Best LG Soundbar Review & Buying Guide 2022

Our best pick of the LG soundbars is chosen carefully, examining the expansive product line, from entry-level to the premium Dolby Atmos soundbars.

LG soundbars can give you a new perspective of an amusing listening experience with well-balanced tunes and clear audio performance. The soundbar integrates AI Sound Pro technology that detects the content type and customizes the sound production accordingly for perfect optimization.

Moreover, the connectivity options are wide enough to pair TV, smartphones, gaming consoles, and other smart devices at home. And, operating the soundbar is a piece of make, making the overall usage a worth-having experience.

Let’s explore the 7 best soundbars from LG that deliver the best multichannel surround sound experience at the best prices. Also, don’t forget to catch a mini buying for a brief discussion about the soundbar and its specs.

List of the Best LG Soundbar in 2022

1. LG SN6Y Soundbar

LG SN6Y Sound Bar

LG SN6Y is a universal soundbar for mixed usage with a 3.1 channel configuration and wireless subwoofer. The mid-range soundbar gets loud without giving the feel of compressions. Also, the center channel produces clear spoken words, making every dialogue delivery clear enough to understand.

The soundbar has a sophisticated profile with a metallic grill at the front, covering all the drivers in style. Besides, the subwoofer is traditional in a wooden box, comprising a compelling driver for rich bass performance. The soundbar is 41.7-inches wide, so think again if you ever plan to adjust it between the legs of a 50-55-inches TV.

Irrespective of the basic features of no Atmos support, it is still the best LG soundbar to date for its high-resolution and clear voice. It features a voice enhancement function that isolates the spoken word until you hear it clearly. It also delivers a decent stereo frequency response with a high extension of 19.6KHz.

The connectivity is limited to Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, USB, and HDMI-In port. Multiple EQ presets for sound customization are key points attracting audiophiles who want a reasonable upgrade to their TV speakers for an immersive watching experience.

• EQ presets
• Clear dialogue delivery
• Gets loud without distortion
• Blue tooth music streaming
• Treble and bass adjustments
• No Atmos

2. LG SN5Y Soundbar

LG SN5Y Sound Bar

LGG SN5Y is a 2.1 channel soundbar that produces loud and detailed sound with a maximum power output of 400W. It houses full-range drivers that keep you entertained with high notes and clear vocal responses for the top-notch experience. Besides, the wireless subwoofer delivers big and heavy bass to keep you engaged throughout pop and classical music.

You can count on the soundbar for smooth pairing with your TV and smartphones via Bluetooth, HDMI, optical digital, and USB 2.0 input ports. It is one of the affordable smart soundbars of LG that offers voice-control support with a handy remote control to make it functional.

Lack of Atmos was a shame, but Dolby Digital and DTS decoding enriches the sound delivery and make it high definition for the different type of content. It also comes with multiple EQ presets for sound customization that mixes with earth-shattering audio delivery to make the soundbar the best among rivals. Besides presets, LG AI Pro technology automatically adapts the content and optimizes the sound accordingly for a better experience. Hence, it is a great soundbar whether you want to catch up on Netflix shows or listen to podcasts or E-Books.

• LG Sound AI Pro
• EQ Presets
• DTS and Dolby Digital decoding
• Rich bass with wireless subwoofer
• Voice control and app support for controlling
• Powerful speakers produce 400W audio
• Lack of Atmos

3. LG SJ2 Soundbar

LG SJ2 Soundbar

LG SJ2 is an entry-level basic soundbar to upgrade your TV speakers and enjoy quality sound to stream various content. With a channel configuration of 2.1 and a wireless subwoofer, the soundbar can go beyond its capabilities to produce rich and high-resolution audio.

It may not offer any advanced audio-sensitive functions, but the clear vocal projection and Dolby Digital technology to expand the sound are enough at this price. Besides, it has an aesthetic yet sophisticated appearance with a plastic body in black. Also, anyone rarely notices the subwoofer until it punches booming bass to enhance the music streaming experience.

It comes with basic sound customization functions and Bluetooth connectivity to experience quality time with rich music. It produces every spoken word clearly even without a dedicated center channel. And the treble and bass adjustment options are also noticeable. Moreover, controlling the soundbar with remote control has never been easy. The remote has all the necessary buttons at the front with an easy grip for comfortable usage.

Hence, the LG SJ2 is a great soundbar for mixed usage, except for the lack of advanced features and audio decoding that could expand the soundstage for a cinematic experience.

• Loud and clear sound
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Built-in subwoofer
• Booming and detailed bass
• Included remote control
• No audio decoding formats

4. LG SP8YA Soundbar

LG SP8YA 3.1.2CH Sound Bar

It s the best buy mid-range soundbar with a 3.1.2 channel system, external subwoofer, and wireless connectivity. It is the updated version of the last premium soundbar of LG with more EQ presets and impressive functions to improve your listening experience. The integrated technology in the bar sync with the LG TV speakers perfectly to match the content with sound and deliver perfect audio.

That’s’ not it; its AI room calibration function adjusts the sound production according to the room characteristic to make the listener more engaged in the content. Besides, the wireless subwoofer adds an extra bump with an earth-shattering and thundering sound that keeps everyone in the room awake. It also supports Dolby Atmos to make the sound multi-dimensional for the crowded get-togethers and gaming sessions.

Moreover, the dedicated center channel improves the dialogue performance by making everything sound clear and on-point. It also has a decent stereo soundstage performance and great stereo dynamic performance that makes the sound loud without any compressions. In addition, setting up the best LG soundbar is seamless with lots of connectivity inputs and Bluetooth. It is a smart soundbar without voice control support, but the rest of the functions and adjustment options are mind-blowing for the mid-range soundbar.

• Dolby Atmos and DTS
• Great stereo dynamic response
• Wired and wireless connectivity
• Clear and rich dialogue delivery
• Thundering bass
• None

5. LG SPD75A Soundbar

LG SPD75A Soundbar

LG never disappoints listeners irrespective of their soundbar category. You can count on the LG soundbar for high-definition audio with clarity and booming pitch tones irrespective of the content you play. It makes every content worth watching by optimizing the sound with built-in AI pro-technology.

LG SPD75A is another flower to the huge soundbar garden of the brand with a 3.1.2 channel system that comprises full-range drivers with heigh-channels, a dedicated center channel, tweeter, and woofer. The maximum power output of this channel configuration is around 400W, which should be enough to entertain a room full of people.

Luckily, the heigh speakers are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X certified, which adds a little more crispiness to the sound delivery. Atmos promises to give a punch to sound and make it bounce off the ceiling, so the audio reaches every corner of the room and creates a stunning virtual surround sound stage. Moreover, the sleek design of soundbar is designed to blend with every room environment while complementing the décor.

You will also enjoy different sound modes that automatically adjust the audio production and quality according to the content. You can pair the soundbar with external devices via HDMI, USB, optical digital, and Bluetooth. Also, managing the device is not challenging with a Magic Remote. Hence, we can assume that this best LG soundbar can be your go-to device for music, podcast, or E-Book listening, but the must-have for TV watching.

• Clear and consistent sound with LG AI Processor
• Stylish design
• Powerful and moving audio with DTS and Atmos
• 4K and HDR passthrough
• Wireless music streaming capability
• None

6. LG SP7Y Soundbar

LG SP7Y Sound Bar

Last but not least, LG SP7Y is a premium add-on in our best LG soundbar list for its high channel configuration, smart features, and exceptionally pleasing appearance. It comes with plain texture in black finishing that gives stunning vibes while mounting on the wall. Also, the subwoofer stands confidently and delivers thunder yet weighty bass irrespective of setting it at any sweet spot.

It is a feature-rich soundbar with Bluetooth 4.0 and USB playback support. It delivers high-resolution audio of up to 24bit/96kHz frequency response which goes multi-dimensional and delivers virtual surround sound with DTS: X.

In addition, different sound modes, including cinema, music, game, sports, and bass blast, customize the sound quality and can be easily manageable via a smartphone-compatible app and remote control.

It is a 5.1.2 channel system with a power output of 400W and a dedicated center channel for dialogue enhancement. Nighttime Mode and Auto Volume leveler are the Godsend functions that soften the sound, especially the commercials and annoying background sound, making it bearable to hear.

• Wireless active subwoofer
• Wired and wireless stable connections
• Wide soundstage with thundering sound performance
• Multiple sound modes
• DTS, Digital and AI Sound Pro
• None
Best LG Soundbar infographic

Best LG Soundbar Buying Guide 2022

Undoubtedly, LG soundbars are great, but your experience depends on the model you choose and the specs you prefer to have. One can only have a great experience with a product once it matches their needs and requirements, so the first rule of buying any soundbar is knowing why you want it. Later, you can bother about the factors, specs, design, budget, and other relative elements.

Let’s see what one should think before stepping into the market for LG soundbar shopping.


Setting a budget is always a sensible idea before going soundbar shopping. Since LG manufactures handsome, slim, smart, and elegant soundbars, it gets hard to stop getting all of them. Besides, the price tag is a real deal-breaker. You can find premium soundbars within an excellent budget range but having a certain idea in mind can give you a direction.

You won’t find yourself spending blindly on the specs that you’d rarely use. So, start with setting a budget.

Soundbar Design

All the soundbars mentioned above would complement your home décor because the elegant design and thoughtfully built material go a long way. Whether you put it on the furniture or mount it on the wall, its aesthetics throws charming vibes in the room.

However, it is better to take a rough estimate of your TV’s leg distance and height, so if you place it under the TV, it won’t disturb its functionality.

Nighttime Mode

Do you also love playing games at night or catching up to your favorite music at peace? Well, we also do. But loud music and deep subwoofer performance can disturb neighbors, which can be annoying.

Thanks to the LG TV’s night mode feature, you can never compromise on your sound listening sessions with loud music and weighty bass. The mode softens the sound profile, elevates the volume according to the environment, and customizes tunes not to feel like you are listening with limitations.

Also, the mode is manageable via a button on the remote control for quick and easy access.

Audio Formats/Sound Effects

LG soundbars enhance your audio listening experience with different sound effects, making the audio richer and more detailed to match the content. In addition, the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are premium add-ons that maximize the power output, ensure the 3D sound effect, make it more virtual to feel from every direction, and minimize the distortions.

We have added soundbars with Atmos and DTS compatibility so that you can get and enjoy more realistic, high-resolution, and powerful sound for your next gaming and music streaming sessions.

Easy Controlling

LG soundbars feature a user-friendly interface to make the device house-oriented and flexible. The soundbar comes with a handy, magic remote control with a comfortable grip and multiple dedicated buttons at the top.

You can also get voice-activated technology in the high-end bars that work with your voice command. They make the usage easier and more comfortable and make the device perfect for crowded parties, movie nights, and gaming protocols.

Bottom Line

All the soundbars are designed to bring entertainment in the house, whether you play games, watch shows, or listen to casual music. The soundbar elevates the sound performance and makes it according to the content, environment, and taste preference with the different sound effects.

LG soundbar is a smart choice for houses because it has an attractive design, reasonable audio quality, and affordable prices. The integrated technology makes a huge difference and enhances the power output for the thrilling acoustic experience.

Hence, LG soundbars are worth making a deal for your next parties, movie nights, and gaming sessions.

Best LG Soundbar Review

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