How to Get VIZIO Soundbar to Turn On with TV?

Do you still turn on your TV and Vizio soundbar separately by making an extra effort? If so, then why do you do so when you can easily get your Vizio soundbar to turn on with your TV? Yes, you heard that right. You can connect your Vizio soundbar to any of your TVs and then turn on both of them together. However, How to get Vizio Soundbar to Turn on with TV.

We acknowledge that at times, the Vizio soundbar creates some issues and doesn’t open with any TV, but the methods that we’re going to tell you about in this article will surely get your work done.  Also, we will tell you what casues stops your vizio soundbar stops from working with your tv and how you can easily fix this. 

We’re sure that after going through this article, you’ll be able to enjoy listening to your favourite music on your vizio soundbar without taking any efforts and having any issues.Ensure to finish reading this article to learn everything it has to offer.

It’s time to get down to our topic.

How to Get VIZIO Soundbar to Turn On with TV?

Getting your Vizio soundbar to turn on with your TV is the easiest thing you can give a shot at. The steps are too easy and any of you can easily follow them. We’re going to mention them down below so you can go through them with ease.

  • After turning on your TV, turn on the soundbar by pressing the power button on its remote.
  • Now, go to the TV’s Settings Menu, disable the TV speakers.
  • If you want to get more information, you can check the user manual of your tv.
  • Then,use the Input button to change the audio sources.Set Soundbar as your main audio and it’ll start working with your tv. You may now open with your television.

This is how simple it is to get your Vizio soundbar to turn on with your TV. What happens, though, if your Vizio soundbar doesn’t turn on with the TV? Don’t worry as we’re going to tell you some of the easiest fixes to this issue as well. Read on!

Why is Your Vizio Soundbar Not Turning On with TV?

It’s crucial to know the causes before moving on to the fixes. Usually, setting up your sound bar and TV to turn on simultaneously is not too difficult. The soundbar may, however, occasionally not switch on at the same time. What causes this?

An incorrect connection is usually the cause of that. You can not turn on your TV and sound bar at the same time if your TV and sound bar are connected incorrectly or to the wrong port. Remember that not all TV ports have this feature.

You can only have this option if your device has an HDMI port with an ARC connection and an optical connection. 

You might not have made the required TV settings, aside from the port connection, to enable this capability. I’ll demonstrate how to set up your sound bar so that it works with your TV in the section below. So let’s get moving.

How to Fix a Vizio Sound Bar that won’t Turn On With TV

There are basically two techniques to ensure that your TV and soundbar switch on together. Alternatively, you can use an HDMI Arc connection to connect the soundbar. Alternatively, an optical cable connection can be used to connect it.

Let’s look at the procedures for connecting with an HDMI ARC connection first:

  • You will need an HDMI cable for this, which you may either receive from your sound bar or purchase elsewhere. Your TV should then have an HDMI ARC port, which you must locate. Ensure that you are using the ARC-supported port and not the standard HDMI.
  • Make sure to turn on any features on your TV that you need to activate in order to make this connection. With a Samsung TV, for instance, you may turn on your sound bar in addition to your TV thanks to anynet+. Make these TV settings as needed.
  • Next, be careful to activate the sound bar’s digital input mode. If not, it won’t even detect your sound bar, much less play it. This option is usually located in your TV’s audio settings.
  • The most important setting you must make is this. Make sure to adjust the input for the TV speaker in your audio settings. To make the TV speakers no longer the default ones, kindly turn them off. The sound bar would be set as the default speaker if you followed the preceding instructions.

Connecting Your TV With An Optical Cable

  • Using an optical cable to link your TV and sound bar is, uh, pretty clear. There are not many optical cable ports, so the connection should be very simple.
  • Once connected, be sure to adhere to any settings, such as the auto power link. With the exception of using an optical cable connection, it is fairly comparable to anynet+. This setting makes sure that your sound bar and optical cable are connected.
  • The TV’s digital input mode must then be activated. The option can be found on the TV’s audio settings panel.
  • Making sure your sound bar is set as the default speaker for TV audio is the last step. To do this, access the TV’s settings menu and choose the audio options.There will be a choice for TV speakers. Your TV’s internal speakers should be disabled so that your sound bar serves as the audio source.

You can check our detailed review on the Best Soundbar for Vizio TV.


You now know how to get the vizio soundbar to open with the TV. We hope now you can easily do it without having any difficulty. We’ve shared the method of fixing the issue, which is when the vizio soundbar doesn’t open with any TV. We’ve also told you the causes of it. 

So, we think there is nothing left that we forgot to mention in this piece of writing. However, still, if there is something we should have included in this post, please let us know in the comment section below, because we like updating our posts according to your feedback.  Thus, your feedback is highly appreciated.

How to Get VIZIO Soundbar to Turn On with TV

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