VIZIO Soundbar Remote Not Working Issue [Fixes]

Has your Vizio soundbar remote suddenly stopped working and going to a mechanic is a long and tiresome process. You need not worry most of the time Vizio remotes can be repaired by some lightweight troubleshooting and in this article, we will discuss those in detail.

Why My VIZIO Soundbar Remote Not Working?

Vizio is one of the best-selling brands both in the US and worldwide. They are known for their affordable budget-friendly appliances which do not let their lowered prices affect their quality and durability. Having partnered with a variety of big-ticket brands such as Panasonic, LG, and Sony the brand is both reliable and trustworthy with a very impressive price to performance ratio.

One of the most frequently asked queries on their customer support helpline is how to fix a Vizio soundbar remote that has stopped working. So before you need to run to a professional to get the remote fixed, here are a few easy things you can do which may make your remote start working again. 

Vizio Soundbar Not Working Issues & Fixes 

Vizio soundbar remote not working is a very common issue and can be easily solved just by some minor troubleshooting. A sequential list of what you should do is given below. If none of these methods work for you then the problem with your remote is clearly internal and needs some professional help.

1. Check Line of Sight 

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the line of sight is between the remote and soundbar is clear. Because infrared sensors are used between the remote and soundbar. The remote sends signals in the form of infrared rays and the IR sensors present in the Soundbar sense those signals.

So any object blocking the line of sight between the two would lead to interference which in turn would not allow the signal to transmit. There should be at least a 10 feet gap between the soundbar and the remote.

2. Power Cycle the Remote 

The power cycle of the remote is the process where we take out the batteries to check if there is anything stuck in the buttons and press down the buttons and then after about 3 mins place the batteries back in the case and check if it’s working.

The power cycle is a good method to solve any software conflict as it causes all the services to reboot, thus solving all forms of minor internal conflict.

3. Battery Replacement 

If both the above methods don’t work then we can assume that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. A regular remote for a TV or any other appliance usually use AA or AAA batteries but Vizio soundbars use CR2025 batteries.

You also need to be careful while replacing the batteries as they should be the exact same model otherwise the device may be damaged forever.

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4. Check for Bluetooth Applications

Like most modern soundbars Vizio soundbars too come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity which allows the device to connect to other devices but as a downside compatibility issues are not uncommon with such devices.

Where different streaming sites such as Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora lead to buttons such as the back button not working and the uncontrolled content streaming to the soundbar.

5. Power Cycle the Soundbar

Repeat the same power cycle process that you applied on the remote where you take out the batteries, press down all the buttons of the battery sockets exactly twice and then replace the batteries in their sockets after about 3 minutes.

Usually, this is the step by which almost all the faulty remotes start working and if they don’t that usually points to a more deep-seated software or hardware issue and can be taken to a mechanic or run through a quick software update.

6. Replacing the Remote

If all the above steps fail then the best thing would be þo replace the remote. You can use a remote from another Vizio Device or you can buy a new Vizio remote but before that, it would be better to get your remote checked and if you are within the warranty period then having the problematic parts get repaired may also be a great idea.


It can be frustrating when your soundbar remote doesn’t work. However, it doesn’t have to be haphazard either. Some easy fixes can help you get going with the smooth operation of your remote again. Moreover, if nothing helps, you can always get a new remote.

We hope these fixes were helpful and something worked out for you. Happy Streaming!

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