SAMSUNG HW-Q990B Soundbar Review (Tested by Experts in 2024)

Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar is one of the top models in the market, and for a good reason. It produces excellent sound quality, has a sleek design, and is packed with amazing features for audiophiles.

We’ll go over all that in this review and explain why this unique model from the market-leading Samsung stands out and becomes a top pick for movie-watching, gaming, and music-listening.

SAMSUNG HW-Q990B/ZA 11.1.4ch Soundbar

Model NameHW-Q990B/ZA
Speaker TypeSoundbar
Connectivity TechnologyWI-Fi, HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Optical
Special FeatureWireless Dolby Atmos, ALEXA BUILT-IN, True 11.1.4 Sound, Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound+
Dimensions5.4 x 2.7 x 48.5 inches
Weight17 Pounds (lbs)

Unboxing the HW-Q990B Soundbar

Unboxing the HW-Q990B Soundbar

Unboxing the Samsung HW-Q900B/ZA premium soundbar was fun. It came well-packed in a huge box from the brand with the bar picture and highlighting features written all over it.

The shipment box also has the branding of other models with their prices, and the setup process was also mentioned.

The good thing was the soundbar was carefully placed, and a lot of accessories were also in the kit. We found wireless rear speakers, remote control, a wall mount kit, a rubber foot to save your floor from scratches, and an HDMI cable.

After removing the bar, setting up was a breeze. Let’s gain insight into its design, performance, and other highlighting features.

Soundbar Size and Design

SAMSUNG HW-Q990B Soundbar size and Design

The Samsung HW-Q900B/ZA 11.1.4 channel soundbar is designed to be compact and sleek, making it great for those who want to add a high-quality soundbar to their home entertainment system without taking up too much space.

Measuring 45 inches long, the soundbar fits comfortably beneath most televisions and can be mounted on the wall to save even more space.

The black finish and clean lines of the bar give it a modern and understated look that complements any room décor. Besides, the subwoofer is also sturdy and comes with a rubber foot to avoid any inconvenience on your floor.

At last, since it is a complete entertainment package, it comes with a pair of rear speakers that you can place anywhere to enjoy expansive sound quality to create a home theater or cinematic vibes.

Channel Configuration

The soundbar features an 11.1.4 channel system that breaks down to 11 channels, 1 subwoofer, and 4 up-firing channels to deliver a 3D surround sound listening experience.

With separate tweeters and radiators, the built-in speakers perform incredibly well with balanced tuning. The sound effects hit rightly with the notes and make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

This setup also contains a center channel that specifically polishes the dialogues, making it clear and understandable to enjoy vocal-sensitive content.

Controlling and Navigation

The soundbar offers convenient and effortless control with its built-in Alexa. With the feature, users can easily adjust the volume, switch inputs, and play their favorite soundtracks with just their voice.

Alexa also allows users to control other smart devices in their homes, making it a truly integrated and hands-free solution. The soundbar also comes with remote control, providing an additional option for easy navigation.

With both voice control and traditional buttons, the Samsung HW-Q990B offers a versatile and convenient way to experience high-quality sound.

Soundbar Performance

The sound quality of the Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar is exceptional, delivering powerful and immersive audio.   

With 11.1.4 channels, the soundbar provides a true surround sound experience, making it feel like the action is happening right in the room. The built-in Alexa also enhances the sound experience, with access to millions of songs and the ability to play high-quality music.

The soundbar’s four up-firing and 7 mid-range drivers work to produce clear and dynamic sound, while the wireless subwoofer delivers deep and powerful bass.

The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos, delivering an even more immersive audio experience. The DTS support ensures multidirectional sound delivery to create a dynamic and cinematic watching experience while maintaining clarity.

Connectivity Sources

SAMSUNG HW-Q990B Soundbar Connectivity Sources

The soundbar offers a wide range of connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration with various external devices and making the most out of your investment.

The soundbar comes with HDMI eARC, optical, and USB connectivity, providing multiple options for connecting to a TV, Blu-ray player, or other audio sources,

Additionally, the bar is compatible with wireless sources, including Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing us to stream music directly from smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices. Besides, Alexa offers hands-free access to music-streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon music.

Other Highlighting Features

The Samsung HW-Q990B soundbar has different highlighting features that make the soundbar stand out and justify the price tag. It is a perfect companion for TV watching, podcast streaming, and music listening features it offers.

Firstly, the soundbar features Samsung Q-Symphony helps with premium content synchronization and plays whatever is playing on the TV with no noticeable sound errors or delays. It also makes all the speakers compatible with setting the soundstage.

Secondly, the soundbar features Spacefit sound technology that automatically analyzes the room and environment and adjusts the sound output accordingly. It is ideal for movie-watching and gaming.

Moreover, Adaptive sound works almost the same, optimizes the sound according to the content and environment and makes it more immersive for the end user to listen to.

Lastly, the soundbar uses Quantum Dot technology to produce incredibly realistic sound. It means you’ll hear sounds as if they’re coming from all around you, not just from the front or rear sides of the room.

• Attractive profile
• Adaptive sound
• Wireless connections
• Rear surround speakers
• Powerful bass
• Expansive channel system
A little costly

Bottom Line

Samsung HW-Q990B is a premium feature-rich soundbar with everything from high-definition sound to rich bass and hands-free navigation. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for an excellent soundbar with all the bells and whistles, the Samsung HW-Q990B is the one for you!

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