Onn Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing [Detailed-Guide]

It feels a little sad when you wish to have a little solace in your life through music and you have no other option than that of relying on Spotify on your mobile phone or connecting your pen drive to your home speaker. But if you have the expenses to buy a soundbar, then nothing can really be more enthralling than this. Yes, a soundbar provides the best sound output as compared to a handheld mobile phone or a home theatre.

Onn Soundbar has well-advanced features that are capable of relinquishing your wish to have a great musical experience at your home or anywhere else. I can play high-end music with ease. The only thing that matters is that one should have the knowledge of its equalizer settings to be set so that Onn is able to extract the most out of it.

Think of playing music on your Onn soundbar by just sitting on your sofa and controlling it with your soundbar’s remote control. Yes, this is possible in the case of an Onn soundbar as it has the feature of Bluetooth connectivity enabled in it.

Onn Soundbar Bluetooth Pairing Steps

This article talks about the ways to connect your Onn Soundbar to Bluetooth. Just follow them and here you go:

Step 1: Turn on the Soundbar

Go on to your soundbar and locate the power button on it. Once you locate it put it ON and then you will see your soundbar’s light being flashed on. This indicates that your soundbar is powered on.

Step 2: Open up the Bluetooth Mode

After turning on your soundbar’s Power button now, it’s time to switch on the Bluetooth mode of the soundbar. For this, you may first locate the Bluetooth button on top of your soundbar or else go to your soundbar’s settings and then turn on the Bluetooth option.

Step 3: Open up the Bluetooth of Your Mobile Phone

Now, the next step is to switch on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. For this just go on to your device’s settings, then proceed towards Network Connection. After that, you will see the Bluetooth option in the drop-down menu. Click on it and activate it.

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Step 4: Scan for Your Soundbar

The next step deals with the scanning of your Bluetooth network to find out your soundbar and then connect it to your mobile phone. For this click on the Scan button of your Soundbar and then find out the name of your Soundbar model from the list of devices available for connection.

Step 5: Setting up the Network

Once, you get your Soundbar’s name in the drop-down menu click on it. After that click on connect and then you’re Soundbar gets connected to your mobile phone.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can establish a connection between your soundbar and your mobile phone. Follow each step carefully and with patience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make my Bluetooth Soundbar discoverable?

Follow up these steps to do the same:

Go to HOME>Select Settings option>Then, select Sound>Move on to Sound Output>Then, select Bluetooth.

Why is my Onn Soundbar not working?

The reasons may be wide-ranging:

  • Low Power Supply.
  • Loose wired connection.
  • No line of sight between the remote and soundbar.
  • Power card out of slot.

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So, to enjoy your soundbar’s feature of good sound quality you should know how to set up a connection between it and any other device. Care must be taken while making such a connection and also make sure that the network is safe to use.

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