Is Dolby Atmos Soundbar Worth It?

If you have been in the market searching for a new soundbar, then you must have come across several soundbars with the Dolby Atmos support, and have wondered what is Dolby Atmos, and is it worth getting a soundbar with Dolby Atmos.

If it sounds familiar, then you have landed on the right blog post, as in this article, we have discussed the complete matter in detail.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump into the matter.

What is Dolby Atmos Soundbar?

What is Dolby Atmos Soundbar

As the name indicates, the Dolby Atmos soundbar is a type of audio format. It is a process in which the surround sound is recorded and reproduced in an enhanced way. The sound travels to the audience, not in the form of clusters rather in the form of individual and unique units of sound.  

The enhanced sound waves lead to better hearing, clearer cognition and the three-dimensional effect enables the listeners to enjoy the surround sound in a better way. 

Most surround sound would provide you with an audio channel from the front side and the sides of the speakers or your device, but with Atmos Dolby soundbar and its vertical height channel, the sound will travel to you through all three dimensions. 

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 How Does Dolby Atmos Work?

 How Does Dolby Atmos Work

Consider shouting from the top of a mountain and hearing your sound echoed back to you? As the sound bounces back through the mountains, the surround sound also enables the sound to have recoiled from the walls of your room.  

Most surround systems would make sure that the sound would rebound from all four walls of your room but the Atmos Dolby soundbar would allow the soundwaves to echo from the ceiling and the floor as well. 

While a normal surround system will be restricted to the use of a maximum of 7 channels, the Atmos Dolby soundbar would create an auditory environment that replicates the listening ability of that in the real-life experience. 

Until recently, the soundbars used a channel-based sound system which destined a path on which the sound would travel. Consider giving a direction or a runway on which the sound has to travel. That was before the introduction of an object-based sound system. 

In an object-based sound system, the sound can be made to travel in whichever direction one wants. If the sound was traveling in two dimensions before, with the help of the vertical distance, it is now traveling in a third direction making the experience a three-dimensional one. 

Different Versions

There are two versions of the Atmos Dolby soundbar. Version 2.1 has two speakers and relies on the virtualization of the sound. This means that the sound is two-dimensional but made to sound as three-dimensional. The second version is 5.1 which enables the three-dimensional surround system in reality with the use of vertical sound technology. 

The overhead surround system is a feature specific to the Atmos Dolby 5.1 soundbar which consists of five speakers placed in such a way that one is on each side and one is in the center. These are the ones inside the soundbar whereas there are two other speakers in the rear section.  

 This enables the sound to be dispersed in such a way that the sound is surrounded. The new technology in the Atmos Dolby soundbar relies on the concept of vertical sound and sound objects.  

The vertical sound enables the sound to travel in a latitudinal direction whereas the sound object ensures that sound is not considered as a wave but as an object. This procedure helps with the control and the movement of the audio at any given time. 

Is Dolby Atmos Soundbar Worth It?

Is it worth it to experience the sounds from a movie or a video to be as realistic as if you are there inside the television? Is it worth enjoying each ambient stem of the sounds from the chirping of the birds to the explosions of the vehicles? And the answer would be yes.  

Here are some features which make the Atmos Dolby soundbar an exceptional listening experience.   

1. Realistic Sonic Experience 

The Atmos Dolby soundbar enables you to experience a refreshing, clear, and life-like version of the audio which turns the living room into a cinematic auditorium. One could almost feel as if they are sitting near the beach or immersed in a song. 

2. Audio Depth

As discussed before, not only does the three-dimensional audio system add to a greater experience, it also increases the depth of the sound processed. Instead of the sound flow being circulated in the form of vectors, the sound is circulated as if it is in the air. A theatre right at your home will certainly improve the way you enjoy the audio system enormously. 

3. Clarity 

When the volume of the audio is increased beyond a certain level, the audio quality gets compromised. This is not the case when Atmos Dolby soundbar is concerned because this soundbar makes sure that the audio neither distorts nor causes an irritating buzz. 

The background cancelation also helps in reducing the background disruptions or the static cacophony while listening to audio. 

4. No Virtualization  

Virtualization is a process in which the two-dimensional sound system is copied several times to echo each other to cause an illusion of a three-dimensional experience. In Atmos Dolby soundbar, however, the vertical technology doesn’t cause an illusion but is an actual three-dimensional, object-based sound channel. 

5. Compatibility 

Atmos Dolby soundbar is compatible with most Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and HDMI cables. The content availability is also no issue through the Blu-ray and a specific range of movies and seasons. This feature is also available on select smart TVs and soundbars. 

6. Size 

The Atmos Dolby soundbar does not accommodate a lot of space which means it can easily fit into your lounge without disrupting the aesthetic look of the place or without adding clutter. 

Drawbacks of Using the Dolby Atmos

Drawbacks of Using the Dolby Atmos

While there are many nice features of the Atmos Dolby soundbar, there are some cons that need to be considered before making the purchase. There is a certain kind of coding required for the program to pass through the soundbar sound overhead and not all devices are built to process it.  

Secondly, the overhead sound cues have to be processed and coded before they could be used and not all content supports the feature of the overhead sound system. Not all receivers and processors are compatible with the Atmos Dolby soundbar, so one must consider the compatibility of their device before choosing the sound system.   

Last but not the least, the setup of the Atmos Dolby soundbar is complicated to set up and the overhead sound will not work properly if the ceiling of the room it is installed in is not flat. 

Another complication is that Atmos Dolby is not supported with specific soundbars which can be amended by the purchase of the premium version. Needless to say, the premium version can be expensive when compared to other sound systems.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Atmos Dolby soundbar occupy a lot of space?

No, it does not occupy a lot of space. 

Does the Atmos soundbar consist of a complicated coding system?

Yes, the overhead sound needs to be coded. 

Does the soundbar create a real-life, auditory experience?

Yes, the Atmos surround system provides a real-life, clear, and amazing auditory experience.  


Atmos Dolby soundbar is an excellent choice when it comes to a sound system. It is compact and it provides you with an auditory experience like no other.

It offers content in Blu-ray and its three-dimensional sound technology gives you the best audio response on screen time.

As long as the devices you own are compatible with the overhead sound system, the Atmos Dolby soundbar is completely worth it.  

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