Best Universal Soundbar Mount (Tested in 2024)

Are you under pressure to find the ideal universal soundbar mount to fix the soundbar and have a home theater experience easily?

Because as we know, when you watch your favorite TV content, the sound they offer makes it more enjoyable. They significantly change the pleasure of watching your favored movies and series programs.

Jonny smith – a renowned carpenter from America, says always invest in the best universal soundbar mount that is high quality and durable. Since the market is so saturated with the best universal sound bar mounts, it could be challenging to narrow it down. Let’s explore our top collection of soundbar mounts we have tried and listed for you.

Best Universal Soundbar Mount Comparison Table 2024

1. Vogel’s VLB 200 Universal speaker wall bracket

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

The Vogel Wall Mount stands for surround speakers weighing up to 42 lbs. They come with solid clamps that can be adjusted precisely to save hassle and time and keep the bar safe.

Additionally, it allows you to place speakers up to 300 mm deep without damaging your expensive speakers. You may move the speakers for better sound quality with their 90° swivel and 15° tilt.

I loved that they could be installed on the side walls and turned 90 degrees to face the room. To 95% of customers, I’d give these mounts the highest recommendation.

They are far superior to alternatives that cost half as much but wouldn’t fit in my room. I recently replaced another less expensive product that I purchased less than a year ago with these speakers.

The required hardware is in the package, and the wall mounts are assembled. In addition, it is composed of premium steel for longevity and sturdiness.

I found that the speaker wire holes are smaller at some points, so it is impossible to run them through the system without compressing them at particular locations.

The bottom hole through which the speaker cables exit is not pre-drilled or manufactured. You must clip it out. Thus, these mounts are worth the investment.

• There’s no need to drill
• Holds the speaker perfectly
• Brilliant audio quality is provided with an attractive appearance.
• It takes a little while to install.

Why do We Recommend this?

I would recommend these strong best universal sound bar mount that is adaptable and has outstanding wire management.

Furthermore, the speakers should be held securely for most speakers, thanks to the clamp. Consequently, the excellent goods and superior buyer assistance was a game changer for me.

2. Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

This mount from Mount-It! has a distinctive appearance that resembles a “J” and is suitable for most 32″ to 70″ TVs.

It is simple to attach to the rear of the Screen or soundbar and has a carrying capacity of 33 lbs. I tried every possible mounting system before this one after going through around 40 different ones.

High-strength steel that really is 2.5 mm thick and used to make this soundbar mount helps retain the soundbar in place.

This soundbar is highly versatile thanks to its ability to connect to all types of TV wall mounts, such as fixed, tilting, full-motion, articulating, and even interactive models.

I value how accessible and open this support system is because it just doesn’t obstruct the TV’s air vents. Additionally, neither the TV nor the sound bar’s connection ports are blocked by it.

You can effortlessly locate the ideal fit for your TV. Additionally, the VESA bolt holes ensure that they will suit almost all TV brands in the market.

So this item claimed to be a universal mount that would suit all sound bars, especially Sonos. We purchased it as a cost-effective fix. Interestingly, this increases stability.

For the price, the brackets are excellent because they include a complete set of screws for different Television size bolt sizes and lengths, as well as spacers. You will experience better sound quality because the sound bar moves along with the TV.

• No excessive connecting bars
• Robust and flexible construction
• This product is a cost-effective solution
• Difficulties attaching it appropriately

Why do We Recommend this?

I would recommend this excellent sound bar mounting option for obvious reasons. I could correctly place my Pioneer soundbar by adapting my existing wall mount.

Bolts & studs are included in abundance. The only thing I would change, if you do not have threaded mount support, is adding a couple of different nuts for the bolts.

3. Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

The Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of soundbars for TV mounts from many manufacturers at various angles and locations.

Depending on the design of the TV & soundbar, they may be linked to the TV via a variety of connection methods. You can refer to the manual guide or internet for ideas.

It was the same model as the TV mount I previously had installed, and I bought this mount. I hoped that I wouldn’t have to unscrew the TV mount to slip it in completely.

This soundbar mount performs well. When put together, it makes a stunning construction. Thus, these mounts are so handy for my tv and soundbars. 

We mounted our Yamaha soundbar to the wall mount for our TV from the bottom up. We have found what we were seeking perfectly! No longer visible wiring. The connection between the soundbar and the mount is kept safe by a unique locking system.

Most 13-80″ flat or curved TVs and also flat & curved soundbars weighing up to 14 lbs may be mounted on the soundbar mount. Depending on your choices, the mount enables you to fit perfectly.

The soundbar had to be screwed using the screws, which is not that simple to install but fantastic if you don’t want to drill anymore.

It was precisely what I needed to put the sound bar underneath the TV, but I got it nevertheless. Things it delivers since it wasn’t as the handbook said it would be!

• There’s no need for an extra drill
• Holds the speaker bars perfectly
• Attractive design
• It takes a little while to install.

Why do We Recommend this?

I would recommend these mounts to professionals. This delivered just what I needed it to. I presume there are many other components to allow different configurations.

I was able to use my space better thanks to this device, which also works with other accessories. They helped me be more organized!

4. Amazon Basics Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket

Amazon Basics Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket

I ordered this last week to set up a TV & 3.2 speakers in our guest bedroom. It was easy to attach behind the VESA TV mount. These can safely support the Klipsch center channel speakers since they are strong enough.

It can support up to 22 lbs and features extension arms in size with various setup choices. The bracket positions your speaker in the ideal position for equitably powerful sound, making these mounts ideal for the playroom, home cinema, bedroom, and much more. 

They have a fully customizable design with interactive locking capability, two extension arms, and several configuration choices. The AmazonBasics Universal Soundbar mount works with both curved and flat-panel TVs.

Additionally, they are made to conveniently attach a speaker as a sound bar to the top or bottom of your flat-screen TV.

Also, this strong bracket provides a discreet solution that blends in well with other media components. Despite their vastly different sizes, they could hold both TVs.

Essentially, all you need is a means of supporting your sound bar. This is a fantastic product with several configuration options.

Even if the instructions aren’t detailed, you can still use the additional components, screws, and adapters to make this work.

• Provides a discrete remedy
• Robust bracket in the ideal location
• Design that can be fully adjusted
• Has interactive locking features
• A bit tricky to mount for newbies with any guide

Why do We Recommend this?

I liked how the soundbar mount arrived with all the necessary nuts and hardware for installation. For the finest appearance, the design & mounting location may be readily modified. I had underestimated how well it would go.

The bracket installation was quite difficult, yet rather simple. That, in my opinion, is exactly how these brackets work. The final result is rather spectacular. Definitely a recommendation.

5. Vogel’s SOUND 3550 Soundbar Mount

Vogel's SOUND 3550 soundbar mount

Due to the obvious distinctive slot flow pattern of the horizontal metal bar, Vogel’s SOUND 3550 soundbar mount is exceptionally durable. This provides a more consistent appearance compared to other mounts drilled with several holes.

The Vogel’s Soundbar mount securely and safely supports soundbars weighing up to 15 lbs. Installation and setup took roughly 20 minutes. When put together, it makes a stunning construction.

With a 5-year product guarantee, Vogel has more than 45 years of expertise in developing and producing mounts for entertainment equipment. Extremely delighted with the metal’s strength and toughness.

It provides a remedy for both lightweight and substantial soundbar remedies. It supports all main brands, including Yamaha, Kardon, JBL, Harmon, Sonos, LG, Heos, Bose, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sonos.

It also supports additional sub-brands. The directions and hardware packs were well-labeled, and assembly was relatively simple.

Both the flexible bracket and the TV are firmly mounted (Vogel mount). The absence of an incorporated installation guide is the sole drawback.

A lot of creative thinking is required to have this sound bar mount & TV bracket line up with each other. Compared to my prior installation, there is no flex or droop now that a Sonos Arc is attached underneath the TV.

• Very durable and simple to install
• Contains mounting hardware and an instruction handbook
• Ensures excellent sound quality
• Fits in well with contemporary home furnishings
• The screws are not very sturdy.

Why do We Recommend this?

This mount for the soundbar on the TV is well-designed and built. Even with the TV hung on the wall, the installation was simple. I installed the vertical mounts and then attached the bottom part after waiting for the Sonos to arrive.

The soundbar & TV nearly seem to be one unit because of how wonderful it looks. Even stickers are included to cover the metal surfaces bracket.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Universal Soundbar Mount

Let’s discuss all the technical terms in detail, so you get a better idea about the device and won’t be black when choosing the right one for your soundbar.

Weight & Size

The size of the soundbar can support as well as the weight brackets can hold. The other of these is the most crucial criterion.

It will probably be used to rank wall mounts when shopping online. Even though soundbar sizes are identical, different brands have different weights.

Check the product description if you’re looking for a universal soundbar wall mount online. Moreover, I wanted to learn more about the largest screen size and soundbar weight that it can support. This information is also printed on the wall mount’s packaging.

Durability & Accessibility

The two concepts of dependability and durability are closely related. Due to its strength and durability, your mount for the universal sound bar will stay with you for several years.

New ones frequently replace old items. This new item has probably undergone some sort of modification. Therefore, it might include new features.

Because their makers won’t support them, why are universal sound bar mount or universal sound bar mount-brand items no longer available?

Position of Your Sound Bar

Do you want to place it on a table or hang it on the wall?

Your new sound bar shouldn’t really be wider than your TV from an aesthetic standpoint. The ideal location for your sound bar is underneath or above your TV, whether hanging from a wall or resting on a shelf. Just be certain you have adequate room!

Appropriate Soundbar Connectivity

Most soundbars are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled, enabling you to stream music from every pc, phone, or tablet easily, thereby converting your sound bar into a stereo. 

Functionality & Installation

Choose a model with swivel and tilt characteristics if you want more flexibility. Purchase speakers with an expanded arm length if you wish to mount them away from the wall.

Learn about just the installation process by researching the products offered online. While some goods require very little time to install, others may need additional assistance and take more time.

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Select a Branded Mount

Purchase a new sound bar mount from a reputable vendor. By doing this, you’ll receive the manufacturer’s guarantee, maintenance, and support.

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Universal Brackets

Even though numerous companies manufacture televisions, soundbars, and mounts, particularly for some of those models, customers can add various when looking for a mounting option.

A universal soundbar mount can install soundbars from almost any brand. Additionally, it allows you to eventually extend your system without requiring acquiring a new mount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Universal Soundbar Mount?

Vogel’s Universal Speaker mounts are our best on this list. These have bolts on the bottom for wall installation, eliminating the need for screws. Load capacity per bracket is 20 kilograms. The required hardware is incorporated in the package, as well as the wall mounts are already put together.

Are soundbar brackets Universal?

For a full and optimal experience, mount any soundbar up or down your LCD, LED, or Big Screen tv. Due to its universal structure, this device fits practically all TVs & soundbars & works perfectly with all One For All wall mounts.

The VESA pattern on your TV is designed to be compatible with soundbar mounts. They will always work with Televisions, stands, and wall mounts. The installation will go quite quickly if the TV is on its original base and the VESA holes are not being used.

Do all sound bars have mounting holes?

Not quite. A Sonos playbar mount is required. It has particular nipples on which the sound bar is held. You might be able to be creative and use the holes that would fit into to hold the sound bar if you could have the right hardware.

 However, it really is probably not a great idea. Simply place the soundbar on the base & adjust the extended commands to clip the soundbar for soundbars without holes drilled.

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Final Words – Last but not least

In short, we selected the top universal sound bar mount based on these standards. You may always discover the most recent. The most crucial factor on our list is customer satisfaction, and that is the last of our tests. Please help us out!

Our Top Pick:

The best pick among all is Vogel’s VLB 200 Universal speaker wall bracket. These mounts are extremely handy and durable. They look nice, and putting one together simplifies the other.

They are strong and highly secure. The profundity of your speakers will determine the degrees that can be reached.

We hope our detailed review of the Best Universal Soundbar Mount will help you choose the best.  Please let us know if the information on this page about the universal sound bar mounts is inaccurate, out-of-date, irrelevant, or needs to be updated. Our list will be continuously updated based on your sensible suggestions and remarks.

Happy shopping!

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