Best Sonos Soundbar Mount (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2024)

Have you ever been unsure of what model to choose when thinking about buying a Sonos soundbar mount in a broad sense?

Occasionally, knowing that you are not alone is enough to ease your mind. Finding the ideal Sonos soundbar mount can be challenging for many people. But we are ready to assist in picking the best one!

David Seth – the renowned Australian carpenter, says Best Sonos Soundbar Mount conceals your wiring, giving a neat, integrated appearance.

Fortunately, numerous soundbar mounts that work with soundbars of all shapes and sizes are available. Before creating a list, we consider several characteristics like quality, robustness, and stiffness.

Best Sonos Soundbar Mount Comparison Table 2024

 Here are our picks for the best and most high-quality 5 Sonos soundbar mounts. Keep reading below:

1. Sonos Wall Mount

Sonos Wall Mount

The Sonos Wall mount has two mounting hooks at the bottom, facilitating a fast and safe installation.

You can experience the improved sound quality of your system by connecting your home screen or big speakers to the wall mount.

The required hardware and a manual are included with the wall mount kit. Black and white are the primary color options available for the wall mount.

This base is the SONOS intended item to go with the BEAM speaker. Like all Sonos devices, fantastic engineering is involved, and we fully trust the construction.

You can definitely find something cheaper produced by a third party. However, this device perfectly fits your Beam and is constructed like a tank. It has two screws on the bottom to connect the speaker, and there is no wiggle or jiggle.

In my case, the base insert provides for simple insertion of the power, HDMI, and Ethernet wires. I notice there are fewer pricey mounts available now. But for us, it is undoubtedly worth the Sonos original mount.

I floated the mount over the tv utilizing VESA brackets. Just let TV accessories do the job without needing to drill into the wall. 

The wide slots at the rear allow significant freedom in mounting position. The Beam fits perfectly on the base, and the two screws & holes are magnetic to ease installation.

• Improves the audio quality
• Gives positioning options for the speaker
• Outstanding grip and look sleek
• The wall mounts’ ends could be shaky.

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

Though I first felt I was overpaid for a soundbar holder. After I got this Best Sonos Soundbar Mount, I was delighted with the robust workmanship and almost minimal wiggle space when it’s supporting my Beam.

 So ahead and snap it up. It’s a fantastic compliment to the Beam! These are really nice products; I believe this should come added to the original Beam.

2. Monoprice Soundbar Wall Mount

Monoprice Universal Aluminum Wall Mount Bracket

The flexible connection points on the Monoprice Universal Soundbar Wall Mount allow it to be used with various soundbar models from Toshiba, Sony, LG, Vizio, Bose, and Phillips.

All necessary gear is included as a bubble measure & backstops to line the soundbar to the wall. Moreover, they are included with the Monoprice Universal Mount, which can be mounted to two wall studs.

Your soundbar can be securely hung thanks to the sturdy design’s dimensions of 39 x 2 x 1. Removable safety bars at either end of the installation guarantee safety.

Thus, there is fantastic engineering involved. Simply block the bracket’s ends to keep the soundbar firmly fastened.

This soundbar installation kit includes two backstops and a bubble level to guarantee accurate and tidy alignment. The strong construction makes hanging it from a hook risk-free.

The Monoprice Wall Mounts are thin brackets that can support speakers up to 33 lbs per medium to large. Even though this product could be easy to place on any wall, I don’t even think the cost is justified.

• Excellent quality – as anticipated
• Worth the high price, strong sturdy build
• Multipurpose wall mounts
• Simple to install and sleek style
• Performs Great – Simple to install
• Lack of swivel in the ball joint

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

I would recommend this mount due to its excellent metal. To obtain a robust and solid grip, drilled straight into the bolts behind and then used extra anchors where there weren’t any studs.

Not the end of the world, but given the cost of this little metal item, it ought to be better. Let the TV peripherals handle any further wall drilling.

3. Vogel’s VLB 200 Speaker Wall Bracket

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

I recently replaced another less expensive product that I purchased less than a year ago with these speakers. The required hardware is in the package, and the wall mounts are assembled.

In addition, it is composed of premium steel for longevity and sturdiness. Even though it was a little complicated, the installation was simple.

Vogel’s universal mount supports tilt and turn capability to provide an ideal listening angle. All necessary mounting gear is supplied, and installation is simple.

Vogel’s VLB200 bookcase speaker mounting bracket is used. Additionally, it allows you to place speakers up to 300 mm deep without damaging your expensive speakers.

Without bolting into a device, it can support speakers weighing up to 44 pounds without bolting into the device. 2.36-inch long offset screws are required.

The plugs are 1.97 inches long (you might not need those that are in wood material). All the dimensions and spare components for the VLB 200 are available here.

Before I bought them, I read many reviews, and I’m pleased with how sturdy and high-quality they are. Although assembly took longer than I had anticipated, the outcomes were perfect.

Moreover, I also want to suggest that you look at the installation guide and specification sheet on the manufacturer’s website on Amazon.

• Elegant style Isolation pads increase security
• Robustly constructed
• Large speakers can be held easily.
• Take much time in proper installation

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

This is still running strong after all these years since I purchased it. It served as assistance for several center channels. I would recommend these strong best Sonos soundbar mount that is adaptable and has outstanding wire management.

4. Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

My wall-mountable Signa S2 soundbar may be hung from my 54″ TV mount or bracket in the swing-arm configuration.

A soundbar installed on the wall would have appeared oddly offset since this TV is situated in the room’s corner. Owing to a height problem with the state light on the bottom of my TCL 55S401 TV, I chose not to utilize the two bars with many holes across.

The Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount may support a range of soundbars for TV mounts from several brands at different angles and positions.

Plus, they may be connected to the TV via several connection techniques, depending on the architecture of the TV and soundbar.

This Best Sonos Soundbar Mount works well. My TV had to be adjusted to suit the soundbar. I can reach the controls atop the soundbar with about an inch of headroom.

Only mounting bars with a hole on one end as well as a long slot on the other, were employed by me. The soundbar mount may be used to install flat or curved TVs as well as flat and convex soundbars weighing up to 14 lbs.

The mount allows you to fit properly based on your choice when securing the mounting hooks to the soundbar’s wall-mounting holes.

• Simple to install
• Improves the audio quality
• Provide positioning options for the speaker.
• Fantastic grip and sleek appearance
• The wall mounts’ ends might be shaky.

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

This soundbar mount performs well with various soundbars. We mounted our Yamaha soundbar to the wall mount for our TV from the bottom up. We have found what we were seeking ideally!

In addition, I was left with many things that I didn’t want, but I liked that the package came with so many choices. I would recommend this mount due to its excellent metal. This works flawlessly.

5. Amazon Basics Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket

Amazon Basics Universal Sound Bar TV Bracket

It is offered in Extension arms and comes in two sizes and three configurations. The speaker is covertly mounted to the TV bottom. Amazon basics soundbars have amazing engineering to build.

This sturdy metal bracket has movable knobs & nuts, and the design guarantees a secure, low-profile mounting. It has extension arms with several configuration options and can hold up to 22 lbs.

These mounts are excellent for the playroom, home theater, and bedroom. Moreover, it has various other rooms since the mounting place your speaker in the perfect position for evenly distributed, strong sound.

They offer a completely configurable design with dynamic locking functionality, two extension arms, as well as a variant of various options.

Both flat-panel TVs & curved TVs may be mounted with the AmazonBasics Universal SoundBar mount. For every conceivable form of mounting opportunity, the mounting brackets are provided with an extensive selection of hardware.

This was probably put together using whatever components they still had in their metal recycler. Does it operate? Yes, you can make it work, but be prepared to need to locate your own components.

They are also designed to enable the easy installation of a speaker acting as a sound bar on the bottom of any flat-screen TV.

This sturdy bracket offers a covert solution that harmonizes nicely with other media parts. They were large enough to accommodate two TVs despite their greatly differing sizes.

• Well-built, simple to install
• Durable and long-lasting construction
• Suits both tiny and big speaker bars well
• Installing might take some time.

Why do we Recommend this Mount?

I bought this item to put my Samsung sound bar under my wall-mounted, 40-inch Samsung TV. The bottom of my TV is a little rounded, so I first had to remove it from the wall mount to correctly fit the X standard sound bar mount towards the mounting kit part.

Although it took me over an hour to figure things out because of the aging of my Television and the sound bar I just bought, I seemed to have no trouble putting everything together.

Buying Guide for Best Sonos Soundbar Wall Mount

Let’s discuss all the technical terms in detail so you have enough idea about the product and wouldn’t act blank when purchasing one for your soundbar.

TV Location

Your TV must preferably be installed or set up for the most enjoyable viewing experience. If your TV screen is hung on the wall, you can position your Sonos soundbar either up or down.

In addition, if your TV has a moveable arm but wants the sound and image to come from the same direction. You’ll need one soundbar mount that can actually connect to it. 

Some soundbar mounts even let you connect your soundbar directly to the TV, even though audio purists recommend putting your soundbar four to six inches away from the tv for the best sounds.


Understand the installation procedure by researching the products that are offered online. While some goods require very little time to install, others may need additional assistance and take more time.

Purchase a new sound bar mount from a reputable vendor. Doing this will give you the maker’s guarantee, support, and maintenance.

Soundbar Sizes

To fit the speakers effortlessly, look for wall mounts compatible with their size. The capacity ranges of the various wall mounts on the market vary.

Setting up Wiring

There are additional considerations, such as wiring and setup. It might be much easier to wire it below the TV than above it.

Plus, you may almost always connect the soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth if the power cord is an issue.

Furthermore, you could place the soundbar on a cabinet rather than hanging it on the wall below the TV. If you put it above the TV, you must mount a sound bar on the wall.

Place & Built

The placement of the wall mount should be considered in advance. Some mounting bands are made to be mounted to the ceiling.

At the same time, others are made to be mounted to the wall. Some are ideal for concrete, while others are for drywall.

The wall mount’s sturdy construction guarantees increased safety and security. Make sure to purchase a product with such a robust body and long-lasting components.

Easy & Quick to Mount

The simplicity and speed of installation make Sonos soundbar mounts the finest. Nearly all the top Sonos soundbar mounts are simple to install and need little drilling.

Absolute Durability

If you utilize an excellent soundbar mount that is securely fastened to it, your soundbar won’t move, shake, or fall to the floor.

Make sure the soundbar mount you choose is constructed of sturdy material. Moreover, it can hold both your TV & soundbar by checking its weight capacity.

What is the best sonus soundbar wall mount?

Sonos Mount on Wall is the best sonus soundbar wall mount in this guide. The wide holes just on the back allow for a high degree of flexibility in the installation position. It perfectly aligns with the Sonos Beam, as planned.

The speaker may be mounted using two screws. It ought to be simple to implement in terms of mounting it. The Beam fits the base nicely, as well as the two screws and holes are magnetized to facilitate installation.

Final Words – Last but not least

In short, by bringing both up on the wall, the best Sonos soundbar mounts are the ideal solution to organize your home theater. 

These mounts place the best-fit Sonos soundbars underneath your Television wherever they belong & cover all of your wirings to give your set up a neat and organized appearance. Moreover, the Sonos soundbar needs to be installed properly. If you buy a sound bar, you aim to improve the sound quality.

Our Top Picks:

I would recommend the best pick among all is Sonos Wall Mount. These mounts are extremely budget-friendly and durable. The Beam fits perfectly on the base, and the two screws & holes are magnetic to ease installation. You can experience the improved sound quality of your system by connecting your home screen or big speakers to the wall mount.

We hope our detailed review of the Best Sonos Soundbar Mount will help you choose the best.  You’ll adore our specially made Sonos soundbar mounts, which are low profile and simple to position. 

The mounting of this bracket doesn’t involve any drilling, and it has a useful cutout that makes it simple to reach all of the connections on the Sonus Beam’s rear.

Happy shopping!

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