3 Ways to Connect Soundbar to Computer [Detailed]

Computers have become a part of our daily lives. We usualy spend hours sitting in front of them, either working or watching movies. But, one thing that always sucks is the sound of the computer. 

It’s neither too loud nor so bass-boosted. Especially when you’re using the built-in speakers of the monitor. Getting an external monitor can be the solution, but that creates a lot of mess due to having too many wires. 

Therefore, connecting a soundbar to your computer is the best option.because you can hear the highest-quality sound without using any wires or cords. You only need to connect it and you’re done. You may be wondering how to connect the soundbar to the computer.

This is what this piece of writing is going to be about. In this post, we’ll go into great detail about this subject.Please be careful to finish reading this text so you can properly learn everything.

Let’s move on to the subject without further hullabaloo.

Benefits of Using a Soundbar with your Computer:

Why do you need to use a soundbar with your computer is probably a query on your thoughts. Even some of you might already be aware of it while some of you would have been told to use it. 

So, let us tell you.It seems like a major headache, especially if you have to purchase a very long optical or 3.5mm connection that would eventually hang across the room.The answer is that laptops just offer a much wider range of alternatives than streaming services. 

A basic drawback of cable, streaming devices like Fire TV and Roku, and even smart TVs with all your favourite streaming apps built in is that they are closed ecosystems that only provide you access to options that they believe you will find useful.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, on what is likely the most expensive screen in your house thanks to the open sandbox that is a computer. You may use several windows, stream content from all of the aforementioned sources as well as just play files, conduct video chats, and more.

You need an audio solution to really enjoy the benefits of utilising a computer to liberate your home theatre, and connecting the computer to a soundbar is usually the quickest and easiest option. You must connect the soundbar to your computer in order to receive all of these advantages because laptop and computer speakers are just not designed to fill a room, let alone support a home theatre.

How to Connect Soundbar to Computer? – Methods

Fortunately, you have a few options for connecting your soundbar to your computer. Additionally, they are all simple to follow.We’re going to tell you all the methods step by step so you don’t hassle while applying them.

Connecting Soundbar to Computer via Bluetooth

Steps to connect the soundbar to computer via Bluetooth are as under:

Step 1: Turn on the Soundbar

Press the power button after inserting the batteries if the soundbar is battery-operated. If the soundbar needs electricity, connect the power cable to a wall outlet or power strip, then turn it on by pressing the power button.

Step 2: Open Paring Mode of the Soundbar

To make the soundbar discoverable by your PC, you typically need to push a button on the device. The exact procedures for doing this vary depending on the brand. For that reason, for steps specific to your model, consult the user guide for your soundbar.Some soundbars automatically enter pairing mode. So, see if the soundbar has started pairing from its own or not. 

Step 3: Launch Windows 10 Action Centre

It is the square chat bubble in the taskbar, which is frequently found below the time on the screen. Over the icon, there can be a little number.

Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth

Find the “Bluetooth” tile, which has a little icon that resembles a twisted bow tie. If the tile has a lighter colour and reads “Not Linked,” Bluetooth is already turned on (or displays the name of a connected device). Click the “Bluetooth” tile if it is dark in colour and says so to activate Bluetooth.

Step 5: Click Connect Option

Now, there will be an option of “Connect” in the centre of the window. Click on it. It has a speaker and computer screen icon. Right now, Windows will look for devices.

Step 6: When the Soundbar Appears, Click it

This links the soundbar and the PC. All audio will be directed to the soundbar once it is connected. Once connected, the speaker will instantly connect to your PC whenever it comes within range. Now, you can enjoy your songs on the base boosted sound of the Soundbar.

You can also check our detailed review on the Best Soundbar for Computer Monitor.

Connecting Soundbar to PC Using Optical Audio Cable

Steps to connect the soundbar to computer via optical cable are as under:

Step 1: Turn on the soundbar

Press the power button after inserting the batteries if the soundbar is battery-operated. If the soundbar needs electricity, connect the power cable to a wall outlet or power strip, then turn it on by pressing the power button.

Step 2: Insert the Cable

One Toslink cable end should be inserted into the soundbar.If your PC has a Toslink (sometimes referred to as optical audio) connector, you can utilise an optical audio connection to connect your soundbar to it. Typically, the port is identified as “TOSLINK” or “OPTICAL.”

Step 3: Insert Other End of the Cable

Place the Toslink cable’s other end into your Pc. Typically, the port is identified as “TOSLINK,” “OPTICAL,” or “DIGITAL AUDIO OUT.” It ought to be on the rear panel if you’re using a desktop PC. Your laptop is probably on one of the sides. Once connected, your PC will start sending audio to the soundbar.

Connecting Soundbar via AUX Cable

Steps to connect the soundbar to computer via AUX cable are as under:

Step 1: Turn on the Soundbar

You’ll proceed in the same manner as you did with the strategies outlined above.

Step 2: Plug the AUX Cable

Connect the AUX cable’s other end to the sound port on your computer. To use headphones, plug the 3.5mm jack into the port that has a small headphone icon on it. Typically, it can be found on the front of a desktop computer or on the side of a laptop’s keyboard.

Step 3: Insert Other End of the Cable in Soundbar

The port’s placement varies depending on the device, however, it is typically identified by the label “AUX.” As soon as the connection is established, Windows will begin playing music through the soundbar.


Connecting a soundbar to a computer is too easy if you follow the above mentioned steps. What most people do is they skip the main points and then, in the middle of the process, they complain that they couldn’t do the process well. 

For that reason, we urge you to read the article thoroughly and then start applying the method. It’ll be good for you,But, still, we’re always here for you whenever you need our help. If you have any questions, you can always talk to us through the comment section. We’d love to help you out.

How to Connect Soundbar to Computer

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