How to Turn On Bose Solo 5 without Remote?

Like their Solo 5 Soundbar, Bose products do not come with power on and power off buttons on the device itself. A remote can only carry out these operations. This can be problematic at times, especially if your remote is not working.

 If you cannot turn them on or off by the remote, this can be a very frustrating issue. Your remote is probably not working for some reason, or it is lost. To still be able to somehow turn on the soundbar can be a little tricky. This article talks about how to turn on Bose Solo 5 Without a remote. 

How to Turn On Bose Solo 5 Without Remote – Solutions

Your remote control is probably not working, or you have lost it. Let us see what we can possibly do in these situations. 

1. Remote Control is Not Working

If your Bose Solo 5 remote control is not working, you can try the following tricks. 

2. Replace the Batteries

This might be the apparent first fix. Usually, the batteries last around ten months but consider changing them and trying again even if it’s been lesser than that. Make sure the batteries you are using have not been used on any previous device for added surety. 

3. Connect Soundbar to Outlet

It would help if you connected the soundbar to an outlet that is working. Use the outlet that you know is undoubtedly in good working condition. It’ll be good if you plug a surge protector in the outlet and then check. 

If your soundbar is not working even after being connected to another output, it could be a hardware issue in the soundbar itself. In this case, you should contact a company professional to help you. You can get your Bose Solo 5 replaced as well if it falls under the warranty period. 

4. Check the Cables

Make sure that the cable has both of its ends appropriately connected. It would be best if you also made sure that the cables are in good condition. If you notice any damage, replace the cables. 

Please make sure the cables are clean since dust on them can prevent you from catching the damage. Also, make sure that the ports and clean and dust-free. Damaged cables are a prevalent cause for devices not working. Checking into cables resolves the issue for most users. 

5. Check the Remote With Other Devices 

If you have other similar devices that the Bose Solo 5 remote works with, try it on them. Try it with the other Bose products that you might have. If your remote is not working with any of the devices, it is the cause. If the warranty period for the remote is still on, then you can get it replaced.

 If you cannot get it replaced anymore, you will need to get a new one, or you try the hacks given below as well

If your remote is lost, you either need to get a new Bose Solo 5 remote or try the below methods. 

6. Program your own Bose Solo 5 Remote

Many videos and blogs online can teach you how to program your own Bose Solo 5 remote. This might seem complicated and tricky, but you can pretty much program your own remote for any Bose speaker and soundbar. If this seems tough for you, and you do not want to buy a new remote, you can also get it done by someone else. 

7. Using Universal Remote to Turn on Bose Solo 5

If you have a Universal remote at home, you can try using it on your Bose Solo 5. If you do have one, you might need or get it. Universal remotes work for all devices and are easy to use as well. 

This is the best way you can operate your Bose Solo 5 without its original remote. Make sure the batteries of this remote are working. If you have not used your universal remote for a long time, replace the batteries and try again. 

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Bose speakers and soundbars can only be turned on or off using their remotes since the devices do not have these buttons. If your remote is not working, it might be challenging to figure out what other methods you can try.

This article explains how to turn on Bose Solo 5 without a remote. If none of these methods work for you, consider reaching out to a professional for help or getting your devices replaced.

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