Top 9 Best Soundbars Under $200 (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2024)

The digital world is expanding with incredible products designed to make life better and more interesting. But every innovation must come with a drawback that sets it back and make the need for a different product.

This thing happened with smart TVs and soundbars. Though combining these two products is killing and ensures promising digital content streaming, it has somehow become a need to invest in the soundbar.

Since the slim, stylish, and widescreen smart TVs are not making enough space for built-in speakers, audiences prefer soundbars to satisfy audio needs.

Similarly, soundbars are not just regular speakers but contain many drivers to produce powerful yet thrilling sounds. But they can be expensive if only to upgrade the TV speakers.

Therefore, we have found some top-notch budget-friendly soundbars that can deliver clear, loud, and satisfactory audio for only $200. Yes, this article will discuss the best soundbar under 200 for casual to cinematic watching needs, so let’s get into the details.

List of the Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars in 2024

1. YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar 

YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar

Yamaha SR-B20A is a long entry-level soundbar that easily fits 55-inch TV legs. The soundbar looks attractive sitting on the furniture since it wraps the black fabric around it and produces a powerful sound with six included drivers.

We had fun testing the bar, but unboxing was funkier as it came in a well-packed long box that was first hard to handle due to the numerous packaging material. It took us a minute to turn it on by plugging it in with the included power cord.

We found that despite being entry-level, the soundbar can get loud and produce clear vocals, so every spoken word will isolate and become clear to understand.

The soundbar houses upward-firing drivers with DTS:X support to enrich the sound quality while making it clear and detailed. Moreover, the built-in woofer delivers a decent bass that will highlight while streaming fast music at a high volume.

The soundbar also features different sound modes that optimize sound quality according to the content and make it more immersive for the listener. You can easily enable or switch the modes via a handy remote control with dedicated buttons for every available function.

In addition, the wireless connectivity via Bluetooth makes the device flexible to pair with a smartphone, smart TV, or any smart device you own.

It also includes HDMI and optical digital cable to connect smart TVs and satisfy your movie, show, and documentary-watching experience with a clear, loud, and balanced sound.

Hence, it is a perfect soundbar under $200, considering all its basic features, with a power output of 120W.

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• Attractive design
• Wireless connectivity
• Budget-friendly soundbar
• Terrific sound quality with balanced bass
• Lack of 4K passthrough

2. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 is a low-profile soundbar with high sound protection for everyday music listening or TV watching. It is relatively compact and easy to set up, so you can consider it a plug-and-play device for your TV watching, parties, and midday podcast listening. 

The simple-looking bar in black is covered with a metallic grill that covers all the drivers inside. It also integrates a subwoofer that may struggle to produce deep bass but should be enough for the mid-range sound performance.

Since it is only a 2.1ch setup, it doesn’t have a center channel to enhance dialogue delivery. Still, it features a phantom center that uses its right and left drivers to simulate a center channel and enhance the vocal delivery, making it the best under $200 soundbar.

Hence, the Bose Solo 5 can be an ideal choice for dialogue-sensitive content like podcasts, documentaries, or movie streaming due to the reasonable dialogue delivery.

Unfortunately, the soundbar is relatively basic and only a decent upgrade to the TV speakers and casual music streaming. Therefore, the connectivity is limited to optical, AUX, and Bluetooth. The lack of Wi-Fi, USB or even HDMI is a big disappointment.

• Compact
• Built-in woofer
• Dialogue enhancement features
• Gets loud
• Blue tooth streaming
• No audio format support
• Expensive for an entry-level soundbar

3. Yamaha Audio ATS-2090 Sound Bar

Yamaha Audio ATS-2090 Sound Bar

Yamaha ATS-2090 is a premium budget-friendly soundbar with an external subwoofer and impressive features. It is a genuine upgrade to the TV’s built-in speakers that work great for a movie, music, and gaming sound.

Above all, the connection of the smart soundbar is seamless via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and optical digital cable. We enjoyed testing this unit at our lab as it quickly pairs with devices and starts performing without needing to adjust the functions.

The soundbar integrates compelling drivers and features easy management via voice control support and remote. The Alexa-ready soundbar allows you to control volume, adjust settings, enable modes, or enable connections via your voice command.

Furthermore, you can expect clarity in sound with no distortion and compression, even at high volumes. Besides, the drivers are certified with DTS:X technology that creates a wide soundstage for thrilling and fascinating sound performance.

Different sound preset modes optimize the sound to make it more engaging. Besides, the big, spacious, and deep sound fills the room in no time and expands the entertainment setup with its excellent capabilities.

So we highly recommend this soundbar if you want a powerful audio output without spending a fortune, and it is worth considering for different reasons.

• Smart Alexa-ready soundbar
• Spacious and heavy sound
• Gets cloud without compromising clarity
• Wireless streaming
• Different sound presets
• No built-in Chrome cast, but WiFi covers the pitfall
• A little expensive

4. Hisense HS218 Sound Bar 

Hisense HS218 Sound Bar 

Hisense is a big name in the electronics industry. After the success of its smart TV product line, it is winning hearts with attractive soundbars that produce high-resolution audio.

Hisense soundbar may not be aesthetically pleasing like this particular unit with a boring profile,but its neutral sound profile with a budget-friendly price tag makes it stand out among others.

The 2.1ch soundbar is an entry-level upgrade to your existing sound system but offers many audio customizations, like dialogue enhancement and preset modes, to expand your experience.

The soundbar measures 37.8 x 2.4 x 3.6inches (HWD), so better to mount it on the wall and create a wide soundstage with integrated drivers. Moreover, the soundbar size may need your attention because it may not fit between the legs of a 50-60-inch TV.

In addition, the simple soundbar comes with multiple EQ presets for sound customization. It includes News, Music, and Movie that elevate the sound by accurately syncing the content.

The virtual surround sound effect is worth noticing as it pushes the sound to create a wide soundstage. Also, if you tend to stream Blu-ray more frequently like us, the soundbar has Dolby Digital support to enhance your listening experience.

You’ll also get Bluetooth support for wireless Spotify streaming and pairing smartphones and smart TV. Besides, all the features and functions are easily managed via remote control. Above all, the limited connectivity with optical and USB is a shame.  

• Simple set up
• Solid build quality
• Dolby Digital
• Remote control
• External subwoofer
• No Dolby Atmos

5. Rockville ROCKBAR 40″ 400W Soundbar

Rockville ROCKBAR 40 Inch

If you want a distortion-free loud, and clear sound, a Rockbar soundbar is a perfect choice. It is a high-profile soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and connectivity options to deliver spacious sound conveniently.

The soundbar delivers multichannel stereo sound that fills the room with shaking, thrilling, and distortion-free audio. The soundbar houses four 2.25-inch drivers that can customize the sound using different DSP modes.

On the other hand, the subwoofer includes a single 6.5-inches driver that promises weight and deep bass. It smartly caught the low-end frequencies and produced them with much intensity.

Apart from a few music modes, the soundbar can get loud, featuring a frequency response range of 45Hz to 20 KHz. Also, it allows bass, treble, and virtual surround performance using a remote control to enjoy the music you want to hear. The dialogue delivery is also satisfactory and helps you understand the content.

Similarly, installing and setting up the device is seamless via remote control. However, the control is not yet detailed and may require time to get used to.

Connecting the soundbar to external devices is also a walk-in the park with USB, HDMI, and Bluetooth. So, Rockville Rockbar is a decent soundbar that can produce a clear, crisp, and room-filling sound under 200. 

• Attractive design
• Balanced sound profile
• Bluetooth and HDMI ARC support
• DSP modes
• Deep bass
• The remote control could be better

6. ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar

ZVOX is a 3.0-channel soundbar with AccuVoice technology that boosts dialogue delivery, making it clear on up to 12 levels. It is the best budget soundbar and the best soundbar for the hearing impaired, considering the stunning vocal delivery.

It is a compact soundbar that easily fits under the TV or with Desktop PCs since the connection is seamless with one cable. However, the lack of wireless connection and HDMI support is a shame.

The soundbar only offers multiple voice customization presets and SuperVoice technology that reduces the background sound and clears the sound quality for immersive listening. When we tested it, it sounded so much better than our speakers and kept us hooked.

ZVOX may be an entry-level soundbar with limited connections, but its virtual sound performance and volume levelling features make it an interesting device.

Though the treble and bass performance is satisfactory and adjustable, you can add an external woofer using a dedicated output. The Dolby Digital support enriches the audio with full-range speakers and type-D amplifiers that produce output up to 24W.

Above all, the soundbar is a thoughtful upgrade to traditional and TV speakers as they can fill the room with crisp, loud, and thrilling sound with balanced bass.

The natural sound profile makes the device flexible to stream different contents. The included remote control will help with walk-in navigation and make it an interesting machine.

• SuperVoice technology to enhance dialogue delivery
• Volume levelling to soften the loud commercial sound
• Voice enhancement of up to 12 levels
• Compact and user-friendly
• Included remote control
• Sound customization
• Limited connection

7. VIZIO V51x-J6 Soundbar

VIZIO V51x-J6 Soundbar

We have chosen the Vizio V-series for obvious reasons: it is capturing the mass market for its excellent sound quality, attractive profile, and multiple channels inside a powerful body.

This particular unit from Vizio is a budget-friendly option that offers solid performance with a 5.1-channel system. We had great fun while unboxing the package, as the bar and woofer come separately, boosting our excitement.

After setting it up and connecting with an external device, using multiple connectivity options, including HDMI and Aux, it was ready to roll in no time.

The low-profile design threw a solid punch of higher highs, and the mids were precisely crafted to keep us immersed in whatever we played. We tried heavy music and podcasts and loved the clarity of the lyrics the most.

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The center channel ensures great dialogue delivery, and the tweeters can be counted on for ideal tuning. The built-in speakers ensure room-filling sound, and the wireless subwoofer throws heavy bass.

Moreover, the soundbar doesn’t feature Dolby Atmos, but the Dolby Digital and DTS create stunning vibes with no noticeable sound delays and spacious virtual sound configuration.

We also loved the Bluetooth addition, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from any smart device. The dual surround sound also gives you cinematic vibes, making it a great piece for home theater.

So, the Vizio 5.1 soundbar is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile, budget-friendly, and perfectly configured soundbar for multiple purposes.

• Versatile profile
• Wireless streaming
• Lots of speakers
• Surround sound mode
• Easy navigation
• Loud and clear sound
• Lack of Atmos

8. SAMSUNG HW-B450 2.1 Channel Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-B450 Soundbar

What can be a go-to choice other than Samsung if you are looking for an entry-level soundbar within a tight budget to make an additional piece for your home theater or any other entertainment setup?

Yes, we have this fine soundbar with dual speakers inside the elegant body, ready to be a part of your entertainment life. It is a plug-and-play device we have found to save you the hassle.

Samsung HW-B450 is a 2.1-channel soundbar that provides great value for its price. It delivers clear, loud, and bold audio output that enhances the overall experience, whether you are streaming a movie, playing a game, or catching up on your favorite playlist.

To our surprise, this budget-friendly sounder comes with a subwoofer that delivers deep and well-balanced bass, enough to uplift your enthusiasm while gaming or listening to music.

The wie frequency response range helps with filling the room with spacious sound that wouldn’t compromise on clarity, even without a center channel. The setup and navigation are also smooth with the remote.

Furthermore, the bass boost function makes the bar stand in the spotlight, giving you free-hand to test the bass as much as your ears can bear. We had the bass that was shattering the windows, but that can be annoying for neighbours.

Additionally, connectivity is a breeze with Bluetooth, saving you time and the hassle of mingling with wires and causing a mess. Another thing we admire is that the sweeter doesn’t need a sweet spot to perform at its full potential.

We also found some exciting functions, like Dolby Digital, Night mode, and a game mode that optimize the audio according to the content and make it more engaging for the end user to enjoy.

So, we highly recommend this entry-level yet high-profile soundbar to make your partner in audio-sensitive content. It has the potential to uplift your overall experience.

• A sound innovation
• Boosting bass
• Clear dialogues/lyrics
• Auto-optimized sound
• Night mode
• Rear speakers with no cable
• Remote is weird but manageable
• Lack of HDMI

9. Polk Audio Signa S2 Soundbar

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar

Polk Signa is a huge name in the audio equipment industry. All the products are reaching the success sky for their durable build, terrific performance, and impressive features compared to the rival offer.

We had a chance to test this great Signa S2 with an ultra-slim profile that easily slides anywhere and turns your boring place into the entertainment hub.

From unboxing to setting up, the soundbar didn’t test our patience. It is a 2-unit package, including a powerful soundbar and wireless subwoofer that expands the soundstage with dazzling and thrilling bass.

Polk Audio S2 was easy to navigate via a handy remote, and the Bluetooth connection was the pie on the cake. It allows smooth pairing with other devices, but HDMI gives a more exciting experience with TVs.

The soundbar includes five full-range drivers that deliver precise, clear, bold, and thundering sounds enough to fill the room with upper, mid, and lower notes. The voice adjusts technology further optimizes the sound according to the content.

Moreover, the Dolby Digital decoding ensures the surround sound capability with no music delays and more room-filling sound with no distortions, no matter the volume.

The universal compatibility is another highlighting feature that makes it a valuable piece for home theater, TVs, gaming consoles, and other devices. It automatically adjusts the sound quality and makes the sound delivery more elevating.

Therefore, whoever wants to upgrade their existing speaker quality or wants something exciting to pair with their existing music system, there cannot be a better choice than the affordable Polk Audio Signa S2.

• Clear and better dialogues
• Audio optimization
• Universal compatibility
• Music streaming with no cables
• Room-filling loud sound
• Value for money
• No advanced audio formats

Best Soundbar Under $200 – 2024 Buying Guide

Best Soundbar Under 200 Infographic

Many brands offer so much at 200, while others limit their models with entry-level features and okayish sound performance. Getting the soundbar at this range can be confusing. But, to keep your mind clear throughout the shopping spree, we will discuss some factors to help you make the right decision.

Moreover, you should know that all the soundbars mentioned above are under the category of strict budget constraints, limited to only 200. So, if your budget range is above 200 and wants something better than that, you can check out the best soundbars under 300.

Soundbar Size and Design

Soundbars are usually wide and heavy, considering they have to make space for the built-in speakers. But, they might not want you to invest in the dedicated furniture piece. The soundbars usually come with VESA brackets that allow smooth mounting on the wall and give you safe placement opportunities.

Moreover, if you plan to set the soundbar between your TV’s legs, you need to be sure about the measurements, both height, and length, because you don’t want your one device to block the operations of other devices.

Channel System

It is not the right place to find if you are looking for a high channel system soundbar. However, you could get the soundbar between 2.0 to 3.1 channel configuration settings that produce excellent sound performance, better than the TV speakers.

A soundbar with a 2.0 or more channel system refers to the number of built-in drivers responsible for producing sound. However, you will get a built-in woofer or full-range front-facing driver for immersive acoustic listening, even with an entry-level soundbar.

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Easy Controlling

Soundbars without a remote control can be hectic to operate, let alone controlling during busy times. So, get the soundbar that includes magic or a handy remote for smooth navigation. It will give you access to the soundbars settings, volume management, connections, and much more with the comfort of your couch.

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Connectivity Options

Connectivity should always be rich, whether an expensive or budget-friendly soundbar. Pairing options can connect two devices and make them operational for good, and without them, it would be a waste.

So, many people prefer wired connections like optical or HDMI because it gives more stability than wireless Bluetooth. However, wired options make your devices bound to stay near so that the cables can reach and operate accordingly.

Thus, choose the soundbar with multiple options for wide flexibility and convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best soundbar under 200?

YAMAHA SR-B20A Soundbar is an exceptional product that produces audio output at 120W. It houses full-range drivers and a built-in woofer certified with DTS:X technology to set the wide soundstage and deliver a theatre-like experience.

Can you get a good soundbar under 200?

Yes, you can enjoy loud, clear, and expansive sound from a powerful soundbar under 200. Many soundbars like Yamaha Audio ATS-2090 soundbar produce rich and detailed sound with impressive features under this budget range.

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Bottom Line

Finding the best budget-friendly soundbar, let alone under the $200 range, is like a dream come true. The soundbar can take you to a whole different world with its exciting reproduction of sound capabilities that deliver everything without distortion and lag.

So, have the incredible movie, shows, documentary watching experience along with flawless music or podcast streaming with your new best soundbar under $200.

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