Samsung Sound Bar No Sound Issue: [Reasons & Fixes]

It sucks when your Samsung sound bar no sound error appears on your screen, even when it is connected to the TV but still not producing sound. Nothing could be more intimidating than this. It keeps us from enjoying our TV shows and movies, which we don’t want to happen. So, why does it happen, and what’s the solution to this problem? 

Most of you have been contacting us with these inquiries.For that reason, we’re writing this ultimate guide for you so you can get rid of this annoying issue with your Samsung soundbar

We will mention the methods to solve this issue step by step. Remember, the steps for all the Samsung soundbars will be the same. 

So, even if you don’t have a Samsung soundbar, then you can apply the methods to any other Samsung soundbar modality. Please read this article all the way through so you don’t miss anything important.

Without making you wait more, let’s make our way to the topic.

What are the Reasons of Samsung Sound Bar No Sound Issue?

Faulty connections, configuration problems, or hardware malfunctions may be the root of your Samsung soundbar’s dysfunction. This manual leads you through possible troubleshooting actions, from the most probable to the least likely.

How to Fix Samsung Sound Bar No Sound Issue?

Samsung Sound Bar No Sound Issue

Several methods can be used to fix the Samsung soundbar problem.Fortunately, all of them are too easy to follow and none of you can easily follow. 

We’re going to mention them one by one so you can apply them with ease. Try one, then if it doesn’t resolve the problem, try the next and this one. One of the approaches will undoubtedly work for you, we are confident.

Step 1: Plug Out and Plug in Your Soundbar Again

The majority of the time, the issue is caused by improperly positioned soundbar wiring.They’re either seated the wrong way or any of them is misplaced. So, the only method that can help in this situation to get rid of this issue is to disconnect all the cables of the soundbar and then reconnect them again. 

Also be sure you unplug your wire for electricity. Wait to plug the soundbar back in after all other connections have been securely fitted again to make sure the soundbar can read the connections properly. This ought should resolve the problem.

Step 2: Ensure the Source is Right and On

Make sure the soundbar’s source is set to the appropriate source. Although it seems like a simple solution, if your soundbar is set to a source other than the one you are now utilising, you won’t even hear any sound from it.

Also, check if the source is turned on. It’s another easy fix that occasionally works. It may appear that your soundbar isn’t operating if the audio source isn’t turned on, since it won’t send any audio data to the soundbar. These solutions might look eccentric to you, but these are the mistakes that most Samsung soundbar users make.

Step 3: Set Your Soundbar as Default Sound System

Set Your Soundbar as Default Sound System

Ensure that the soundbar is your default speaker and that your TV is configured to use external speakers.Your television might not recognise your soundbar right away, depending on the type you have. To ensure that your soundbar is being utilised as your primary audio source, check the settings on your television.

Step 4: The Bluetooth Connection Must be Disconnected and then Reconnected

Bluetooth Connection Must be Disconnected

Connect to Bluetooth first, then disconnect. Depending on the device you’re connected to, different steps may need to be taken to disconnect and reconnect to Bluetooth.However, doing those actions might make the soundbar functional again if there is a poor Bluetooth connection.

Step 5: Soft Reset Your Samsung Soundbar

Resetting the Soundbar

The feature of resetting is the best in all the soundbars. It can help you resolve all the issues related to the software of the soundbar. Now, you may ask, how can you reset your Samsung soundbar? 

Disconnect all of the wires from your TV, then wait two minutes. Then, reattach everything and switch on your TV to see if anything is working again. If there is static or other electrical interference in the connection, it could occasionally function.

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Step 6: Hard Reset Your Samsung Soundbar

Rebooting the Polk Command Bar

Sometimes all the soundbar needs to function properly again is a reset Press and hold the Play/Pause button while the soundbar is off until INIT OK is shown. Turn the soundbar back on after releasing the button. The steps for connecting the soundbar to your TV must be repeated.

Now that you are aware of the solution. Now that Samsung soundbar no sound issue, it’s time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to this topic. We recommend you read these sections of this article as well to enhance your information even more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the D in on my Samsung sound bar?

Digital optical input is indicated on Samsung sound bars by the letters Most soundbars have it on the rear, although occasionally it may be marked D-in, Digital In All, or just Digital. In order to transport audio signals from one device to another, fibre optic connections are required.

Why Does My Soundbar Say D?

D-In, or Digital All refer to a digital input on a soundbar. From the source to the speaker, a digital input—also called a digital optical input—is utilised to send a digital audio signal through a fiber optic connection.

Why Is There No Sound From My Soundbar?

Make sure the TV volume is cranked up if you’re utilising an analogue connection.

If the analogue audio output on the TV is set to “variable” and the soundbar isn’t producing any sound, try cranking up the TV’s volume.

Even with the soundbar set to maximum volume, there won’t be any sound if the TV is completely muted.

How Can My Sound Bar Be Reset?

  • Press and hold the Soundbars’ (power) and (-) buttons for more than five seconds.
  • Take the AC power wire off the wall.
  • Push the (power) button to turn the device on after reattaching the AC power connection.

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Now you know how to solve the Samsung soundbar error. It’s too easy. You can try each of the methods one by one and see which one works for you. If any one of them solves your issues, then don’t try another one. Also, if you need any help, you can always connect with us in the comment section.

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