What Does 3.1.2 Channel Mean?

Whenever we go for purchasing a soundbar, the most important thing that strikes our mind is the Soundbar brand. Yes, a soundbar brand is very crucial in itself as it gives us an idea about the overall working of the soundbar model.

Nowadays, many new brands are coming up in the market which has outshined many older technologies in their own way. If we talk about the connectivity techniques then we know that Bluetooth has evolved as a major technology with regard to this parameter.

Also, we know that the notation return after the soundbar brand tells us about many more other characteristics of the soundbar.

We come across soundbar 2.0, soundbar 2.1, and many more but is the difference and the reason behind this naming or more precisely these notations.

This article talks in detail about the 3.1.2 soundbar and gives us an overall view of its proper setting and dynamics.

What Does 3.1.2 Channel Mean?

3.1.2 Channel Mean

The 3.1.2 notation can be broken up as:

3 in 3.1.2

The 3 in 3.1.2 refers to the number of normal speakers that surround the soundbar. Normal speakers usually refer to the number of traditional speakers that are set up around the soundbar.

1 in 3.1.2

The number 2 refers to the number of powered subwoofers that you can connect to the soundbar. The soundbar in some cases is sometimes referred to as the receiver.

2 in 3.1.2

This number 3, refers to the number of enabled speakers that you can connect with the soundbar. Mainly it is the number of speakers that can be placed overhead the soundbar.

So, remember that the first number refers to the number of speakers like here 3 stands for a right, left, and a central speaker. 

It is to be noted that in total a 3.1.2 soundbar channel has 5 speakers with the sixth one being a full-range channel that is connected to the overhead speakers with a matrix.

An ideal setup for such a type of soundbar channel is the ‘top roof setup’. In the top-roof setup, the rear speaker is placed in between the left and the right speaker. This reduces the echo of the output sound and also reduces reverberation. So, place the soundbar in such a way so that the doubling effect of sound is not produced and the listener enjoys an overall good sound experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 3.1 home theatre good enough?

Although a 3.1 home theatre gives your room a theatre-like feel it is not much better than a soundbar. As compared to a soundbar a 3.1 home theatre is comparable to an ordinary speaker. So, if you have a shortage of space in your house then you may probably go on with a home theatre. 

Does a soundbar need a subwoofer?

Although it is not a compulsion to use a subwoofer with a soundbar. All that a subwoofer does is that it controls the frequencies of the output sound so that the sound produced is optimum.


So, having an idea about the soundbar notation is very crucial as it helps one to buy the desired model of a soundbar channel.

It enables us to understand how to set have an optimum setup of our soundbar so that the best output sound is produced by it. 

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