LG Sound Bar Bluetooth Not Pairing – Fixes

In this article we will simply discuss LG Sound Bar Bluetooth Not Pairing Issues and their solutions in detail.

Think about a scenario when you are playing your favorite song on your LG Soundbar, and suddenly if it gets interrupted in between, this becomes a nerve-wracking experience for you. It might happen that you may be using a wireless connection for your device which may fluctuate or ultimately stop working, but there can be remedies to this also.

This article tells you about some basic reasons to detect the fault with your device’s Bluetooth connectivity. Just have a look at these.

LG Sound Bar Bluetooth Not Pairing Issue

Lets discuss all the reasons and fixes in detail.

1. Distance Calculation 

You may have exceeded the Bluetooth range while setting up the connection. The distance between your Soundbar and the Wi-fi device might be large.

This problem is mainly caused due to a fact that Bluetooth ranges work within a certain level of boundaries and outside these boundaries, no connection is observed.

2. Glitch in settings

There may be some problems with the various settings of your Soundbar. The first one may be the switching off, of the ‘Bluetooth’ option.

Check for it by looking up the ‘Bluetooth’ button on your Soundbar, if it is giving light then it is confirmed that it is opened otherwise press hold the button to open it up.

3. Check for the ‘BT’ Mode 

Look for the ‘Sound Bar Function’. The Soundbar function should be set to ‘BT’ mode. If not, try making this connection possible by setting the ‘Sound Bar Function’ to BT mode.

4. More than one Device Connection 

Check for any connected Bluetooth connected devices with your Soundbar and if you find any immediately disconnect all these devices connected with your Soundbar. If this problem is not checked then this may cause problems in establishing new connections.

5. Operating System Lagging Down

There might be some lag in the working of the Operating System. It might happen that your OS might be performing dull. This can be rectified by rebooting your device again in order to have a smooth working again.

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6. Device Hidden Out

Sometimes, it happens that you may have switched off your Soundbar’s visibility option. This prevents your soundbar to pop up in the devices list when you scan for it. You might not have enabled the ‘Discoverable Mode’ of your device because of which it might be difficult for you to locate your Soundbar and hence, get it connected.

So, before reaching any conclusion be aware of the above-mentioned reasons. Try to reach the basic problem so that the big picture can be understood easily and then can be rectified at an early stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the F button on LG Soundbar?

The F button stands for the ‘Function’ button in your LG Soundbar remote control. It is helpful in controlling the audio outputs of different dimensions.

What is BT on LG Soundbar?

BT stands for ‘Bluetooth’ connection on an LG Soundbar. It is used while making a Bluetooth connection between the soundbar and a mobile phone through wireless connectivity.

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Your Soundbar’s most important requirement is to have a strong Bluetooth connection so that you may enjoy all the services uninterruptedly and by controlling all of them through your mobile phone.

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