Best Sony Soundbar Mount (Tested & Reviewed in 2024)

Are you interested in purchasing a soundbar but unsure where it should go in your home entertainment system or stand? Then a Sony soundbar mount is your only option. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you may easily mount your soundbar to the wall or the rear of your Lcd stand with this small piece of hardware.

William James, a senior employee from Sony Company, says that with the Best Sony Soundbar Mount, you can install it precisely beneath or above your Screen. Any television would benefit from having a soundbar. Here are a few of the top soundbar mounts on the market. We chose the top 5 from 34 Sony Mounts, and Mount It! is declared the greatest.

Best Sony Soundbar Mount in 2024

1. Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

Mount-It! Soundbar Mount

Most 32″ to 70″ TVs may be mounted using this Mount-It! Product. It can handle 33 lbs. therefore, it is uncomplicated to connect to the back of the soundbar. My 36-inch Vizio speaker bar can be supported by it without wobbling.

This Best Sony Soundbar Mount is made of high-strength steel.  Moreover, it is 2.5 mm thick, which aids in keeping the soundbar in place. I appreciate how open and accessible this safety net is because it doesn’t hinder the TV’s air vents.

It also doesn’t obstruct the connection ports for the TV or the soundbar. Finding the best fit for your Television is simple. Additionally, they are guaranteed to work with practically all TV brands on the market, thanks to the VESA bolt holes. We bought it since it was a cheap repair.

Curiously, this improves stability. The brackets are great value for the money because they come with a complete set of screws & spacers for multiple Tv size bolt sizes & lengths. This soundbar’s versatility in attaching to several TV wall mounts gives it a wide range of applications.

• No overly numerous connecting bars
• Flexible and durable construction
• This item is a sensible choice in terms of price.
• Difficulty properly installing it

Why do we Recommend it?

I’d suggest using this excellent sound bar mounting solution. I installed my Pioneer soundbar correctly by modifying my current wall mount. There are many of included bolts and studs.

2. Vogel’s SOUND 3550 Soundbar Mount

Vogel's SOUND 3550 soundbar mount

To watch Movies from each and every position without sacrificing sound quality, you need the Sound 3550. Use this sound bar bracket with our Vogel’s full rotation TV wall mount. The Vogel 3550 is readily adaptable to a variety of sizes & sound bar designs, including Bose, Sonos Beam, and Sonos Playbar.

This versatile sound bar mount is constructed with superior black aluminium and steel to add to its durability. Any sound bar up to 6,5 kg can be supported by the SOUND 3550 sound bar mount (14,3 lbs).

Without having to bolt them into the gadget, it can accommodate speakers that weigh up to 44 pounds. Offset screws that are 2.36 inches long are needed. They measure 1.97 inches in length. This Best Sony Soundbar Mount contains all the VLB 200’s dimensions and replacement parts. The speaker cable exit hole at the bottom is not pre-drilled or made.

 They are strong and of excellent quality, which I appreciate. The results are flawless, even though construction took a little longer than I had anticipated. Along with other subbrands, it supports all leading brands, including Sonos, Bose, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and Yamaha.

• Isolation cushions in a stylish design boost security
• Strong construction
• Prominent speakers are easily supported.
• Spend considerable attention on correct installation

Why do we Recommend it?

The SOUND 3550 may be easily modified to fit various sizes and sound bar designs, including Sonos Beam. I regretfully had to return them despite being happy with the quality for several reasons.

3. Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount

I may hang my 54″ Signa S2 soundbar from the wall “TV bracket or mount it with a swing-arm design.  This Screen is in the corner of the room, so a soundbar hanging on the wall might have looked awkwardly unbalanced. 

 It works nicely to use this Best Sony Soundbar Mount. The soundbar had to be modified to fit my TV. A lovely framework is created when it all comes together. Therefore, these brackets are quite helpful for my TV and soundbars.

Most 13-80 “Installing flat or curved TVs, along with flat & panoramic soundbars holding up to 14 lbs, is possible with the soundbar mount. Depending on your preference, the mount provides you with the choice to fit correctly.

A multitude of connection techniques may also be used to attach the TV and soundbar to the tv, according to their design. The Barkan Portable Sony Soundbar Mount may support some soundbars or Hdtv mounts from diverse works at different angles. The soundbar mount performs well. We fastened our Sony soundbar to the TV mounting bracket from the bottom up.

• Easy to install
• Enhances audio quality
• Superb grip and a stylish appearance
• The ends of the wall mounts can be flimsy.

Why do we Recommend it?

Circuitry that is no longer visible much of the hardware given, such as device bolts, nuts, & spacers in commonly used sizes, was helpful. So, due to the robust material, I would suggest it. It operates perfectly.

4. Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount

The ledge Sony soundbar wall mount can support up to 110 pounds of weight. The wall-mounted speakers are made of more robust constructed steel. It also gives you extra safety and assistance for a safe and valuable placement.

These Pyle Best Sony Soundbar Mount shelf speakers may be used with any speaker brand thanks to their adjustable and extensible bracket lengths. Its universal fit enables usage by both heavy and light speakers. I suggest buying extra screws in the case.

You can extend from the wall by 7″ to 11-1/2″, during which the moveable part will separate. As soon as I came upon a stud, my drill started to shred the screw. Wall mounts are quite durable.

Almost everything on the market was a good substitute, and if I hadn’t found this one, I would have had to remodel my cabinet. I’m so glad I came across this. I was looking for a solution to mount the enormous Klipsch RP-450C centre speaker behind my television.

• The best option for speakers with a medium-heavy voice
• Robust and trustworthy speaker brackets
• Stealthy and easy to install
• Without a wall mount design guide, fitting might be challenging.

Why do we Recommend it?

I wholeheartedly recommend this item! These L brackets for the middle channel are excellent.

5. Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount

Bose WB-120 Wall Mount Kit

The Bose WB-120 Wall mount can be put in many different ways, depending on your technology and preferences. This Best Sony Soundbar Mount’s first and only item that could have been improved is the directions given. The wall installation provides a rubber strip holding 3M adhesives. 

In fact, it is intended that it can be used with SoundTouch 120, Bose Solo 5, and CineMate 120 audio system sets. An acrylic paint cord mechanism is also incorporated to create a clean appearance with no apparent cabling from the loudspeaker to your connected HDTV.

Robust wall-mount of the highest calibre. Enables the Bose Solo 5 speaker to stand flush against the wall instead of tilting downwards as for other mounting solutions of the exact nature. The instructions provided have been the only aspect that could be improved.

All I wanted to do was leave this note. The speakers are OK on their own, but the pricing doesn’t even include the mounting hardware needed to hang them on the wall as in the product images. Beware.

• Being a single bracket, it is simple to install.
• Installation is made simple with a single bracket.
• High calibre and the perfect fit
• To stay longer, earplugs are required.

Why do we Recommend it?

That would frequently be overkill. It enables the Bose Solo 5 soundbar to sit flush against another wall instead of sloping downwards as with other similar mounting methods. The above wall mounts are quite sturdy and well-made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best sony soundbar mount?

Here are our Best Sony Soundbar Mount below:

  • Mount-It! Soundbar Mount
  • Vogel’s SOUND 3550 soundbar mount
  • Barkan Universal Soundbar Mount
  • Pyle Speaker Wall Mount
  • Bose WB-120 Wall-Mount

Can you wall mount a Sony sound bar?

Your Sony sound bar’s wall-mounted features match your TV’s shape. It’s also easy to connect. Then you may continue to enjoy your films, audio, and other activities.

Can you mount a Sony soundbar to TV?

Sony Soundbar clamps are VESA-compatible. They’re compatible with TVs, racks, and mounts. If the Television is already on its basic stand & VESA ports aren’t used, setup will be simple.

Final Words

We hope our detailed review of the Best Sony Soundbar Mount will help you a lot when choosing. 

Our Top Picks:

The Mount It! Sony Soundbar Mount is a remarkably universal part of the gear. Many mounting solutions are available that may best fitted for you. Nevertheless, Mount It! claims that one’s soundbar bracket performs remarkably well for corner installations.

Pyle Speaker Wall Mount: Compared to Echogear and Mount It!, the Pyle Speaker Wall Mount solution is more straightforward. Most soundbars are substantially lighter than the 110lbs that the Pyle Speaker Wall Clamps can support once installed.

We appreciate flexible choices like Mount It! because they allow you more flexibility when installing a soundbar. The Pyle option isn’t awful either, but you need to line them up precisely and ensure they’re where you want them to be because there’s no way to modify it.

Happy shopping!

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