Best Settings for Bose Soundbar 500 [Complete-Settings]

BOSE Soundbar 500 comes with amazing sound quality that makes it different from other soundbars. If it is enabled with its equalizer settings then its performance is supplemented by manifolds. Set the bass and treble settings according to the normal standards to get maximum output in the form of a wonderful sound.

Always remember the fundamental rule that to have a good quality sound output from your Soundbar; the treble should be more than the bass.

Best Settings for Bose Soundbar 500

Lets discuss all the settings in detail.

1. The Best Setting for Bass and Treble

Equalizer frequency should be set up at 500-550 Hz with other frequencies at their flat values. Flat values of sound are actually those values that define the sound when it was originally created without any major subtraction or addition.

Most soundbars nowadays are bestowed with the feature of having a particular mode to enable the best settings.

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2. Check out Treble & Bass Settings on your Soundbar’s Application

Just in case if you have an application of your Soundbar, search for the best ratio to give out the perfect sound combination between the bass and treble by adjusting the various parameters.

Some advanced applications even provide you with frequency sheets to help you get an idea of the various ranges of both the bass and treble which indeed helps you to set an optimum ratio for your soundbar.

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Specific Settings For Bose 500 Soundbar

Specific Settings For Bose 500 Soundbar

Just optimize your soundbar at the below-mentioned settings:

  • Bass and Treble: The bass should be set at 40 and the treble should be set at 50.
  • The Center: Set the center at 30. 
  • Lower and Higher frequency: These settings are very crucial for your Soundbar. Go for the user manual before setting them up. The lower frequency should be at 450 Hz and the higher frequency should be at 500 Hz.
  • Bass Module Range: The base module range should be set at 40. 
  • Leave Gear: The leave gear should be set on 100.
  • Volume settings: The volume should be set at 30% of the maximum range. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where should I place my BOSE 500 Subwoofer?

The placement of the subwoofer should be on the floor and most probably in between the speakers. The electrical socket should be nearby to it, if the socket is very far off the subwoofer might get displaced from its original position and the output sound may be disrupted.

How many speakers does a BOSE 500 Soundbar have?

It has two speakers mainly the Amazon Alexa and an inbuilt microphone alongwith a BOSE MUSIC APP to have the sound controls.

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In a nutshell, the purpose of settings the bass and treble settings to the most optimum values is to have a better sound experience that is neither too damp nor too light. Carefully read the user manual before setting up anything.

The bass and treble should be properly adjusted and abrupt sudden changes in values of different parameters should be avoided.

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