Best Samsung Soundbar Mount to TV in 2023

You must locate a suitable soundbar wall mount if someone has picked to Soundbar wall mount their TV. We, therefore, have something for you, even if you’re searching for a cost-effective choice or something more opulent! This guide will emphasise some of the top Samsung soundbars for TVs.

Thomas Jennie – an American soundbar company engineer, says Best Samsung Soundbar Mount to TV is movable, allowing you to select from various positions.  We will also offer a customer’s guide to assist you in selecting the best one for your requirements. Install a soundbar. Use the Mount-It to improve the audio quality of your home theatre system!

Best Samsung Soundbar Mount to TV in 2023

1. Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

Before trying this mounting solution, I went through perhaps 25 different mounting systems. The Mount-It! Soundbar Mount seems to have a maximum capacity of 34 pounds and is easy to attach to the back of the screen or soundbar. This bracket from Mount-It! is distinctively shaped like a “J” and works with the majority of 34″ to 65″ TVs.

It also doesn’t obstruct the connection ports for the TV or the soundbar. I appreciate how open and accessible this support network is because it doesn’t hinder the TV’s exhaust fan. Finding the best fit for your TV is simple.

The flattening bar may be found at the home centre and is reasonably cheap. So, this product promised it was a universal mount for all sound bars, including Soundbar Mount to TV. We bought it since it was a cheap repair. Curiously, this improves stability.

Furthermore, they are guaranteed to work with practically all TV brands on the market, thanks to the VESA bolt holes. Because the soundbar moves with the TV, the sound quality will be enhanced. The brackets are great for the money because they come with a complete set of screws and spacers for numerous Tv size bolt sizes and lengths.

• Mount-It! mounted soundbar
• No overly numerous connecting bars
• Highly durable construction
• This item is a sensible choice in terms of price.

Why do we Recommend it?

I’d suggest using this excellent sound bar mounting solution. I installed my Pioneer soundbar correctly by modifying my current wall mount. There are many included bolts and studs. If you didn’t have threaded mount support, only one thing I would do is to add a few different nuts to the bolts.

2. Vogel’s SOUND 3550 Soundbar Mount

Vogel's SOUND 3550 soundbar mount

Vogel’s SOUND 3550 soundbar mount offers a solution for both compact and sizable soundbar fixes. Vogel’s Soundbar Mount to TV is incredibly resilient because of the horizontal metal bar’s visible, characteristic slot flow pattern. This offers a more uniform appearance than alternative mounts with multiple holes punched.

The setup and installation procedure takes approximately twenty mins. With the Sound 3550, any soundbar holding up to 15 lbs may be attached. The Vogel’s Soundbar mount can safely and securely support up to 15 lb. soundbars.

Vogel’s seems to have more than Forty years of experience in designing and manufacturing mounts for contributing to the quality, and they offer a 5-year product warranty. The equipment packs and instructions were clearly labelled, and installation was not too difficult.

The TV is firmly mounted, as is the flexible bracket. Now that a Sonos Arc is installed underneath the TV, there is no flex or droop compared to my previous placement. A lot of ingenuity is needed to get this sound bar mount and TV bracket to match each other. However, the downside is that this brand is not giving the mount guide manual with the mount box.

• Pleased with the metal’s performance and toughness
• Extremely robust and easy to install
• Guarantees superior sound quality
• The screws aren’t particularly strong.

Why do we Recommend it?

This soundbar mount for the TV is excellently made and designed. The installation was simple, even with the TV mounted on the wall. After waiting for the Samsung to arrive, I mounted the bottom section and placed the vertical mounts. Highly suggested mounting

3. Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

This TV sits in the corner of the room; thus, a Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount mounted on the wall would have looked weirdly skewed. I may hang my 54″ Signa S2 soundbar from the wall TV bracket or mount it with a swing-arm design.

 I decided not to use the two bars that had numerous holes across. Until the status light immediately below the bottom of my Samsung 55S401 TV was too high. Plus, since the TV is in the back of the room, a Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount mounted on the wall would have looked weirdly skewed. 

Therefore, these Soundbar Mount to TV are quite helpful for my TV and soundbars. The Barkan Soundbar Mount may support a variety of soundbars for TV mounts of various companies at various angles and positions. Depending on your preference, the mount provides you with the choice to fit correctly.

It works nicely to use this Best Samsung Soundbar Mount. The soundbar had to be modified to fit my TV. A lovely framework is created when it all comes together. When attaching the fastening hooks to the soundbar’s holes for wall mounting.

• Easy to install
• Enhances audio quality
• Superb grip and a sleek appearance
• Wall mounts can be shaky.

Why do we Recommend it?

The soundbar mount has great customer satisfaction and positive reviews. I also received many items I didn’t want, but I appreciated that the package offered many options. It operates perfectly. Installed, lifted, and pushed out of the way was the TV.

Finding the Best Samsung Soundbar Mount to TV – Buying Guide

Wall-mounted TV and Soundbar Installation

The audio boards are often wall mounted or in a cabinet underneath the TV. What if your installation would look so much better with a sound bar above the wall-mounted TV?

Does the aforementioned setup affect the sound quality? Especially when using a sound bar mount with high caliber audio system characteristics?

We conducted a thorough study to determine the ideal location for the soundbar.

Set up and wiring

Wiring and setup are other things to consider for the Soundbar Mount to TV. You must attach the sound bar mount on the walls when mounting it above the TV. Under the TV may be easier than above. Bluetooth can connect the soundbar to the TV if wiring is a concern.

Ports are often near the bottom of the TV, but this varies per TV model. Instead of installing the sound bar under the TV, you may put it atop a cabinet.

Placed above the television

This might represent the greatest alternative for sound quality in some circumstances. Whether above or below the TV, the most crucial aspect of mounting a sound bar mount was that it would be as near to ear level as possible.

The exclusions are surround sound capabilities and soundbars that mount upward-facing components and have unique placement restrictions based on the model.

TV should be underneath the soundbar

Most of the time, it depends on whether the home theatre system is best to place a sound bar above the TV or beneath it. Having the TV somewhat below eye level.

Moreover, the soundbar is somewhat below ear level while weighing the trade-off between having the sound bar near ear level as well as the TV at eye level. In terms of positioning difficulty and sound quality, this Soundbar Mount to TV  is typically the compromise that is made the least.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best samsung soundbar mount to TV?

Here is the top best Samsung Soundbar Mount to TV below:

  • Mount-It! Soundbar Mount
  • Vogel’s SOUND 3550 soundbar mount
  • Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

Can I mount Samsung Soundbar to TV?

It doesn’t seem like the Samsung Soundbar mount can be on a TV. The Samsung HW-T510 User Guide states that wall mounting hardware is available as a separate buy. The VESA guide is consistent with the Best Samsung Soundbar Mount.

Does Samsung Soundbar come with brackets?

Look for a soundbar with the ability to be mounted on the wall unless you already know that’s where you’ll be mounting it. Some must be purchased separately, while others include with their brackets. Soundbars with mounting points have pre-drilled holes where screws can be inserted.

Final Words

If you purchase a sound bar bracket, you probably do so to enhance the sound. Reexamining these to determine whichever one you want is worthwhile because most of them offer various features and aesthetics. 

Our Top Picks:

Mount-It! Soundbar Mount: Our 36-inch Vizio speaker bar can be supported by it without wobbling. This soundbar mount, made of high-strength steel that is very 2.5 mm thick, aids in keeping the soundbar in place. This soundbar’s versatility in attaching to several TV wall mounts gives it a wide range of applications.

We hope that our detailed review regarding the Best Samsung Soundbar Mount to TV will help you a lot when choosing.

Happy shopping!

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