ASC VS DTS – [Detailed-Comparison]

If you are looking for ASC vs. DTS, you are right. If you have been looking for a way to improve the quality of your audio on your computer, all you have to do is keep reading or a look at the two topics that are so similar and yet so different.

ASC and DTS are two terms that are sometimes misunderstood. They all aspire to do the same objective, but their differences distinguish them. ASC and DTS are two types of digital audio recording formats that are in use today.

ASC VS DTS Difference & Comparison

ASC and DTS are two different types of sound recording systems. ASC is a more traditional system that uses analog signals to record audio. DTS is a digital system that uses digital signals to store and playback audio.

The main difference between these two acronyms is that ASC can be used on any signal, including video, whereas DTS cannot be used on video signals.

The sort of data carried by ASC and DTS is also a distinction. ASCs have information in a binary format, while DTSs take data in an analog form.

ASC has been used for decades to reduce data size and improve sound quality in music production. DTS has been used to produce high-quality soundtracks without any perceptible loss in quality or length of video files in video production.

The layout of the two is what distinguishes them. ASC has its speakers in a circle, and DTS has them separated into two groups. DTS also has a subwoofer, which ASC does not have.

DTS is considered more advanced than ASC because of its layout and the subwoofer it comes with. The ASC compresses audio into smaller chunks, while DTS does not compress it.

What is ASC?

The 5.1 channel sound is automatically optimized via Auto Sound Calibration. In a Samsung Home-Theater system, each channel must be adjusted for audio quality on different functions based on the characteristics and placement of the speakers and the surrounding environment.

ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) Setup

You can utilize the ASC function to have the device automatically identify the distances among speakers’ channel levels or create higher ones while moving or installing the unit, resulting in a 5.1-channel sound field that is perfect for your surroundings.

To Ensure that the ASC is correct:

The ASC button should be pressed. The display will show the distance and level data for each channel.

  1. The ASC microphone should be plugged into the ASC input jack.
  2. Put the ASC microphone where you want to listen.
  3. Activate the ASC button.
  4. The following selections should be made to generate the best 5.1 channel sound field: L ➞ C ➞ R ➞ SR ➞ SL ➞ SW.
  5. Unplug the ASC microphone whenever the message REMOVE MIC shows in the display.
  6. To remove the ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) settings, click the ASC button. The test tone output ceases, and the message CANCEL ASC appears on the screen.
  7. To listen inside the ASC (Auto Sound Calibration) option, quickly hold the ASC button.

In the display, the selection rotates between ASC ON and ASC OFF.

  1.  If you choose “When you pick “ASC ON,” you will hear music in the ASC model.
  2.  If you choose “If you turn off ASC, you’ll hear the audio in the sound setup mode.

What is DTS? 

DTS stands for Digital Theater System, a digital audio system in cinemas. It enables movie theaters to play movies with high-quality surround sound.

DTS (Digital Theater Systems) was established in 1990 to fight with Dolby Labs for supremacy in surround sound. As Steven Spielberg chose DTS for his dinosaur adventure, the company earned its big break.

In 1996, DTS made its debut in commercial gear. Although DTS is not as well-known as its primary competitor, many purists feel that it provides better sound quality because it encodes audio at more excellent bit rates.

DTS (Digital Theater System Setup): 

  1. Link your Xbox to a DTS: X soundbar or a multi-channel home theater system first.
  2. Then, on your Xbox, go to the Microsoft Store and install the DTS sound controller app.
  3. Select DTS:X for home cinema as your bitstream codec in the Xbox system sound options once it’s installed.
  4. You are ready to go.
ASC VS DTS comparison infographic


Both ASC and DTS are popular when it comes to audio quality. If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your audio in general, then using either one of these formats is a good idea. You can convert your current audio files into either ASC or DTS format.

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