Best Soundbar for Samsung 55 Inch TV in 2022

A big size screen TVs deliver no less than a cinematic watching experience unless they could match their standard audio levels. Yes, movie or TV show lovers have been complaining about the Samsung TV built-in speakers that sometimes lack fine-tuning, clear vocals, or high volume levels.

If you are also one of those victims and recently got the 55-inch TV, we recommend investing in the best soundbar for Samsung 55-inch TV. The soundbars are made specially to enhance your music listening experience with room-filling sound, clear pronunciations, and rich bass.

The soundbar is a fantastic upgrade to TV built-in speakers, containing lots of speakers inside that have dedicated jobs to immerse you in the movies, games, and music. They are easy to connect with and offer lots of impressive features. However, you must do extensive research to choose the ideal product according to your requirements.

Here are the top-notch soundbars for Samsung 55-inch TVs. Please give it a read and decide for yourself.

List of the Best Soundbar for Samsung 55 Inch TV in 2022

1. Roku Smart Sound Bar

Roku Smart Sound Bar

The Roku Smart Soundbar mixes a 4K HDR Roku broadcasting setup with a reasonable soundbar to deliver excellent value if you want to stretch your budgeting as far as it will go.

A Roku player is built-in to the Roku Soundbar. It’s an entertainment powerhouse that crams half a media app into a speaker system. Add the best soundbar for a Samsung tv and a couch, and you’ve got a whole home theatre package.

The soundbar is 2.8 inches tall and 32 inches wide. However, if your TV is high off the table and has wide legs, you shouldn’t have any problems with the speaker obstructing your TV’s IR receiver. We believe the soundbar performs admirably for its value and appearance. It has no trouble filling a space with sound, no matter how small or large, and the volume does not crack or distort. It’s incredibly well-controlled throughout.

The soundbar comes with a remote and a built-in microphone that allows you to manage the volume, search for movies, and activate specific channels using voice commands.

You will receive all of the necessary wires for your soundbar. There’s a power port, HDMI 2.0a ARC audio return channel, a USB Type-A slot, and a reset settings button to the right. Hence, it is a decent upgrade to your existing sound system or TV speakers if you want to enjoy quality sound while watching your favorite content on TV.

• Very Heavy Bass and Sound
• Built-in 4K Roku player
• Voice control support
• Wireless pairing
• Limited soundstage
• No advanced sound effects

2. SAMSUNG HW-Q950A Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A Soundbar

Samsung’s HW-Q950A stands out with 16 distinct sound channels in a market flooded with new soundbars and home theatres. If your budget allows, the ideal soundbar for a Samsung 55-inch TV could be a Samsung due to its excellent compatibility and next-level synchronization capability.

The finest soundbar for a Samsung 55-inch television is more than a meter broad but slender, with plenty of room to slip beneath the display of the top televisions. Despite having a large 8-inch speaker, the subwoofer has a slim profile that allows it to be hidden down the side of a sofa. The backs are substantial but must be compact to fit on a shelf.

The main soundbar continues to be crammed to the brim with speakers. There are two more up-firing speakers, two firing to the side, and two further drivers firing onwards at an angle to deliver mid-side effects reproduced off your walls. They complement the dedicated front-centre, front-left, and front-right multichannel soundbar.

Dual HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, a visual digital audio input, and the now-mandatory WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility help it be the best soundbar for Samsung 55-inch tv. Moreover, the HW-new Q950A’s rear channels provide a world of possibilities. Samsung even includes compatibility for Tap View technology, which allows you to connect a compatible Samsung phone to the speaker.

They have an unintended side effect of making the rear soundstage feel more involved in the achievement. It emphasizes the tie 3D soundstage’s organization once more.

• Can play without lagging
• Amazing Sound Quality
• No distortions at max volume
• Loud and clear sound
• Wireless connection technology
• Off-color display

3. Sony HTX8500 Soundbar

Sony HTX8500

Most extremely highly Atmos soundbars will do their best to maintain table space under control, but the Sony HT-X8500 won’t require you to do so. It’s an upright mate for screens up to 49 inches wide, with a spread of only 89 cm. It’s thin and comfortable to sit in front of the biggest of them, but it can also be wall-mounted for added convenience.

The sonny 8500 demonstrates the ability to cast images to great heights and widths. It also has a reassuringly loud soundtrack. The bar’s power plant is self-motivated and fearless, with a power output of 320W. It’s loud enough to be heard in the communal living area. You were never compelled to go all out.

The HT-X85 is a slim, discreet, and stylish addition to your Tv and Can be considered the best soundbar for Samsung 55-inch tv. A nail head trims, speaker grille, and sub-woofer channels are distinctive design components on both sides.

Surrounding Engine in the Upright Position with Sony’s revolutionary surround sound technology, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos and DTS:X from a single thin component. Regardless of where you put it, cutting-edge DSP technology allows two front speakers to reproduce rich, filmic sound from all around you, including immediately behind you.

The Sony soundbar isn’t only the finest soundbar for Samsung 55-inch televisions; it also navigates the complicated home in a way that few will consider challenging to live with. Even though it’s merely a 2.1 system, Sony’s innovative DSP post-processing creating the surround sound effect, is astounding. The only downside we could look at in the product was the lack of WiFi support, and it is a huge disappointment at this price.

• All-in-one 2.1 design
• Perfect Movie Night Partner
• Easy Plug and Play
• No WiFi support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best soundbar for Samsung 55 inch TV?

Even though we want to add Sony HTX8500, Samsung HW-Q950 remains at the top, with a high channel configuration, Dolby Atmos, DTS, and other sound effects. It is the best soundbar for Samsung 55-inch so far, with all the features one would need in a sound system.

Why get a soundbar for Samsung 55-inch TV?

The modern TV collection having flat panels fails to make enough room for the latest and advanced audio technology; hence they can’t deliver high-resolution, crisp, and clear audio. It’s better to connect a soundbar to Samsung 55-inch TV and set up a mini home theatre with loud and sounding sound.

How to connect a soundbar to Samsung TV?

Connecting a media device to Samsung TV is a piece of cake. Grab an HDMI cable and insert it into the respective ports of both devices. You can also opt for an optical digital or Bluetooth connection. Besides, many soundbars like Samsung HW-Q950A support WiFi for online music streaming.

Bottom Line

Getting the same brand soundbar as your TV can be great for synchronization and connection, but Sony and Roku smart soundbar is no exception when it comes to reproducing high-definition audio.

We have added 3 best soundbars for Samsung 55-inch TVs that can be a game-changer for your music listening and deliver great acoustics when connected to a TV. Soundbars can take care of everything from loud music to clear spoken-word delivery.

So, sit back and enjoy high-quality cinematic sound in your comfort place!

Best Soundbar for Samsung 55 Inch TV

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