Best 4.1 Soundbar (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2024)

Every audiophile deserves a great sound system to enjoy high-resolution audio, a delicate place to organize a home entertainment setup, and some digital platform subscriptions.

Not so dreamy, but we can cover the need for a reliable sound system by suggesting these best 4.1 soundbars that can be a game-changer for your music streaming.

Since soundbars have become integral to entertainment setups due to the increased consumption of online media streaming and gaming consoles, we had to cover this most-demanding channel configuration system.

List of the Best 4.1 channel soundbars are as under:

  • LG SJ8a 4.1 Soundbar
  • Samsung HW-A450 Soundbar
  • Sony HT-ST3 Soundbar

List of the Best 4.1 Soundbar in 2024

1. LG SJ8a 4.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer

LG SJ8a 4.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer

For those going to minimalism, the LG SJ8 makes an excellent choice. It’s a super-slim 4.1 soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth technology. It can deliver accurate, deep, and room-filling audio output.

The bar also features CTA Certified and 24-bit Upscaling for high-resolution audio output. The voice clarity is impeccable, with a dedicated center channel and adaptive sound control support that optimizes sound with content.

With HDMI, digital optical, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi support, including Google Cast, the SJ8 is reasonably well-connected and produces a powerful, slightly over-bassy sound.

However, the thing to be mindful of is that the LG SJ8 is wide-ranging, and it will look a little daffy sitting in front of TVs any lesser than 55-inches across the crosswise.

On the upside, it’s a subtle speaker, challenging, and looks pretty smart despite building quality. The top panel is brushed metal effect plastic, and the front is protected with a robust grille that wraps around each side, revealing a pair of sideways-firing inputs, one on each end.

It might be slim, but with 300W of peak power output, 130W kept for the bar, and 170W lashing the subwoofer, there’s sufficient power to fill even the main living rooms.

We tested it for movies, games, and pop music, and it did pretty well with mid and low frequencies. The soundbar produces a pleasantly crisp, comprehensive, and detailed sound, supported by oodles of bass as of the wireless subwoofer.

• 300 Watts
• Big speaker
• Ultra-slim
• subtle design
• Powerful sound
• Only one HDMI input

2. Samsung HW-A450 4.1ch Soundbar

Samsung HW-A450 ZA Soundbar

The Samsung HW-A450 soundbar looks very much like the Samsung HW-T450, except it seems more modern and conscious with sound clarity.

It has a four-sided design, with its front and top sides protected in a thin, slightly shiny fabric. Also, there’s black plastic all over the bar, but it doesn’t look cheap.

The Samsung HW-A450 is a bit extended, but it should fit amid the legs of most 55-inch TVs. Moreover, it shouldn’t opaque your screen view unless your TV sits flush with the table.

The wireless subwoofer is around the same size as regular woofers, with a lightweight profile. Since it connects to the bar wirelessly over Bluetooth, you can place it anywhere in your room, as long as it’s linked to a power source.

Samsung A450 soundbar has an outstanding stereo frequency response. Its default sound profile is unbiased, making it suitable for listening to different audio content. There’s a little additional boom in the bass range, too.

Game Mode enhanced sound for gaming, boost your gaming experience with flawlessly synced manoeuvring audio that moves with the on-screen action and crosstalk termination that minimizes interruptions.

Extra bass, superior sound, and Bass Boost give your playing bass an immediate push with the thrust of a button on the soundbar. Turn up the bass with a wireless sub, and enjoy listening to low-end notes with a tight punch.

Also, you can turn the soundbar into a home theater by connecting included rear speakers for more spacious sound, making it the perfect 4.1 soundbar to date.

• Graphic EQ and presets available.
• It can get loud.
• Game mode
• Bass boost
• Decent design
• Limited connectivity ports

3. Sony HT-ST3 4.1ch Soundbar

Sony HT-ST3 4.1ch Soundbar

Sony HT-ST3 is not an extraordinary soundbar from the entire collection of Sony soundbars, as they can produce great products. But this 4.1 system soundbar with an unusual body covered with stainless steel grille and a wired subwoofer primarily covers the bar’s job.

The slim and sleek black body produces surprisingly powerful sound as the front-facing drivers deliver a maximum power output of 35W each. The sound should be enough to entertain the audience in small to medium-sized rooms while maintaining clarity.

Dolby Digital decoding is a great addition that maximizes dialogue clarity and deals with sound delays, making the sound delivery catchier and more dimensional.

In addition, DTS format support bounces the sound for virtual audio listening, but it clearly struggles with surround sound. However, it did a great job when we tested it for gaming, and delivered the notes precisely with decent clarity.

The subwoofer mainly boosts bass when required but demands to pair with a soundbar using a stable wired connection. But it includes the downward-facing driver, which delivers absolutely thrilling bass to shake you with full intensity.

You can find connectivity ports on the subwoofer, containing two optical digitals, one audio input, 3 HDMI in, and one HDMI out for generous pairing. It also offers Bluetooth technology for smart device pairing.

Sony HT-ST3 may not be a premium addition to your home entertainment setup. Still, it can provide you with an upgraded audio quality version that TVs and typical speakers could not deliver yet. So, it is a win-win situation.

• Dolby Digital and DTS
• Excellent connectivity
• S-Force Pro
• High stereo dynamics
• Superior clarity
• Limited features for the money

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 4.1 soundbar?

LG SJ8a is the best 4.1 soundbar to date, with a wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth technology, and adaptive sound technology that automatically adjusts sound quality according to the content and ambiance. It is a CTA-Certified bar, which can produce high-resolution audio with great clarity and balanced bass.

What does 4.1 mean on a soundbar?

4.1 means the soundbar contains four channels and one subwoofer. Center channel mainly focuses on dialogue delivery, ensuring breathtaking clarity while isolating every vocal. The Left and right channels are for sound effects, ambiance, stereo sounds, and music.

How many watts is a 4.1 soundbar?

Watts usually describes the amplifier output. Usually, the 4.1 soundbar power consumption is 30W or 40W per channel.

Bottom Line

Choosing a soundbar for your home entertainment is not easy as it sounds, but the research should start with how many channels you want. Channel indicates the number of drivers and amplification your soundbar contains that work together to produce a sound.

A 4.1-channel soundbar can reproduce a premium-quality soundbar that stresses clarity, bass, tuning, rumble, and stereo dynamics. It can cover your TV watching, podcasting, casual music listening, or even party entertainment needs.

Thus, we have reviewed some best 4.1 channel soundbars to help you make the right decision.

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