Best Soundbar for Philips TV (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2023)

Philips TVs are great. Their new 4K LED TV collection delivers outstanding color, and balanced contrast with the next-generation video formats support to provide an immersive watching. But their built-in speakers won’t complement the screen.

The sound quality of the speakers is okay but needs upgradation to make the most out of your TVs. We believe that a soundbar is an ideal device to improve your acoustics.

Therefore, we have carefully examined the top 5 soundbars in the market and tried to cover the necessary elements in detail to help you in the brainstorming phase.

Let’s walk into the reviews of the best soundbars for Philips TV and surprise your smart TV with other significant innovations of this modern era.

List of the Best Soundbar for Philips TV in 2023

1. Philips PB603 Soundbar

Philips PB603 Soundbar

To upgrade your Philips TV speakers, get the Philips B603 3.1 system soundbar with a max power output of 320W, ready to complement the TV with a stable connection and excellent sound optimization capabilities.

It has an attractive appearance with a grille at the front, and Dolby Atmos boosts the excitement with virtual three-dimensional surround sound, which feels like the sound is coming from all directions.

There is also a dedicated channel at the center that clarifies the dialogues and makes them understandable irrespective of the background noise. However, we miss the noise-cancellation technology that fights annoying ads.

The slim profile makes a statement wherever you place it, so better to mount it on the wall. The easy placement and rich connectivity, including optical digital, HDMI ARC, USB, and Bluetooth, will power up a stable connection with the Philips TV.

HDMI ARC with 4K pass through lets you enjoy 4K video sources and give you a theatre-like listening experience at home. We also tried the HDMI input with the gaming console and were surprised to hear the boosting voice of gunshots.

The 3.1 system is also great for gaming because the great stereo dynamics, maximum sound pressure level, and rich dialogue detailing are what you need while playing games. The entertainment system also includes a wireless subwoofer that delivers the rich, rumbling bass we all need.

• HDMI ARC for 4K content
• Easy placement, quick setup
• Heavy soundstage
• Clear dialogues
• Dolby Atmos support
• They don’t get much loud

2. Sony S100F Soundbar

Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar

Sony S100F is a decent 2.0 channel soundbar with an easy setup, 120W power output, a compact profile, and a built-in tweeter for well-balanced tuning. It is a reasonable upgrade to the Philips TV as its slim body fits perfectly under the TV without blocking the IR functionality, and Bluetooth compatibility helps with quick and stable pairing.

We loved the overall profile as the soundbar is super slim; thus, it only makes room for the front-facing full-range speakers with dedicated tweeters to justify the huge price tag.

While testing, the built-in speakers deliver thrilling sound with balanced tuning and great clarity, using the phantom speaker where both the left and right channels work together to isolate the dialogues and make them clear to understand.

We think the easy, plug-and-play system is super convenient for households and offices, and the included remote control makes things easier. USB input lets you play your favorite playlists with spacious, thrilling, and bass-rich sound.

Moreover, the basic connectivity with HDMI ARC enables you to enjoy 4K content with full enthusiasm. But the HDMI doesn’t compromise the audio quality of the TV and delivers the perfect acoustics as we tested it with different content.

It also features Bluetooth for wireless music streaming because it promises fun with bass-reflex speakers for punchy bass and S-Force Pro technology for high-fidelity cinema-like audio.

However, it is an entry-level soundbar and lacks some advanced features. Nevertheless, it can be a great choice if you are concerned about upgrading your TV speakers.

• S-Force PRO technology
• Bluetooth connection
• Dialogue enhancement function
• Limited functions

3. Philips Audio B8805/10 Soundbar

Philips Audio B8805 10 Soundbar

Philips TV connected with a Philips soundbar does wonders, especially with a 3.1 system and 400W power output, ruling the space with an external subwoofer. The power output is insane, giving us thrilling and heart-pounding sound quality with music and sports.

It is a smart soundbar, perfect to use on occasions or casually at home for TV watching. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology helps with quick pairing, but since it won’t satisfy you in 4k content, it covers the HDMI eARC port for the premium TV streaming experience.

The soundbar’s appearance may be low profile, but its features say otherwise. You will get the DTS AND Dolby Atmos compatibility for the spacious, room-filling, and thundering sound performance.

The wireless subwoofer does a great job with low frequencies and delivers not-so-struggling bass. We believe it could be much deeper, like the Klipsch Cinema 600.

The soundbar can also connect with voice assistant-enabled devices like Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa to expand the home entertainment setup and help with browsing or managing the device. However, the built-in voice control system could be a valuable upgrade.

Or, if you are planning a multi-room setup, it features DTS Play-Fi that sync the compatible speakers to create a true surround sound. Every function can be easily managed through the Philips app.

Hence, despite all the flaws, this smart soundbar works perfectly well with the Philips TV or any 4k media source and delivers dramatic sound performance at your fingertips.

• DTS for lifelike sound
• Play-Fi compatible
• Apple AirPlay
• Wall mount brackets included
• Quick setup with Philips sound app
• Low profile

4. Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar

Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar

Klipsch Cinema 600 is another 3.1 system soundbar, implying it contains four front-firing cones, 3 front-firing tweeters, and a center channel. It also works with an external subwoofer that delivers heart-pounding bass and easily adjusts to match your listening taste with an included remote.

The build quality is amazing; made of premium wood material and gives you enough room to expand it to the 5.1 system soundbar by connecting the rear speakers.

We loved the dialogue clarity, especially when streaming news, sports, or shows. Three dialogue enhancement modes make a noticeable difference and keep up with not ruining the audio quality while listening to different content.

The soundbar offers stable connectivity with HDMI-ARC, which perfectly handles the Philips 4K TV, giving a clean look and perfect sound performance. The stereo dynamics are also decent; it gets loud with no noticeable compressions. The sound pressure level is also worth appreciating, making it the room-filling best Philips TV soundbar.

With a maximum output of 600W, the powerful audio performance is not surprising from the 14 kg soundbar. It gets loud, and the center channel maintains the dialogue conformity for the sake of immersive listening.

The frequency response features 35 Hz to 20 kHz, which speaks for itself. It delivered the perfect highs and lower lows, so the bass was also captivating to hear in routine.

On the other hand, the large subwoofer can produce a heart-pounding bass featuring excellent low-frequency extension. It is ideal for large spaces, but the lack of voice assistant support and advanced sound effects compatibility is real trouble when used on occasion or with a large audience.

• 600W peak power output
• TV connection with a single HDMI ARC cable
• Virtual 360 sound
• It gets loud with zero distortion level
• Some serious bass
• No voice assistants

5. Philips HTL3310/10 Smart TV Soundbar

Philips Bluetooth Soundbar HTL3310 10 Soundbar

DESPITE THE FLAT GRILLED DESIGN THAT STOOD OUT, Philips HTL3310/10 is a decent soundbar for mixed usage. It is a Bluetooth-enabled 2.1 soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and 160W power output, which suggests it is not in competition with other soundbars on the list, but it performs pretty well compared to rivals.

The included mounting brackets help with placement, and optical digital, HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth help with connections. You can use any input source available to connect it to the Philips TV, but we suggest trusting HDMI for the 4K streaming.

The Dolby Digital decoding makes you present at the scene’s heart by giving a realistic sound feel. It will enhance the clarity while minimizing the audio delays, giving you a more expansive listening experience.

The soundbar may not offer much except the attractive design, thundering bass, and dimensional sound. However, it doesn’t support Dolby Atmos, which is shocking for us, especially when choosing it as the soundbar for Philips TV. Otherwise, the sound quality is worth appreciating, and the easy setup was enough to convince us.

• Budget-friendly
• Flexible placement
• Crystal clear sound
• Wireless connection support
• Dolby Digital decoding
• No Dolby Atmos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Soundbar for Philips TV?

We find Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar as the best for Philips TV, featuring a 3.1 system and a wireless soundbar with up to 600W peak power output. It delivers a heavy sound, and the wireless subwoofer gives the pleasure of some serious rumble. Different connectivity sources help with convenient pairing with smart devices.

What is the best soundbar for Philips Ambilight tv?

Any soundbar with an HDMI ARC connection will do wonders with the Ambilight TV. Still, we find Philips B603 3.1 system soundbar with 320 power output as the best for Philips TV. It is ready to be a part of your entertainment setup, from rich sound to great connection options.

Are Philips soundbars any good?

Philips has a great range of soundbars that varies with channel configuration, features, and design. But they produce richer, deeper, and more accurate sounds, which is better than the TV speakers.

How do I connect my soundbar to my Philips Smart TV?

It should depend on the device’s connection compatibility. The best way to connect a soundbar to TV is using an HDMI cable. It perfectly transmits the audio signals, leaving no confusion for tuning and syncing. Besides, you can use optical digital, USB, AUX, or Bluetooth technology to connect both devices.


Many factors lead to making a sound decision, even for the soundbar. But audio quality should remain at the top. This is how we narrowed down our research while finding the best Philips TV sound bar and added the top-notch soundbars belonging to different brand names. Still, their main focus is enhancing your acoustic perspectives and delivering an immersive listening experience.

Check out the detailed reviews and make your decisions by keeping your preferences in mind.

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