Best Soundbar for Vaulted Ceiling in 2022

You can not only have a more room volume with vaulted ceilings, but after fitting the best Soundbar, you can enjoy a complete home theatre set up in your house.

Vaulted ceilings make your house appear larger, allow you to hang the lights for dramatic vibes, and mount the Soundbar containing multiple speakers to enjoy cinematic audio.

We have added the 5 best soundbars for vaulted ceiling that are easy to install, smooth to pair and operate and deliver high-definition sound performance.

List of the Best Soundbar for Vaulted Ceiling in 2022

1. Pyle PSBV200BT Soundbar

Pyle PSBV200BT

Having a vaulted ceiling soundbar can be fancy for most people, but you need the right one to place them in between. Pyle PSB soundbar can fulfil your need with a robust speaker and interesting audio quality.

Obviously, the sound can’t compare with luxurious floor-standing speakers, and the bass doesn’t reach the low frequencies or deliver the power like a dedicated subwoofer. But seeing the low price, the detailed sound quality is very good.

A 3.5mm input jack is on the back, where two pairs of RCA that serve as AUX inputs are also located there. These are useful for joining the audio output from your television and DVD player to the Soundbar.

Fast Bluetooth connectivity is hassle-free. Easy to set up on the first signing up with your well-matched and daily used device. You don’t have to worry about taking out your phone from your pocket to join Bluetooth.

Pyle PSB soundbar design is old-fashioned, but you will be putting them inside your vaulted ceiling. With a robust sound system and quality, this Best Soundbar for high Ceiling is there. Since it is fitted over the head, all the fine tunes hit the floor and create a virtual soundstage. Surprisingly, the clarity remains intact, and there is rarely any harmonic distortion despite the sound bouncing back from the floor.

Pyle soundbar can be a huge upgrade to your living room to enjoy a good movie night in your home. If you consider the best value for your money, the Pyle PSB soundbar can be your number one pick.

• Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
• Remote Control
• Sound is Crips and Clear
• Old Design

2. VIZIO SB3851-D0 Soundbar

VIZIO SB3851-D0 Soundbar

So You don’t like to carry a remote, or you don’t remember where you place it. Suddenly someone calls you or comes into your room; the VIZIO Soundbar application can help you Turn on and off within the application and let you access many more functions.

The VIZIO soundbar comes with a 5.1 Channel speaker, which can help you achieve the highest quality audio from 4k video without lagging behind your experience.

Having modes like where you can select which speaker you want to play from, you can either play from a front speaker or play from a dual speaker to create a greater 3D audio experience for your movie night.

The Bluetooth connectivity option is easy to access and easy to set up. You can stream from your favorite music application without facing any hassle.

It is the Sound bar for Vaulted ceilings from the VIZIO Soundbar series because of the loud and crips outcome from the speakers. You are buying it for your ceiling, which is mostly sealed, and you can’t easily open it, so you should look for a more durable option like this particular unit from Vizio.

With the VIZIO soundbar, you will be getting 4.5 inches Subwoofer to make more and better bass inside your vaulted ceiling to make you feel like you are watching a 3D movie in a cinema.

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• Value to Money
• Front Speaker surround
• Bluetooth Audio Streaming
• Better Frequency
• Chromecast built-in
• Less audio clarity

3. JBL Bar 5.1

JBL Bar 5.1 Soundbar

JBL Bar 5.1 Surround is a 5.1 setup that helps modern machinery enhance its surround execution without using any external speakers. The stereo dynamics of the bar are incredible, supporting it to get loud while maintaining the quality of upper and mid notes. JBL 5.1 Speakers are more suitable for action movies because of the crisp and clear audio quality.

If you love watching movies on your TV at home, this Best Soundbar for 70 Inch TV delivers an amazing experience. They sound subtle when dropped and mid-bass levels and strong on full-meter down.

The design of JBL Bar 5.1 is solid in Matte dark color. The front of the speaker is in a metal design with an LED to tell you when Bluetooth is connected. It gives this Soundbar a strong design and looks.

The sound quality you will get will match your tv profile. With the maximum sound of the Subwoofer, you will get a heavy and deep bass performance. So if you are a movies fan, this can be your on-the-go product. 

Having more options, like where you can get room correction to adjust the audio according to the environment, and you can easily connect wirelessly with your cellphone with the help of Bluetooth, makes it one of the best soundbars.

The dialogue will come out nice and crisp, and you won’t get any irritation on full volume. You can balance high and low music according to your needs with a handy remote control.

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• Powerful bass depth and high.
• Wireless Subwoofer
• Chromecast Supported
• Wireless connectivity.
• Room correction.
• No Atmos support

4. Sony Z9F Soundbar

Sony Z9F Soundbar

Sony Z9F is a decent option to mount on the vaulted ceiling and enjoy a dramatic audio experience during your family dinners, movie nights, and Christmas eve. It is a 3.1-channel system soundbar that reproduces high-definition audio that reaches everyone sitting in the room, irrespective of its placement.

The built-in drivers are compatible with Dolby Atmos to deliver clear, loud, and dimensional sound. The bar is also equipped with a built-in subwoofer for low-frequency extension, which delivers deep bass for complete entertainment. But, the wireless Subwoofer is also come along to give you luxurious and immersive listening with heart-pounding bass.

The installation and setup are extremely easy. You won’t find it hard to mount on the vaulted ceiling. Besides, the automatic audio adjustment function customizes the sound according to the ambiance. The dialogue enhancement option helps you clarify the vocal performance to enjoy every content detail.

Connectivity with WiFi and Bluetooth makes things easier since creating a wire mess from the bottom to the vaulted ceilings is impossible. The auto-connect via Bluetooth saves you the hassle of pairing the saved device, again and again, providing a smooth user experience in the comfort of your couch. 

• 3D surround sound
• 400W power output
• Levels of vocal enhancement
• Wireless streaming
• Different audio modes
• None

5. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

Undoubtedly, Sony has good taste while manufacturing electronics items; that’s why you can find some attractive yet classic pieces from the brand. Sony HT-S350 is no exception with its slim and matte dark color profile.

It is a complete entertainment package that you can place under your TV or mount on the wall, let alone the vaulted ceilings. The mounting brackets at the rear end hold the device tightly wherever you fix it and deliver room-filling or thundering sounds. In addition, Bluetooth compatibility gives you enough room to enjoy the music from online streaming platforms or connect to your smartphones effortlessly.

It may be an entry-level soundbar with a 2.1 system, but advanced technology like S-Force pro makes it a premium choice for the house. The technology emulates a theatre-like surround sound experience. Besides, it offers seven different sound modes that automatically detect the audio nature and customize the sound for immersive acoustics.

The Voice enhancement feature polishes the vocal performance, and the wireless Subwoofer will take care of the heavy bass by giving you the pleasure of experiencing low-frequency extension. So, if you want to experience a rich, and 3D surround sound in your living room, get that Sony HT-S350 soundbar and fix it on the vaulted ceiling. It will look astonishing, complements the décor, and provide a superior experience.

• Powerful Subwoofer
• Voice enhancements
• DSP technology
• Bluetooth streaming
• Loud and clear sound
• None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Soundbar for Vaulted Ceiling?

The Soundbar has interesting specs that transform the audio listening experience. Sony Z9F is the Best Soundbar for Vaulted Ceiling with a 3.1 system, Bluetooth pairing, and 400W power output. The beautifully crafted profile fix hassle-free on the vaulted ceiling.

Do Atmos soundbars work with vaulted ceilings?

Yes, many Atmos compatible soundbars do pretty well while mounting on the vaulted ceiling, so you have to research details before putting a chunk of your monthly income into buying Soundbar. The Atmos soundbar has more bass in the vaulted ceiling than the regular one.

Does the Dolby Atmos soundbar work with high ceilings?

Yes, they do. You can put them in that arrangement to get the most use of it. Proper wiring will help you get good voice quality over Bluetooth connectivity.

Are vaulted ceilings good for sound?

You can say so. They can be good for vaulted ceilings because of the bass and echo they will be creating in the closed surrounding. You can’t compare them with open or standing Soundbars as they have clearer voice quality than vaulted soundbars.


Installing a soundbar on the vaulted ceiling is not new, but it can be pretty exciting to enjoy 3D cinematic sound at your home. So, we have added the top 5 soundbars that you can fix above your head and enjoy quality audio while complementing your home décor.

All the soundbars are easy to install, smooth to connect, and easy to use using the remote control. They reproduce high-resolution audio and won’t charge extra for the placement properties.

So, enjoy!

Best Soundbar for Vaulted Ceiling

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