Side Firing Subwoofer Placement Ideas – [Detailed-Guide]

Are you in a dilemma when deciding on your side firing subwoofer placement? Worry not! We have got your back.

In this article, we have discussed everything that you need to remember when placing your side facing subwoofers along with suggesting the optimum placement options for it.

Side Firing Subwoofer Placement Ideas

Subwoofers are inevitable to elevate the sound and acoustics experience on your home theater systems. Mainly aimed at recreating the low bass frequencies it is capable of delivering pulse-pounding heart and stopping beats in a quality that is promising enough to provide the user with a wholesome cinematic experience.

However, the experience from your subwoofer will depend on how you place it depending on how it produces the sound.

For a subwoofer, the sound can either be produced from the front, bottom, or side based on which they are named front-firing, down-firing, and side-firing subwoofers respectively.

Now, every type has a different placement. However, for the purpose of this article, we are covering side firing subwoofer placement. Let’s see the ideal placement for it for creating the most amazing sound experiences!

Where Should You Place Your Side Facing Subwoofers?

The placement of your subwoofers depends on a lot of factors. For starters, you need to check your room acoustics and work in line with the same by finding a placement that can increase the subwoofer’s output by enhancing the audio quality.

For subwoofers with speakers at different locations, it is also essential that the speaker faces free air rather than a wall or ground to prevent the sound from reverberating through the floor or wall. Avoiding corners and parallel surfaces is also a must to maintain the sound quality.

Given these requirements, it becomes extremely challenging to decide the right placement for your side firing subwoofers.

Generally, a stand or shelf suffices for any subwoofer placement. However, that cannot work for side facing subwoofers as the vibrations rattling the shelves may completely overwhelm the sound effects of the soundbar.

A corner placement doesn’t work either as it will create a very unidirectional sound which will not be too pleasing for the ears and will do nothing to enhance those low bass beats.

So, the question is what works? Well, let’s check it out!

The Ideal Side Firing Subwoofer Placement

With side firing subwoofers, most placement options are declined as they don’t really work. So, the best way to go is having specially designed cabinets with enough space and breathing room for the audio driver of the side facing subwoofers to not let the sound effects get lost in uncontrolled reflection.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the cabinets have the capability to handle the rattling from the vibrations of the low bass sounds.

Such cabinets are an ideal placement also because they take care of the mess created by the woofer wires and make sure that the sound produced by the subwoofers reverberates in the best possible quality.

Final Words

So, that’s all about side firing subwoofer placement. We understand that finding the right placement is challenging, but we hope that this article was helpful guidance and you’re all set to get a specialized cabinet to have the best sound produced from your side facing subwoofers!

Side Firing Subwoofer Placement Ideas

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