Why Soundbar Blocks TV Sensor? [Reasons & Fixes]

Soundbars are vital devices to soothe your ears with clear and crisp audio whenever you watch that one anime that has breath-taking sound quality. Having a soundbar is beneficial as long as it does not hinder the working of other devices around it. For instance, positioning your soundbar right in front of your television might block the infrared sensor of the television. Subsequently, you will not be able to operate your television, and you will face trouble!

Even while writing this, some people might be acknowledging the difficulty of a blocked television sensor due to a soundbar. If you are one of them, then here’s the place for you! Further, you will be assisted in the ways to prevent yourselves from the pain of having to run a television without its sensor working!

Why Soundbar Blocks TV Sensor? (Causes)

Primarily, it is the way your soundbar is placed that decides the functionality of your television’s infrared sensor. Like many, you could be the one putting your soundbar right in front of your television.

Soundbars are broader than other devices, therefore, the space they occupy on your desk and before your television disrupts the clear sight between your television and its remote. Consequently, the TV sensor stops working.

Being more descriptive, the area that the soundbar blocks by being placed right ahead of your television includes the IR sensor of your television. Because it gets impeded by the soundbar, it does not function properly.

What to Do if the Soundbar Blocks the TV Sensor? (Fixes)

If you are troubled that your soundbar blocks the IR sensor of the television, you can try to displace your soundbar at a different position. Doing so would not only clear the pathway to the sensor but will also save up most of the space on your television stand or desk.

Hence, you can opt from any of the below-mentioned techniques to resolve the issue instantly with the minimal efforts involved.

1. Enable Soundbar IR Repeater Option

Enable Soundbar IR Repeater Option

The first and most useful way is to enable you soundbar IR repeater option. This option will allow your sound bar sensor to access your TV function.

Simply you can control your TV function through your soundbar sensor. Before applying this method first you will need to confirm that your soundbar is IR compatible or nor. If your soundbar comes with the IR feature, you can use this way. If not then you will fo for the following other reasons.

2. Align Your Soundbar to a Different Place

Align Your Soundbar to a Different Place

The most suitable and the most effective method to opt for is to align your soundbar to some other place rather than in front of your television. Positioning your soundbar right ahead of television is never a smart decision.

Firstly, it makes your television look smaller than the usual size, and secondly, it obstructs the signal sent to the television sensor via remote. Considering that, it is better advised to realign your soundbar at a different yet safe place wherein the soundbar is not subjected to fall or mishap and also, it is perfectly arranged.

Although you can place your soundbar above your television, below your television, behind your television, or at a certain distance from your television, putting your television above your soundbar is the most suitable setup amongst all.

3. Set the Soundbar to a Perfect Angle

Set the Soundbar to a Perfect Angle

If you have no other place in your interior to position the soundbar, you can manage it on the desk or television shelf itself but with wisdom.

What you can try doing is that you can shift the exact location of your soundbar to a bit of left or little right so that it does not hinder the IR sensor of your television.

Having done that would be no less than a victory for you. Because then neither would you be worried about the security or your soundbar nor would you have to have an obstacle between your television remote and its sensors.

How to Make TV Sensor to Respond the Commands?

Sometimes soundbar could not be the reason, and still, your television sensor might not work. Such a situation can happen frequently, and if anything like that happens to you, try doing the following things:

  1. Be sure of the fact that the television remote and the sensor are not at a considerable distance from one another.
  2. Try to place commands to the sensor by sitting at a prominent angle from the television(usually in front of it).
  3. Do not cause any hindrance to the transmission of signals, i.e., place nothing in front of your television.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if my soundbar blocks my TV?

If you place your soundbar too close to the TV, it usually blocks TV sensor. You can easily solve this issue with multi ways, which are as under:

  1. Use Soundbar wall mount (Decrease soundbar level from TV sensor)
  2. Enable Soundbar IR Repeater
  3. Align Your Soundbar to a Different Place


Because soundbars block the lower angle of your television completely, the sensor of your television becomes the victim too! As a result, the IR sensor of the television does not work, or even when it does, the functioning is not proper.

To resolve the issue of the blocked sensor, you can consider being assisted by the methods mentioned above.

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