Yamaha Sound Bar Bluetooth Not Working Issue [Solutions]

While you are playing your favorite song on your YAMAHA Soundbar, and suddenly if it gets interrupted in between then this becomes a nerve-wracking experience. It might happen that you may have used a wireless connection for your device which may fluctuate or ultimately stop working, but there can be remedies to them also.

This article tells you some basic reasons to detect the fault with your device’s Bluetooth connectivity. Just have a look at these.

Yamaha Sound Bar Bluetooth Not Working – Reasons and Solutions

Lets discuss all the reasons and fixes.

Too Many Devices Connected

There might be so many devices lined up in connection with your device. Disconnect all other devices connected with your Soundbar through Bluetooth. It might happen that you may not have disconnected the old Bluetooth connections. This may cause problems in establishing new connections too.

Out of Range

The distance between your device and the Wi-fi device might be out of range. It is a well-known fact that Bluetooth ranges work within a certain level of boundaries and outside these boundaries, no connection is observed. You might have crossed the range while making the connection.

Visibility Off

Sometimes, the device’s visibility is off and it may not pop up in the list of nearby devices while the Bluetooth scan procedure is operating. Another reason might be that you have not enabled the ‘Discoverable Mode’ of your device because of which it might be difficult for you to scan and locate your Soundbar and hence, get it connected.

Operating System Lagging

Another reason might be a lag in the working of the Operating System. Yes, it might happen that your OS might be performing dull. This can be rectified by rebooting your device again in order to have a smooth working again.

So, before reaching any conclusion, be aware of the above-mentioned reasons so that your Soundbar’s problem may be understood easily and then can be rectified at an early stage.

You can also check our detailed review on the Soundbar with Blutooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Yamaha soundbar?

Follow these steps for the same:

  • Open up the Bluetooth option on your soundbar by pressing the Bluetooth button on your Yamaha remote.
  • Open up the Bluetooth settings on your mobile phone or Bluetooth device.
  • Scan for your soundbar and once you see its name in the drop-down menu just click on it and this gets your soundbar connected to your device’s Bluetooth.

Why is my YAMAHA Soundbar not working?

This issue may be due to poor connection between the device connected to your soundbar. To rectify this issue, check the HDMI-ARC or optical cable is connected properly. Next, check your soundbar’s audio settings and look for each parameter, whether it is turned on or not. If not open it and then try to play a song or any audio.


Your Soundbar’s most important requirement is to have a strong Bluetooth connection so that you may enjoy all the services uninterruptedly and by controlling all of them with the help of your mobile phone.

Yamaha Sound Bar Bluetooth Not Working

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