3 Ways to Connect LG Soundbar to Samsung TV

Connecting a soundbar to your tv is an excellent idea for a better entertainment experience at home. However, you might be wondering if this will work if the two are of different brands.

If you have a Samsung TV and an LG Soundbar and are looking to connect them, this article is for you. You might have questions about the pairing as if it can work or how you can go about joining them. This article will answer all your questions. 

Connect LG Soundbar To Samsung TV – Methods

These devices are perfectly compatible with each other. Here are some ways to connect your LG Soundbar to Samsung TV. 

1. Connecting via HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cables give the best audio quality. The transmission is quick, and the music is smooth. Along with this, HDMI can transmit both audio and video. Using HDMI cables is the best way to connect an LG Soundbar to Samsung TV. All you need to do is figure out the HDMI ports of both devices.

If you have trouble doing this, look up the instruction manual you received with the machines or download it from their websites. Use neat and un-damaged HDMI cables of approximately three feet. This length shall be adequate. Make sure the ports are clean and fix the wires firmly. 

2. Connecting via Optical Cable

Use Optical Cable

If you do not have HDMI cables, you can use the optical cable as well. These work just like HDMI, and you need to follow the same process as well. Although Optical cables might not give as quality sound as HDMI since they don’t support as many audio formats. These cables are a bit more expensive than HDMI as well. 

However, the good thing about Optical cable is that it is less prone to electronic interference. If you cannot use HDMI Cables, then optical cables are still a viable option. 

3. Connecting via Bluetooth

Enable a Bluetooth Connection in samsung subwoofer

If you do not wish to work with wires, connecting via Bluetooth is ideal. These steps will explain to you how to do so. 

  • On the Samsung TV, click on the ‘Home’ button and navigate to the Smart TV Control panel. 
  • In settings, select ‘sound’ and then choose output options
  • From the list of output options, select ‘Bluetooth speaker.’ 
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your LG Soundbar and set it on your tv. 

If the above steps are successful, your LG soundbar must be connected to the Samsung TV. 

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To Sum it Up

LG Soundbars work very well with Samsung TV. You might need to look through the settings for a while to connect these two, but they work perfectly alright together, and hence it is worth it. This article explains how to connect LG Soundbar to Samsung TV.

 The three ways are using HDMI Cables, Optical cables, and Bluetooth. We recommend using HDMI cables for connecting since they give the best audio quality without much transmission delay. But if this option does not work for you, using optical cable or Bluetooth works pretty well.

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