How to Program DirecTV Remote to Vizio Sound Bar? [Detailed-Guide]

If you have recently brought up a VIZIO soundbar and you wish to have a direct connection between your soundbar and your TV remote follow the steps and here you go. 

This article gives a detailed explanation of the steps to set up a connection between the VIZIO  soundbar and your TV remote.

How to Program DirecTV Remote to Vizio Sound Bar?

Lets discuss How to Program DirecTV Remote to Vizio Sound Bar with the help of the following steps:

1. Locate the point of HDMI ARC Connection or Optical Connection on your TV & Soundbar

At the back of your TV set, you will find the slot, either for HDMI ARC or an Optical wire connection. You have to make a choice between one of the two options if it is seen that both are present. More precisely, an Optical fiber cable is a better option than an ARC connection.

Just connect your ‘HDMI OUT’ or ‘HDMI OUT (ARC)’ to the ‘HDMI IN (ARC)’ of your TV set.

In case of use of an Optical cable, plug it in the ‘DIGITAL AUDIO OUT’ or else in the ‘DIGITAL OPTICAL OUT’ present on the backside of your TV set.

In case of an Optical connection

After making all the physical connections, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Just turn on the ‘Auto Power Link’ feature that automatically connects the Soundbar with your TV.
  • Set the Soundbar at the D.IN mode by pressing and holding the ‘Source’ button on your remote.
  • Now, press the left direction of the remote pad and then activate the ‘Auto Power link’ option.

In case of an HDMI-ARC Connection

  • Activate the ‘Anynet+’ feature.
  • Set the Soundbar to D.IN mode by holding the ‘Source’ button on the remote or Soundbar.
  • Your Soundbar would be now automatically connected.

2. Turn on Your TV & Soundbar Set

Now, as we are done with the connections hence this is the time to open up our TV and Soundbar set to further move on to the next steps.

Just TURN ON the TV set by using the TV set remote or instead by using the options that are present on your TV set. In the same manner TURN ON your Soundbar with the help of its remote or the keys present on it.

Now, follow up on the steps given below:

Press the Menu button>Select ‘Parental Favs and Setup’>Select ‘System setup’>Select ‘Remote Control’.

3. Optimize your Soundbar and check your settings

Once you are done with all the above steps move on to check your settings and connections and verify whether your Soundbar is giving off the sound of the TV set, or not. 

In the case of an HDMI ARC connection, a case may evolve in which no sound may come up in the first go, so to rectify this issue follow up the steps given as under:

  • Move on to the Audio settings of your TV set.
  • Now, turn off the ‘TV Speaker’ option and then enable the ‘HDMI ARC’ again.

The second case may erupt when you have established the connection of your remote using an optical fiber cable. In this case, there are chances that sound from the TV set will come out immediately. To rectify this particular issue go on with the steps that are given below:

  • Move on to the Audio settings of your TV set.
  • Now, turn off the ‘TV Speaker’ option and then enable the ‘Optical’ option..
  • After that, you need to turn on the ‘Source’ button of your Soundbar and adjust its setting to ‘Optical’.

4. Adjust the Sound now

Once everything is done go on and adjust your Soundbar’s volume by just controlling it through your TV remote. Just identify the best volume range for your Soundbar and your System’s speakers to produce the best quality of sound.

As mentioned above there exists a common technique to connect a Soundbar with a TV remote, which has been discussed in detail above but some manufacturing firms have a slight difference in the available options and thus a small deviation from the ideal method is foreseen. Check out below the minimal changes in steps with respect to your Soundbar’s company. 

VIZIO Soundbar almost requires the same steps to establish a connection to control the Soundbar with the TV set’s remote control. But, the options available on the TV sets have a slight difference in their naming. For an HDMI ARC connection, it is ‘HDMI 1’ and for an optical connection it is ‘S/PDIF’.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my VIZIO Soundbar to SmartCast?

Open the VIZIO SmartCast application>Device Settings>Add new device>Click on your Vizio soundbar model.

Why is my VIZIO Soundbar not connecting to my TV?

Make sure the soundbar and the TV set both are properly turned on. The Bluetooth of the soundbar should be free from any signal disturbances.

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This article will enable you to connect and direct your TV remote to your VIZIO Soundbar. Just move on with the steps patiently and you will be able to set up the connection very well.

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