How to Reset Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker?

A Blackweb Bluetooth speaker may have some fluctuations sometimes and this issue can be rectified only when you perform a reset on it. For this you need to perform a certain set of steps that will enable you to work on these functions and then optimize your soundbar once more.

Just like a mobile phone requires a reset from time to time in the same way a soundbar also requires one when it shows some lagging or non respondents of commands.

This article talks about the steps to rest a Blackweb Bluetooth speaker:

How to Reset Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker? – Steps

  • First of all, power on the Blackweb speaker. To check whether the speaker is powered on or not you need to check the white light. The white light should flash on.
  • Then make sure the Bluetooth button on the speaker is on. If not, locate it on the speaker and press it on.
  • Then after the location of both the power button and the Bluetooth button on the speaker you need now to press both of them simultaneously.
  • Hold on the two buttons simultaneously for about 3-5 seconds and then release them.
  • Now, after the completion of STEP 4 you need to check the functioning of the speaker again. For this, turn on the Bluetooth button and connect it with your mobile device by turning on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone also and scanning for the speaker’s name. 
  • Then play any song or audio file from your mobile phone and try to hear whether the same sound is coming out of the speaker or not. Please look for the previous fluctuations also that were being delivered out of the speaker. 

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Is a Blackweb Speaker waterproof?

Yes, a BLACKWEB speaker is absolutely waterproof. It ahs a very high IPX7 rating which clearly indicates that it is a waterproof speaker. Also, the speaker has a very good battery backup. These features make up your speaker very popular and compatible. 

How do I know when my Bluetooth speaker is fully charged?

Just like in a laptop the white light continues to be on until the laptop is completely charged, the same is the case with a Bluetooth speaker. It has a continuous row of LED lights in its front section that start glowing up when the charger is connected and then continues to proceed further as the charging hour increases. When the charging is done then the LED lights are turned off and this indicates that the charging of the speaker is completed.


So, in case if the speaker is showing any irregularity in functioning you may reset it. It is similar to a reboot in a mobile phone and can also be used as a restart option. The speakers should remain in a noise-free environment.

If connected to a network, the network should be free from any fluctuations or threat hazards. There might be a battery low in the speakers also which may have caused it to work in an improper manner

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