How to Program Dish Remote to Soundbar? [Steps]

Whenever we wish to connect our Soundbar to our Dish TV remote then we get a little puzzled about in between the various steps that are to be taken up to set up this connection.

This article simplifies the steps to be kept in mind while thinking to connect a Dish remote to your Soundbar. Just, follow these below mentioned methodologies.

How to Program Dish Remote to Soundbar?

  • Connect your Soundbar to your TV set via either via HDMI cable or an Optical cable.
  • Most of the times, a HDMI connection is suggested from the technical point of view.
  • If you are using an HDMI cable attach it to the HDMI port present on the back side of your Soundbar. In case you are making an optical connection locate for an Optical connection port on the Soundbar.
  • See for an HDMI or an Optical port on your TV set also. If you get any port labelled as HDMI-ARC, plug in the HDMI wire in it.
  • Pair up your Soundbar to the Dish receiver.
  • Turn on your TV and Press the ‘HOME’ button on your TV remote
  • Go to Settings. Choose Remote Control
  • Now go to Choose Auxiliary Device and click on Audio Accessories
  • In that section choose Select Auxiliary Device Pairing Wizard
  • Choose your Soundbar’s Model brand from the menu and complete the setup.
  • This completes your setup procedure between your Dish remote and Soundbar.

Hence, just be on each step very carefully and enjoy the services of your Soundbar with the aid of your Dish remote.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better an optical or an HDMI connection while establishing a setup between your Dish remote and Soundbar?

HDMI connection is better than an optical connection because it is widely supported by almost all brands of Soundbar. It also caters to a better sound quality as compared to an Optical connection.

If my Soundbar and TV set supports only an optical connection and I have an ARC-HDMI cable, can the setup be established?

No, the setup can never be established as the TV set and the Soundbar would not support this connection because of plugging of any unsupported external wire into its specially designated ports.


This connection set up between your Dish remote and your Soundbar is helpful to you in many ways as you can play anything from your TV set an its sound would be clearly produced out by the Soundbar. This adds on to your TV watching experience.

How to Program Dish Remote to Soundbar

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