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mount has lately taken the place of another, less expensive item that I bought less than seven months ago. Additionally, it is made of top-quality steel for durability and strength. The assembly was simple, despite the slight complexity.

It uses the Vogel VLB200 shelf speaker mounting bracket. Furthermore, it enables you to install speakers up to 300 mm deeper without risking damage to your pricey speakers. Vogel’s adjustable mount supports tilt and turn to offer the best listening angle. Easy to install and so all mounting equipment is supplied.

I discovered that the speaker wire holes at some spots are so tiny that it is difficult to run them through the setup without pressing them in specific areas. They could be mounted on the side walls & rotated 30 ° to face the space, which I adored. I’d offer these clamps favorable consideration to 95% of consumers.

I studied a lot of reviews before making my purchase, and I’m happy with how durable & high-quality these are. Additionally, I want to advise you to examine the installation manual and spec document on the company’s online store.

• Elegant design Isolation pads boost safety
• Strong construction
• Large speakers are easily supported.
• Spend considerable attention on correct installation

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

When a manufacturing defect was discovered, their exceptional customer service quickly replied to my email and sent me replacement components. I would thus suggest this sturdy Sonus soundbar mount, which is flexible and has excellent wire management. These mounts are therefore a good investment.

Buying Guide for the Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mount

Lets discuss all the things which you need to consider before buying the samsung soundbar wall bracket.


Your soundbar won’t move, vibrate, or collapse to the floor if you use an excellent soundbar mount that is firmly fastened to it. 

Choose a soundbar mount made of sturdy materials, and make sure it can support both your TV and soundbar by looking at its weight capacity.

Size & Design

There is no one-size-fits-all method for installing a soundbar on a wall or television. This is why you should make sure that the soundbar mount you choose is appropriate for your Screen mount, Screen size, soundbar width, and soundbar mass. 

Finding the ideal solution for your needs shouldn’t be difficult because the finest soundbar mounts work with a wide selection of hardware.


If installing a soundbar mount without expert help is impossible, even a fantastic soundbar mount is indeed not worth much. 

Fortunately, there are several excellent soundbar mounts available with quick and simple installation procedures. it reduces the number of equipment and labour hours required for a secure setup.

Tips for Installing a Soundbar

When installing the soundboard, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Verify that the mounts are firmly in place once the installation is complete. Avoid shocking it 
  • Ensure that minors cannot access the unit’s cables. For instance, if a toddler pulls on the cables
  • Installing the soundbar and subwoofer in hot, humid spaces is not advised. 
  • Maintain the recommended distance from the TV frame for the soundbar speaker system for maximum performance. 
  • Always keep in mind that the bracket needs to be positioned on a stable, level, and smooth surface.
  • Before connecting to the ports on the TV set’s body, be sure all safety precautions have been taken.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Samsung soundbar wall mount?

There are top five Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mounts are:

  • Pyle Speaker Wall Mount
  • Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount
  • Sonos Wall Mount
  • Monoprice Soundbar Wall Mount
  • Vogel’s VLB 200 speaker wall bracket

Can you mount Samsung Soundbar to the wall?

The Wall Mount Guide should be placed against the wall. The available Samsung wall mount guide needs to be level against the wall.  

Place the Soundbar at least 5 centimetres beneath your TV if it is placed on the wall. Most soundbars will arrive with little brackets in the package, and most of them are simple to place on a wall.

Is it better to wall mount a soundbar?

Mounting the soundbar too high may result in sound suppression and poor performance. If the soundbar also isn’t placed and installed correctly, it may vibrate excessively and perhaps come loose from the wall. It won’t be secure or useful to install it straight into drywall.

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To make it easier for you to choose the ideal item to complete your entertainment setup, we put together this list to highlight the top soundbar mounts currently available. 

All of these soundbar speaker mounts attach straight to the TV wall mount’s bottom for a simple, adaptable, and attractive configuration.

Our top pick:

Vogel VLB 200 supports can tilt and turn to offer the best listening angle. Installation is easy and all mounting equipment is supplied. It uses the Vogel VLB 200 shelf speaker mounting bracket. Furthermore, it enables you to install speakers up to 300 mm deep without risking damage to your pricey speakers.

The aforementioned devices are straightforward to put together, come with all the necessary gear, and don’t require any additional wall drilling to work with many of these soundbar wall mounts and so many soundbars. 

Relax and enjoy the sound because it swings with your TV by the use of a full-motion mount. We hope that our detailed review regarding the Best Samsung Soundbar Wall Mount will definitely help you a lot when choosing.

Happy shopping!

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