Vizio Soundbar No Sound? [Here are the Fixes]

There are times when your soundbar does not sound, and instead starts blinking lights all of a sudden, and you don’t know what to do next?

If you are stuck in such a condition in which your VIZIO soundbar is not producing any sound.

Then you have landed on the right page, as in this blog post, we have thoroughly addressed the issues, and posed the best solution when the VIZIO soundbar is producing no sound and instead of blinking lights.

Enough fluffing about the issue, now let’s jump right into the matter and check out the solution.

VIZIO Soundbar No Sound Blinking White Lights Solution

VIZIO soundbar blinking white lights is a common issue that can cause no audio. Commonly, this issue arises when you are having problems with your audio connection.

Fortunately, there are some common quick fixes that you can do to fix the VIZIO soundbar blinking white-lights issue without any expert help.

1. Choosing the Right Input

The most common issue that can cause a white light blinking issue on VIZIO soundbars is the wrong input. If there is wrong input selected on your VIZIO soundbar, then it will blink white lights, indicating you that the soundbar has the wrong input method selected.

Although it’s a very common problem, still a majority of people do not know it.

Here are the Steps for the Solution to this Issue:

  • On your VIZIO soundbar, press the Input + Volume Up button for about 5 seconds.
  • Now, the soundbar will automatically tune itself to the default connection method, and the lights will automatically turn off.

2. Checking Bluetooth Connection

For a wireless connection, Bluetooth is a commonly used protocol, which makes it super-easy to connect and enjoy your favorite music without the need for any cords, etc.

However, unlike wired connections, Bluetooth connections can have pairing issues that can blink the white lights on your soundbar, indicating an issue with your Bluetooth connection.

If you are using a Bluetooth connection on your VIZIO soundbar and facing white lights.

Here are the Steps for Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection on VIZIO Soundbar:

  • Firstly, you need to check whether you have connected your Bluetooth device to the soundbar or not.
  • Afterward, restart the soundbar by pressing or button power, or alternatively, you can completely switch off the soundbar through the power switch.
  • Now, reconnect the soundbar through your device, and check if the lights are not turned off.
  • If the lights are still on, then you have to keep the Bluetooth button pressed for 5 seconds, and repair your mobile device with the soundbar.
  • Now, you should be able to hear the sound through the soundbar, if not, then move on to the next step.

3. Resetting the Soundbar

If none of the above methods is working for you, then the last resort that you can try to fix the white lights on your VIZIO soundbar is to factory reset it.

Factory resetting the VIZIO soundbar will automatically fix all the issues for you by switching the methods to the default.

Here are the Steps for Resetting the VIZIO Soundbar to Default:

  • Hold the Volume Up + Bluetooth buttons for about 5 seconds until the lights on the VIZIO soundbar flash together.
  • When the lights on your soundbar flash altogether, it means that you have successfully reset your soundbar.

VIZIO Soundbar No Sound Quick Fixes

If you are not seeing any lights on your soundbar and still facing no audio, then can be another problem either in the connection, or the soundbar that can make up this issue.

Instead of providing the solution to a specific condition, we have made it a complete step-by-step guide that you can follow to get rid of no sound and enjoy your entertainment right away.

1. Check if TV is Muted

First of all, if your soundbar is not producing any sound, then you have to check whether the TV is muted or the volume on it is at Zero. If either of these scenarios is happening, then you have to increase the volume and it will work out okay.

2. Checking the Connections Properly

Check out the connection between your TV and your soundbar. There are times when there is a loose connection between your TV and the soundbar, and as a result, there is no audio output on your soundbar.

3. Getting Out of Demo Mode

If your soundbar is in the Demo mode, then it will also not produce any sound. You will have to get your soundbar out of the demo mode in order to produce any sound.

Here are the Indicators to Know that Your Soundbar is in Demo Mode:

  • Restarting the device does not change any settings.
  • No input change option is working.
  • Pressing the power off button does not turn off the soundbar.

Here are the Steps for Getting the Soundbar Out of Demo Mode:

  • Press & hold the Input + Bluetooth buttons for 5 seconds, and now your soundbar should come out of the demo mode.

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4. Switching the Input Method

A faulty TV can also cause no sound issue on your soundbar. If you have tried all the above-given steps, and your soundbar is still not producing any sound, then probably there is an issue with the audio source.

Switch the audio source on your soundbar. For example, if you were previously using TV as input, your gaming console, and check whether it gets the issue fixed for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my VIZIO Soundbar Blinking White Lights?

A majority of the time, the VIZIO soundbar blinks white lights when there are some connectivity issues with the soundbar. It can happen when you do not have the right input selected, or the Bluetooth pairing is selected to the wrong device type. You can easily resolve this issue by following the above-given guide.

Can an Error Pair in Bluetooth Device Cause Blinking Lights?

Yes, mostly the issue of blinking lights on the soundbar arises due to an error in the connectivity. It can either be due to a pairing issue via the Bluetooth connection or due to the wrong input type.

Why Is There No Sound Comming From My Soundbar?

Well, there can be different reasons for your soundbar not providing any audio output. If it is showing any light blinking, then there are strong chances that it’s a connectivity-related issue. Above, we have provided a solution for the white blinking lights, and other solutions that you can use for fixing the no sound issue.

Is There a Reset Button on VIZIO Soundbar?

There is no dedicated button on the VIZIO soundbars for performing hard-reset. However, you can perform a hard reset on the VIZIO soundbar using different button configurations.

Firstly, you can press and hold the Bluetooth, and the volume down buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds. If the reset has been done on your VIZIO soundbar, then all the lights on the soundbar will blink.

Alternatively, there are some VIZIO soundbars that have the reset button on the Input + Bluetooth buttons. Thus, you have to hold the Input & Bluetooth buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds, and similarly, lights will blink to let you know whether the reset has been done or not.

What to Do If I am Hearing Buzzing Sound From the Soundbar?

If you are hearing a buzzing sound from your soundbar, then probably there is some electrical appliance that is causing this interference with the system. You can easily get rid of this issue by moving your electrical appliance away from the soundbar.

Why Is My Subwoofer Not Working on My VIZIO Soundbar?

If your subwoofer is showing white lights that are blinking, then probably your soundbar is not paired with your woofer.

You have to keep the pairing button on your subwoofer pressed for about 5 seconds, and then the input button on your soundbar for 5 seconds. Now, your soundbar will automatically connect to the woofer.

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There is nothing as annoying as a VIZIO soundbar not producing any sound, and instead of blinking white lights.

Usually, this issue arises when there are some connectivity issues with your VIZIO soundbar. Also, can be any other problem that is causing this issue.

In this blog post, we have compiled all the steps that you need to get rid of the no sound issue on the soundbar.

Which steps resolved the issue for you? Tell us in the comments section, so others can also get benefitted from it.

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