VIZIO Subwoofer Not Working Issues & their Solutions

A subwoofer allows you to have the low-frequency response in your audio, so you can enjoy your music, and shows in full swing, and without the bass in the music, you cannot properly enjoy the sound.

If you are in a position in which your VIZIO subwoofer is not working, don’t get worried, as in this article we have compiled complete steps for fixing the subwoofer that is not working anymore.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter.

VIZIO Subwoofer Not Working – Fixes

Without a subwoofer, you cannot enjoy the throttle, and the low-frequency response, which is a critical factor in the sound. Fixing the subwoofer which is not pairing, or not working with the soundbar requires different steps. 

Below, we have provided you with all the steps that you need to follow to fix the VIZIO subwoofer not working issue.

1. Check the Power

Firstly, you will have to ensure that your subwoofer is connected to the power, and is turned on. Often, we make the mistake of not powering the soundbar and wonder why the soundbar is not working.

So, before moving into the crucial, and technical steps, you have to simply check the power connection. If the subwoofer is not turning on, then you need to check the power cable. If it is good, then move on to the next steps.

2. Reduce the Distance Between the Subwoofer & Soundbar

If there is a Bluetooth connection between the subwoofer and the soundbar, and you have placed the soundbar, and the subwoofer far away, both of these devices will surely not work, as the Bluetooth comes with a specific range, and after the devices get out of the range, it does not work.

So, you will need to assure the distance between the subwoofer, and the soundbar is not very far away. If it is so, then you need to get them closer to each other.

3. Unpair & Repair the Sound & the Subwoofer

Nextly, you need to unpair, and then repair the soundbar, and the subwoofer using Bluetooth connectivity. So, if there was an issue in the connectivity, it can be resolved by this simple trick.

Here are the Steps for Pairing the VIZIO Soundbar & Subwoofer Using Bluetooth:

  • First of all, you will need to reboot the soundbar and the subwoofer.
  • Afterward, press, and hold the pairing button on the subwoofer, until you see the lights flashing on the soundbar.
  • Similarly, you have to get the soundbar paired with the subwoofer. For this, there is a button on the soundbar remote, and on modern soundbars, you have to keep the power button pressed for 10 seconds until you get the lights on.

4. Factory Reset the Soundbar

If none of the methods work for you, then you will have to perform a hard reset on your soundbar. You can easily reset your VIZIO soundbar by following the below-given steps.

Here are the Steps for Resetting the VIZIO Soundbar:

  • In the first go, you will need to reboot the soundbar.
  • Now, press and hold the “Bluetooth” button, and the “Volume Down” on the soundbar, until you see the 12 LED lights flashing on the soundbar.
  • After the soundbar restarts, all the settings on the soundbar have been resetted.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is My VIZIO VHT 510 Subwoofer Not Pairing to the Soundbar?

Well, there can be a variety of reasons for this issue. This issue arises due to the long distance between the soundbar and the subwoofer, and laggy OS for a majority of the time.

Can Resetting Resolve the VIZIO Soundbar Not Pairing Issue?

Yes, resetting can resolve the VIZIO soundbar not pairing issue, as sometimes this issue arises due to a bug in the system.

Can I Use a VIZIO Subwoofer Without a Soundbar?

Yes, you can use a VIZIO subwoofer without a soundbar to enhance the bass on the system, but we don’t recommend it.

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There are times when our subwoofer stops working, and we need a quick fix to get the low-frequency response back in the game.

For such a situation, we have compiled this blog post, in which we have put together all the steps that you need to follow to get the VIZIO soundbar back in its working position.

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