How to Fix LG Soundbar Bluetooth Lock Issue? [Step-by-Step]

LG Soundbars have an excellent feature of Bluetooth connection which allows us to connect it to any other device that also has a Bluetooth connectivity option. But, if we wish to prevent someone from having unauthorized access to your Bluetooth speaker, you can do this by using certain techniques. You can pursue this by using a security code or by switching off the device’s Bluetooth visibility.

Nowadays, Soundbars are also under a threat of networking threats and thus it becomes essential for a Soundbar to be safer. Also, most of the soundbars are Bluetooth enabled so this means that the Bluetooth connection of the soundbar should be well-protected.

This article gives you the steps using which you can set the lock of your LG Soundbar’s Bluetooth.

How to Fix LG Soundbar Bluetooth Lock Issue?

Lets discuss how to fix the LG soundbar Bluetooth lock issue with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: Pull ON Button

Switching Band on Router

First of all Power ON your Soundbar and check whether all buttons are flashing up light or not.

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

Enable a Bluetooth Connection in samsung subwoofer

Set the Soundbar’s function option to Bluetooth and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Remote Control Settings

Remote Control Settings

Take the LG remote control and press the “Auto Power On” button on your Soundbar for 2-3 seconds.

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Step 4: Check for the Soundbar’s Light

Once you are done with the above steps observe your Soundbar. The Soundbar’s light must have turned “Red“. This completes your task of locking your Bluetooth.

Step 5: Check for Optimization

Check for Optimization

Ensure that the Bluetooth lock operates uninterruptedly. Check-in by following the given steps:

  • Open up your mobile phone.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth option.
  • Now, scan for your soundbar.

It might happen that initially, the scan may show up on your device as it was initially connected but after a few minutes, the soundbar’s name might not be visible.

So, this completes your Bluetooth locking procedure. All these steps will disable your LG Soundbar’s Bluetooth ultimately and can be further viewed as a safe option to avoid unwanted and unauthorized connection to your Soundbar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I stop people from using my Bluetooth soundbar?

This task can be achieved in various ways. These include setting a security password for your device, preventing its visibility to others, regularly updating your software, and unpairing those devices that you feel is a little unsafe for a connection.

What can interrupt Bluetooth?

Disturbances like signals from wireless speakers, Wi-fi routers, and microwaves can disrupt your Bluetooth signals. Moreover, hindrances can occur due to poor connectivity due to longer distances as well.

How to make my Bluetooth speaker password protected?

To make your Bluetooth speaker password protected, just follow the given arrowheads:

Go to the Bluetooth settings>Go to BT PIN Code>Enter the code you want to have for your speaker>Then, press OK.

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Thus, it is a good step to lock your Bluetooth connection from foreign agencies so as to protect your system and network from unauthorized access and fraud. As lots of malpractices are happening online and within a joined network so, it becomes an essential thing to be network secure.

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