Polk Signa S2 Troubleshooting & its Solutions

Polk Signa S2 is a famous Soundbar amongst many and has received much positive critics. But no device is ever immune to software or hardware issues. You might face several problems with your soundbar system. 

The good thing is many users tend to face the same issues, most of which can be resolved quickly. You can fix many of the problems at home without any professional help. This article is dedicated to Polk Signa S2 Troubleshooting, and it discusses the most widespread solutions to prevalent errors.

Polk Signa S2 Troubleshooting & its Solutions

Many users face issues such as no sound coming from their Soundbar, connectivity issues, the Soundbar turning off by itself, or the Soundbar not detecting audio output. 

There are some steps you can take to ensure the basic working of the soundbar system is correct.

Taking care of the factors stated below is very likely to solve such issues for you. If one does not help your problems or is already correctly taken care of, you can move on to the next. 

1. Check the HDMI ARC Cables

Check the HDMI ARC Cables

Default in the HDMI cables is the most prevalent cause of connectivity issues and no sound.  You first need to make sure that the wires are not damaged in any way. Please consider wiping dust off the cables and keeping them cleaned as well. If you detect any damage, it is best to get them replaced as soon as possible. 

Sometimes you do not see any visible damage to the cables, but they might malfunction if they are too old. If this is the case for you, consider replacing them. 

If yet you have any issues with HDMI ARC connectivity, you can switch to using optical cables. These might be a bit more expensive than the HDMI Cables but are a good alternative if your system is not working with HDMI. 

You also need to know that optical cables might not give the sound of as good quality as HDMI. But often, the difference in the audio quality is not significant. 

2. Check the Ports

Check the Ports

Once you have made sure the cables are alright, check the ports. Consider cleaning them to get rid of dust or other unwanted particles. These can sometimes interfere with the connectivity. Make sure the cables are firmly secured with the ports. If you come across a loose connection, please replace it. 

3. Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

Sometimes, not using the proper Bluetooth setting can cause issues like no sound or static sound. If you use Bluetooth connectivity on your Polk Signa S2 Soundbar, please make sure you use the proper method. You can refer to the user manual for this. For more Bluetooth troubleshooting, make sure that there is no electronic interference due to other devices.

If you have many devices around your Soundbar that use wireless connectivity, consider turning all of them off and check if the issue persists. 

Another Bluetooth troubleshooting hack is to unpair/forget all the devices from the Soundbar. If you need help doing this, please refer to the instruction manual. You can also search for it online. Then you can connect only one device again and check the working of the Soundbar. 

Bluetooth connectivity range is usually 20 to 30 feet. But this distance is not always valid since there are usually obstacles in the path. Move the Soundbar closer to the audio output as much as possible. 

4. Reset the Soundbar

Reset the Soundbar

Resetting the Soundbar will change all of its settings to default and clear all the saved devices. If nothing else seems to work, consider resetting your Soundbar. This will fix any issues within the settings that might have been caused unintentionally or manually. It will also turn on any settings you might have recently applied that might be causing the issue. 

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5. Connect the Soundbar to a Different Device

Connect the Soundbar to a Different Device

It is a possibility that the issue lies with the audio output you are using and not your Soundbar. To confirm which one is causing the problem, connect your Soundbar to another device. 

If the Soundbar still shows the same issue it was previously; it could be a hardware issue. We recommend that you reach out to a company professional for further guidance. If your Polk soundbar has its warranty period going on, you can get it replaced as well. 

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There are many minor issues you can face with your Polk soundbar. Many of these can be quickly fixed at home. This article is an easy guide to Signa S2 Troubleshooting. It states the many tricks you can try to fix common issues with your Polk soundbar. If none of these seem to work, please get in touch with a professional for further help.

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