How to Reset Bose Home Speaker 500 [Step-by-Step]

An ideal musical night is incomplete without a good quality soundbar. In today’s market, there are various soundbar brands that happen to cater to our high musical needs. A BOSE 500 Soundbar is just amazing in every aspect.

It not only has good characteristics but also has a brilliant look which resembles a small bag-pack. But try to imagine a situation when suddenly your soundbar gets interrupted in between and this issue gets on your nerves.

Yes, this is what happens when our soundbar gets interrupted and we find ourselves having got stuck in a maze.

This article talks about the steps to reset your soundbar when suddenly such a situation occurs in front of you out of nowhere. 

How to Reset Bose Home Speaker 500

Actually, a ‘Reset’ optimizes your operating system to its original settings so that booting may take place once again with a better loading of the Operating system.

Below, are some steps that you can follow up to reset your soundbar:

  1. Check for the status of your BOSE Soundbar 500.
  2. If the soundbar is ON you need to ensure that it is switched off.
  3. To switch off your Soundbar, locate the ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ button on your soundbar. Once, you get it just press it for about 3-4 seconds.
  4. You will notice that the soundbar’s light is put off, suddenly.
  5. This shows that your soundbar is now powered ‘OFF’.
  6. This step is a crucial one. Now, locate the power card slot on your soundbar. Mainly it is present at the back of the soundbar. Once you get your soundbar’s power card slot you need to remove the card gently.
  7. Remove the power card gently and hold it with yourself for about 30 seconds.
  8. Now, reinsert the power cord into the power card slot, very carefully.
  9. Once you have inserted the power cord in the power card slot the soundbar’s light will glow again white and then it will stop, once the resetting of the operating system in the soundbar’s memory is completed.

After the completion of STEP 9, the reset process of the BOSE Soundbar 500 is completed. Remember to plug in and out the ‘POWER CARD’ gently so that it may not break or get scratched out during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a red light on my BOSE Soundbar 500 mean?

The red light on the BOSE Soundbar 500 signifies that the soundbar is charging itself up

What does a white light mean on a BOSE 500 Soundbar?

A white light on your BOSE 500 Soundbar signifies your soundbar’s connection to a network which may be a Wi-fi network or a Bluetooth network.


Thus, a BOSE Soundbar 500 is very useful for us in playing our high-end audio and videos. So, if any problem persists with it immediately perform the reset operation after carefully analyzing the whole issue.

It might be that if your soundbar is in connection with some network or another device then any disruption in the network may also reflect back in the soundbar’s working. So, please ensure an uninterrupted network supply to the soundbar.

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