How to Reset Polk Soundbar [Step-by-Step]

There is no doubt about the sound quality of the Polk soundbars, it’s just magical. But, just like every other electronics appliance in the world, the Polk soundbars are prone to malfunctioning.

Often the problem is very minor, and you can easily get rid of it by resetting the Polk soundbar. Unlike the other appliances, resetting the soundbar can be tricky as there are various commands that you need to follow to reset a soundbar.

Thus, we have compiled this step-by-step guide, in which we have put together the complete method for resetting the Polk soundbar easily.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the procedure.

How to Reset Polk Soundbar – Steps

Resetting the soundbar can get you rid of a lot of problems like when your Polk soundbar starts blinking lights, or when the Polk soundbar keeps turning off. Also, when you have messed up with the equalizer of the soundbar, and there is some issue, you can reset it to get the issue fixed.

Also, sometimes there is malfunctioning in the software of the soundbar, which can also be cured by doing a hard reset. In short, you can get rid of a lot of problems by simply resetting your soundbar.

A lot of people think that resetting a Polk soundbar is a very complicated process, which isn’t the case.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to easily carry out a hard reset on the Polk soundbar:

Step 1: Restart the Soundbar

Resetting the Soundbar

First of all, you will have to restart the soundbar. Often people skip this process and wonder why is their Polk soundbar not getting reset. So, press the power-off button on your soundbar, and wait for at least 10 seconds. Now press the power button on the soundbar to get the soundbar on again.

Step 2: Press the Buttons

Press the Buttons

When the soundbar turns on back again, wait for at least 10 seconds, and then press, and hold the “Volume Mute”, and the “Volume Down” buttons on the soundbar for about 10-15 seconds, and release the buttons when you see the lights on the soundbar flash.

Now, your soundbar should turn-on on its own, and you should have all the factory settings cleared on your soundbar.

Benefits of Resetting the Polk Soundbar

There are many benefits that you can get by resetting a soundbar, as you don’t have to get a repair carried out or wait extensively for the warranty claims. Below, we have compiled all the benefits that you can get by resetting a soundbar at your home.

  • If your soundbar gets turned off on its own, and the issue is caused by the software, then by resetting the Polk soundbar, you can easily get rid of this issue.
  • In case your Polk soundbar turns on the white lights, and there is no sound coming off the soundbar, you can also resolve this issue by resetting the soundbar.
  • Another common issue that most of the soundbar users face is the poor configuration of the soundbar equalizer, and the good news here is that, by doing a hard factory reset, you can get the factory sound settings back.

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Drawbacks of Resetting the Polk Soundbar

Everything comes with some sort of strings attached, and resetting the Polk soundbar is no different. By resetting the soundbar, you lose hold of all your preferred settings. So, before carrying a har reset on your soundbar, you will have to keep in mind that, you can lose all of your data by resetting it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Resetting the Soundbar Resolve All the Issues?

Well, resetting a soundbar does not necessarily resolve all of your issues. However, it resolves all your software-related issues the majority of the time. The most commonly resolved issues on the soundbar are white lights blinking, soundbar turning off on its own, etc.

Why Is There a Need for Reset on the Polk Soundbar?

At times, resetting becomes inevitable, most commonly, you will need to carry a hard reset on your Polk soundbar when there are sound configuration issues, white lights blinking, or when your soundbar is getting turned off every now, and then. 

How Do I Reset the Polk Command Bar?

Resetting the Polk command bar is very simple, and straightforward. Above, we have described the complete process for resetting the Polk command bar easily.

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Getting the soundbar settings messed up is quite common, and you will have to carry a hard reset to get rid of it. Apart from the equalizer settings, you can also be forced to do the hard reset if your soundbar has booting issues.

In the above-given guide, we have described the complete steps for resetting the POLK soundbar, which you can follow to reset your soundbar.

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