How to Mount Soundbar to TV [Step-by-Step]

Soundbars are a fantastic way to enhance your audio experience at home. To make the most out of your soundbar, you might be thinking of the best ways to place it. Mounting the soundbar to TV takes the experience a bit further into perfection.

It gives you a more profound experience of combined visual and sound and is a very aesthetically pleasing look for your mini home theatre. If you wonder how you can mount a soundbar to TV, this article will help you out. This is not a very difficult task and can be finished quickly by yourself. 

How to Mount SoundBar To TV – Steps

The following is a step-wise guide to help you mount your soundbar to the TV. These steps are easy to perform and will most likely not require any professional help. 

Step 1: Get a Soundbar-To-TV Bracket

It would be best if you had a good quality and durable Soundbar to Tv Bracket. It is essential to buy a strong one. You can find these in electronic stores or even on online retail websites like Amazon. 

Make sure you go through the reviews of the product to buy the most trustworthy one. There are Soundbar to Tv Brackets for specific brands, but these are usually unnecessary since a general soundbar to TV Bracket would do the job equally well. 

Step 2: Remove Your Already Mounted TV From the Wall

If your TV is mounted to the wall already, you will need to remove it. This might seem like an added stress, but it is crucial to remove it. If you don’t have your TV on the wall, you need to mount it. For that, you will need to get a wall mounting bracket set up. 

The wall mounting bracket and soundbar mounting bracket will need the same holes. Hence it would help if you were careful where you place the wall mounting bracket. 

Step 3: Figure out how the brackets will lay together on the wall

First, you need to test the wall mount on the wall to determine the suitable holes to be used while mounting the TV. 

Then to determine the positioning of the brackets, Lay the Tv down and place the TV wall mount on top of it. Place the mount exactly how it would be placed while mounting the TV to the wall. 

Next, you need to figure out the holes in the soundbar bracket which you will be using. Place the soundbar bracket on top of the wall mounting bracket and mark the holes that will give the exact placement you are looking for. You might need to use the soundbar physically to determine the holes correctly. 

If you don’t leave enough space between the top of the soundbar and the bottom of the tv, it’ll be challenging to use the buttons on the soundbar. So make sure they have a substantial distance between them. 

Step 4: Attach the Wall Mount and soundbar bracket to the TV

You will need to use hardware that comes with the mount to do this. You need to make sure everything is in the correct place before attaching them. 

If the screws that came along with the mount are not fit enough for the structure, buy some other screws that are more suitable. The screws sometimes might be shorter than needed. Strictly avoid using any such screws that seem inadequate for the job. The screws need to be strong enough to hold your tv to the wall. 

When you attach the soundbar bracket to the TV, please test it out and make sure that the soundbar fits the brackets. If it does not, you need to re-consider laying out the bracket and wall mount. 

Step 5: Re-mount the TV on the wall

Now you can remount your TV on the wall. Do not try to remount your Tv with the soundbar attached. The additional weight might cause issues. 

Step 6: Place the Soundbar in the Bracket

You can now finally attach the soundbar to the bracket. Use the hardware that comes with the bracket correctly, and make sure it is being held safely. 

Make sure you can reach and use the buttons on the top of the soundbar. 


Mounting your Soundbar to TV might seem like a difficult task but it is easy. It is essential to clearly understand how to mount a soundbar to a TV before you get into it. This article states clear instructions to help you do this, along with explanations of each step. This will surely make your task easier. 

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