How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar?

No one would have ever thought that sound bars would start getting used so much in the world. They have replaced woofers and speakers that people would use for their TVs and computers. 

Iit can be used for almost any device you can think of. Can the soundbar currently be connected to the ceiling speaker? Thankfully, the answer is yes. There is a choice to do it.

You may be wondering how to connect ceiling speakers to a soundbar.It’s simple. Going reading this article all the way through will enable you to accomplish that. 

We will tell you some of the easiest methods that you can use to connect the soundbar to any type of ceiling speaker that you have. 

But, to get the most out of it, it’s important for you to read this article till the end. 

Are you prepared now? If so, let’s move on to the subject.

Why Connect soundbar to the Ceiling Speakers?

Some of you might be perplexed as to why connecting the soundbar to the ceiling speaker is necessary. Because they’re speakers themselves, just like a soundbar. But, let us tell you. 

The ceiling speakers don’t usually provide very good sound quality. Their sound typically contains a lot of noise. Their sound is not very pleasant and they don’t have any bass.

But, when it comes to the soundbar, its voice is crisp, clear, bass boosted, and the most pleasant. It’s capable of making you dance to your favourite song with its amazing sound quality. 

It’s not possible for your ceiling speakers. For that reason, you connect your soundbar to your ceiling speakers so you can enhance their sound quality and enjoy extraordinary music.

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Soundbar?

Before we tell you how you can do it, there is something you need to have knowledge of. First of all, you should keep in mind that your home audio system will suffer 

if your soundbar and ceiling speakers are not of the same brand.Since connecting them is challenging, you should carefully study the instruction manual. Consult a sound system expert if you need help or have any questions.

The Things You’ll Require For The Process

Any carelessness when handling ceiling speakers could result in a serious loss for your sound system, so you should exercise caution. When you are getting ready to start working, you must wear gloves and glasses.The following devices must be in your toolkit in order to secure device connectivity:

Tools needed to install a sound system include a stud finder, wirecutter, drilling machine, multifunction knife, level, screwdriver, measuring tape, masking tape, marking pen, box cutter, and drywall saw.

To check the speakers mounted on the ceiling, make sure big, mobile steel stands are available. Additionally, you should get a second set of wires and remote control batteries so that you can respond in case of damage.

Once you have prepared everything indicated above, you can begin the process. We’re going to tell you all the methods that you can use to connect the soundbar to your ceiling speakers.

1. Use Bluetooth

Enable a Bluetooth Connection in samsung subwoofer

The best thing about the soundbar is its Bluetooth compatibility. You can connect this Bluetooth to any device and listen to music wirelessly.To do that, to pair and link both devices, you should first turn on the Bluetooth system. 

If communication is interrupted and the Bluetooth connection becomes unreliable, you can experience a problem. The red indicator light on each port site of the two devices turns on when Bluetooth is turned on. The sound is now audible through the speakers. 

You can use adaptors to secure the Bluetooth connection if the Bluetooth system isn’t currently installed on your device.After converting the apparatus into a wireless connection, you can enjoy the high-quality audio. 

What happens, though, if you don’t have a remote? You can utilise the audio system’s keyboard if you don’t have a remote. Bluetooth typically has an 8 metre range of communication.

The pairing range may be lowered by walls. Modern devices have evolved into powerful Bluetooth systems. With Bluetooth 5.0, ceiling speakers can be connected at distances between 25 and 40 metres.

2. Connect the Soundbar using a Wireless Router

Connect the Soundbar using a Wireless Router

A wireless router can be used to link the soundbar and ceiling speakers together. An example of a Wi-Fi system is a wireless router. They both have a digital system built into them, making connections between them simple. You should first unplug all of the cables and USB connections. 

You must now operate the remote system. Check the indication light to access the connectivity after confirming the Wi-Fi connection is active.

Now that the speakers can connect to the home theatre, go to the settings and enable them in the sound touch app on your smartphone to operate the audio system. You can assess the speaker’s audio quality after connecting. 

An audio control system allows you to adjust the volume to the lowest or highest setting. You have the choice to install the Wi-Fi system and connect the Wi-Fi adapter if your soundbar does not have Wi-Fi functionality. 

To prevent connectivity issues, the Wi-Fi equipment must have been installed in the space.

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3. Use Optical Cable

Use Optical Cable

The third method that we have for you to connect the soundbar to the ceiling speaker is using an optical cable. The soundbar has a connection option called Digital Audio Output (DAO). 

The TOSLink optical audio cable is used to connect the wires simply. They operate on an analogue platform, so a digital-to-analog converter is needed to match the audio connection.The digital audio output will be converted to an analogue RCA output.

You must take off the contoured covering caps from the optical cable end in order to use this procedure. You should now insert each device’s connector into the appropriate port. The optical coax port could be located in the speakers. It will release signals after turning on the speaker’s optical system. 

These signal-releasing signals from the ceiling speaker can be connected to the audio system. Find the source button in the options menu.Enable the settings, and a screen indicating that the machine is prepared to use will appear. Your speakers and the soundbar will be connected after pairing is complete. 

You need to be aware of how to connect the wiring to the appropriate port. Any device could be damaged or rendered useless by opposing wiring.You must study the protocol and the guidebook before beginning the procedure. The optical cable is available from a retailer of electronic accessories. 

It is also available for a fair price on the web market. The optical cable costs between $4 and $6. To prevent any disruption, branded optical cables are a necessity. For improved outcomes, you require a subwoofer.

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4. HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

HDMI is a very handy cable that you can use to connect your device with any other device that you want. For that reason, we’re going to learn how you can connect your soundbar to your ceiling speakers using an HDMI cable.

You should make sure your soundbar supports this method before using it. The ARC is not included with older models. 

This just permits the receiver to receive data. The answer, known as Audio Return Channel, or ARC, enhances the signal-sending and -receiving capabilities of devices.Simply enough, it enables the device to both input and output signals from ceiling speakers. 

You can get the optimum sound quality by using an HDMI connection.Your sound system will produce crystal-clear sound thanks to the digital transmission provided via HDMI. You must read the instruction booklet before using this procedure. On the remote, look for the button marked “Anynet+.” 

This button works with this process. The HDMI cable needs to have one end plugged into each port and the other end into the device’s port.You can check the sound quality after connecting both.

The main benefit of HDMI is the ability to send a lot of audio data if the speakers have an ACR-advanced HDMI connector. To correctly mount the soundbar on the TV, you should use a bracket.

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So, you see how easy it is to connect your soundbar to your ceiling speakers. All of the above mentioned methods are easy to follow. But, make sure you read the article carefully and then start applying the steps. Most people get stuck in the middle of the process because they miss the main points in a hurry.We do want you to go through the same. So, read the article once completely and then come to the practical. 

Whenever you get stuck anywhere and you’re not getting any solutions, you can always ask us in the comment section.

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